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  • - Hey, what's up?

  • Well, I'm trying to work on a sequel

  • to "The Old Man And The Sea".

  • Are you-- are you allowed to do that?

  • But I can't get anything done.

  • It's so damn loud around here.

  • Yeah, that's what Hemingway used to complain about.

  • This Spanish Civil was just too loud.

  • How am I supposed to get anything done?

  • No.

  • I mean, it might sound silly, but I

  • used to daydream that by now I'd have my own place

  • by a lake somewhere.

  • An oasis where I could go to write,

  • pay the bills by renting out the rooms.

  • Oh, like a B and B?

  • That could be fun. - What?

  • What are you talking about?

  • I'm talking about you and me opening a B and B.

  • Are you serious?

  • That be great.

  • Sure, it will be fun.

  • All right, let's give it a try.

  • It can't be any worse than when I was on the Night's Watch.

  • Hey guys, you all want to say the oath again?

  • For the watch.

  • For the watch.

  • For the watch.

  • [groan]

  • Hi, Brian.

  • I'm the boring storyline of the fat guy

  • that's watching that girl.

  • And I'm Ballers.

  • [screams]

  • I totally get it.

  • You're right to do this.

- Hey, what's up?


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A2 初級 美國腔

布萊恩和史迪威決定開一家住宿加早餐店|第15季第18集|家庭主婦的故事 (Brian And Stewie Decide To Open A Bed And Breakfast | Season 15 Ep. 18 | FAMILY GUY)

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