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  • God, a lot of gym teacher suicide

  • memorials in this place.

  • All right, let's find the coolest kids

  • here and see if they know anything

  • about a prank on Chris.

  • Those chicks in the skirts look pretty cool.

  • Hey, there.

  • Brian Rockwell.

  • This is my friend, Stewie Goldberg.

  • (SADLY) What?

  • I don't know my way around the school,

  • so I figured I'd get the deets from a couple of seniors.

  • Download me.

  • Brian-- it's not Goldberg, by the way--

  • we should ask about the prank.

  • I'm earning their trust.

  • Hey, uh, I'm new here.

  • But you know what would be crazy?

  • If me, a guy, went in the girls' room with you two.

  • I mean, that would be-- that would be so wild.

  • We should-- we should totally just go in there,

  • Brian, stop.

  • That'd be hilarious.

  • I'm in.

  • Stewie, go wait in the car.

  • No, we are here to get information about Chris.

  • I said go wait in the [bleep] car!

  • [grunts]

  • They had security guards in the bathroom.

  • We-- we live in such a culture of fear now.

God, a lot of gym teacher suicide


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A2 初級 美國腔

The Deets|第14季第19集|FAMILY GUY(家有兒女) (The Deets | Season 14 Ep. 19 | FAMILY GUY)

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