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  • In my dreams I talk to you

  • I learned to play a song so true

  • I hope somehow it can reach you

  • Are you reaching for me too?

  • I know you'd be very proud of me

  • 'Cuz I'm helping other ponies find their place

  • But I wish I could remember your face

  • All I have are these stories

  • About how powerful and strong love can be

  • But when I meet you here in my dreams

  • I know you love me

  • And I love you too

  • You've missed so much since you've been gone

  • But each new day I carry on and on

  • I hold you both close in my heart

  • And remember how you gave me my start

  • At the end of the day when I go to bed

  • I hope that I can fall asleep soon

  • So I can dream of you

  • I will dream of you

  • ((You may now proceed to cry openly))

In my dreams I talk to you


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A1 初級 美國腔

MLP動畫《夢中的你》PMV (MLP ANIMATION "Dream of You" PMV)

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