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The corporate tax rate is cut,
would you expect Apple to use those residuals
to add more jobs? Yeah, I do
I believe that tax reform is sorely needed in this
in this country. We don't focus on the individual side.
But for corporations, we think we have a pretty deep perspective on this.
The biggest issue with corporations in this country is,
that if you earn money outside the United States
which most companies increasingly will.
The only way you can,
and it's taxed in those countries by the way.
The only way that you can bring it into the US and invest,
is if you pay 40% for us.
And this is kind of a crazy thing to do,
so what do the people do?
They don't bring it to United States
Well, this isn't a good thing for US
There's no tax receipts there
and it's not good for investment in the US.
And so this needs to be fixed,
in my view, it should have been fixed years ago.
But let's get it done now.
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【CNBC】蘋果執行長庫克:美國迫切需要稅制改革 (Apple CEO Cook: Tax Reform Is Sorely Needed | CNBC)

77 分類 收藏
jenny 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 3 日    jenny 翻譯    Samuel 審核
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