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  • Come on Stewie you know you cant leave the table till you finish your vegetables.

  • Well then I will sit here till one of us expires, and you've got a good 40 years on me women.

  • Sweetie its broccoli its good for you, now open up for the air plane (air plane noises)

  • NEVER dame the broccoli, dame you, and dame the write brothers

  • my aren't we fussy tonight, okay no broccoli very well then.... who the hell do you think

  • you are ? honey its going to go away just because you

  • don't like it well then my goal becomes clear.... the broccoli

  • must die

  • So broccoli mother says you're very good for me, well I'm afraid I'm no good for you!

  • The first rule of war is "know thy enemy" and I know this, cold kills broccoli.

  • Its so simple all I need to do is build a machine to control the global environment

  • forecast of tomorrow: a few sprinkles of genius with a chance of DOOM

  • Excellent the weather machine is nearly completed what do you say to that broccoli?


  • What's this?

  • It appears the whittles provider has finally brought me something of value

  • I can use that crude devise to amplify my deadly signal

  • Victory shall yet be mine

  • Stewie I expect you to finish off your vegetables

  • Oh rest assured you relentless harridan I expect I shall finish them all off

  • and you as well

  • Top of the morning everybody

  • Excellent, thus completes the penultimate adjustment to my weather control devise victory is mi...ah

  • release me at once

  • guys your mothers right it'd be a crime to just sit around and wait for the TV to start working

  • great you can teach me how to drive

  • meg there will be plenty of time to drive when youre dead. look theres a big world out there

  • just waiting for us to grab it by the short hair, lets go

  • Fare thee well broccoli

  • victory is mine

  • (screams of worry)

  • I know you don't like broccoli stewie but youll thank me when you grow up big and strong

  • like your father

  • Ah compelling argument you've swayed me women

  • mmmmmm oh that is good mm oh I feel stronger already

  • oh its good tasting and good for you mmm

  • nice try

  • quadruped

  • mutant

Come on Stewie you know you cant leave the table till you finish your vegetables.


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B2 中高級 美國腔

Stewie Griffin vs. Broccoli - Family Guy. (Stewie Griffin vs Broccoli - Family Guy)

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