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Quick disclaimer, I like the movie. It was well received by the brony fandom. Okay. Thanks for watching and enjoy the sins video goodbye
Lionsgate the people who brought you such classics as food fight and Fred 2
Allspark the people who brought you wait a minute,
They're just hasbro in disguise you know what they say about glitter. You'll continue to find this stuff lingering many years later
This is technically a reboot from the 80s, right
It's funny because she didn't say hotel, she said stable because they are horses
Random background pony knows about as much about Twilight Sparkle as the executives who wrote this movie these theatrical wings
The awkward pause after every funny line in this movie is almost as deafening as a laugh track
Canterlot is completely different than it is in the show because we don't have time to establish the socio
Economics present in the show here all of Canterlot is an accessible generic Pony paradise
the show's
Faces both know their limits and know what limits to push this movie is not so subtle attempt at a meme face falls into
Uncanny valley territory Discords not even in this movie, but he would be the one to include a fart joke
Holy horse apples this mug is in another dimension
Except for when Fabulous has a musical number to speed up the process of course
That line is only 40% brony reference this awkward pause is the most we'll see of the ongoing crush
Before photo shop, after photo shop Twilight micromanages approval of every single pie
Meanwhile everypony in Canterlot silently waits for the princess to fly back and continue the song with them
How can we expect try to survive attacks from evil villains if she's easily defeated by a cake
Easy Bake Oven reference because Hasbro movie
SIA was a major factor in the marketing for this movie although she does sing at the end
This is probably her most narratively
significant scene and is overshadowed by this pulp fiction reference
Also we already have a famous pop singer or two that could have filled this role fun fact
This airship was rendered on an original PlayStation movie draws inspiration from another cinematic masterpiece Angry Birds
This is an anthropomorphic Hedgehog in a My Little Pony movie
And you thought ponies invaded the world true world domination belongs to the Sonic fandom
Transformers sound effect because Hasbro movie if the ponies don't know who this is
Then they haven't been paying attention to the rest of the world which is under Storm King control if they do know who that is
They should already know. This is a hostile invasion and stop acting so naive fun fact commander Tempest is literally both edgy and blunt
So Celestia does know tempest already right? There's no way she learned the name from Grubber
Commander tempa?
Commander tembed?
Commander tempurpedic?
Tempest scar floats above her head props to Cadence fro being the only princess to actually do something
But here's the sin for their combined utter failure
Neither the Canterlot Guard nor the Wonderbolts think this is a big enough threat to make an appearance
Super-important crown breaks almost as easily as the toy
Hungry Hungry Hippos because Hasbro movie
Spike, that's East since Canterlot to the North Pinkie was actually going the right direction
That's racist
All of this time spent with the drawn-out we're tired and near death gag should have been spent showing how they got here and how many days have passed
Take a look at this scene of a time a character traveled to even a fraction of the distance
They're traveling now. Suddenly the introduction of an anthropomorphic hedgehog in the Pony universe doesn't seem so bad
We've got pigs a tortoise shark this axolotl looking thing. There's too many creatures that look like they're in the wrong movie to name
Fun fact Twilight is contractually obligated to apologize for something she didn't do in order to qualify for the Canadian tax credit
Male anatomy jokes in My Little Pony now. We're going to be flagged by YouTube's for being advertiser unfriendly
Explaining the fact Rarity owns a smaller version of Capper would be incredibly awkward
Roll credits
Good to know the anthropomorphic cat still uses a litter box
Crotch jokes, and litter box jokes, and overused jokes oh my!
Fish man as in hybrid of fish and man
We're going to run out of credits to roll at this point
Twilight you're the only one who didn't go yet? This would be a cool shot if everypony wasn't running in place
Looks like everypony, but this one bird was already thrown overboard
Captain Celaeno's earring isn't on the correct ear in the portrait. Murdock's eyes are highly offensive
and should be censored immediately our main characters everyone cowering below deck while others prepare for battle
Contrast this with the show and you'll see a massive change also while we're using footage of the Tirek battles
This is as good a time as any to talk about how the movie shamelessly reuses elements from this episode
Tirek invades from outside of Equestria to steal Pony magic and he achieves his final form after robbing the magic of the princess's
Tirek even looks like a better version of the Storm King.
Buy our toys.
Yes this rescue mission is for Celestia's sake
Yeah letting everypony
Freefall for half a minute while they perform visual gags before you took action to save their lives was lightning quick thinking on your part
How do you do fellow kids I like internet memes do you like internet memes
Editor accidentally flips the movie upside down see doesn't look better this way
Legends tell of a muffin loving derped one movie actually tries to hide sea ponies into the reveal even though
It was impossible not to see them in marketing
Rarity quick say something which is totally inappropriate for the matter at hand but great trailer fodder
No Pony makes any effort to swim to the surface not only do they begin drowning within seconds
But apparently it's a very peaceful way to die
Applejack's hat remaining on the top of her bubble
Is just the sort of silly cartoon logic one should expect from my little pony and the movie is to be applauded for not obnoxiously
Drawing attention to it But it's still going to be counted as a sin because Cinemare Sins hates all that is good
Consists of this wide shot this throne room and these colored backgrounds
Were you hoping to see a whole new civilization and all the interesting logistics involved with an underwater city
Too bad the budget is just about ironically dry at this point so a couple flat backgrounds is all you get Oh see this
Civilization actually has guards whats Canterlots excuse?
I think she wants us to know she's the queen fun fact
This was the original pitch for the sea pony toy line
Applejack practically phrases that as an accusation yet
That's precisely what the ponies did back in Canterlot. You already know what's about to be said this transformation doesn't serve this story
It doesn't support their cause it's only for one thing
Or you could just use that spell you've known for a while now and accomplish the same thing plot debunked mic drop
Let's wrap this thing up
Vapid imagery solely to distract kids and sell a new toy line the fact that the rest of the movie isn't this bad makes
It all the worse you guys know Equestria still under attack right?
All of your friends locked up as slaves
Ah who needs them we have a toy commercial to shoot
It's okay when it's obviously not okay cliche
Giant claw cage floor appears beneath Twilight without disturbing the ground
Twilight chooses not to slip through the massive spaces between these bars
Tempest's shadows have a horn. This is obviously an animation error and not a geniusly clever addition
What is this is Tempest explaining her backstory or merely thinking about it?
How is Twilight understanding the backstory if Tempest is explaining all this in a non-diegetic manner?
Why would she be sharing her feelings at time like this at all this?
Three-second shot is the most we see of Ponyville you see that blurry smoldering ruin
That's where the heart of the show you know and love is
This is not how shadows work unless the light source is a few inches behind Capper
Speaking of which where did Capper come from when we last saw him the Pirates
And he had their ship destroyed miles away. Did they just happen to decide on a vacation to the southern seaside?
Trifecta of incredibly convenient timing allows Skystar to join the forming ragtag team of heroes sequence of the movie
Even spike is aware of how contrived this scene is
Storm King confirmed literally Hasbro also trademark law confirmed most powerful entity
The Storm King may be an idiot
But he also just freed princess Twilight because it's convenient for the plot
This simulated passage of time is a great metaphor for how long it should have taken the gang to arrive in Canterlot
Remember Ponyville to Canterlot is an overnight trip by train
Here's the trip
They took seemingly in a matter of minutes and likely on hoof
Skystar bowls some goons over Murdock contains one with a life preserver.This one just stabs him in the back
It doesn't aid the fight a whole lot they just enjoy inflicting pain
Fluttershy's the one who inflicts real pain though in the form of overpriced therapy bills
You know it's been a while since the horrors of trench warfare when my little pony has to tiptoe around
physical violence but burning fur-covered enemies alive is A-ok
How indeed Capper isn't even holding spike anymore?
Tempest's back story's is all about how
She realized trusting anyone was a bad idea and going at it alone is best the Storm Kings betrayal confirms that anti morale for her
Deus Ex Pinkia
Pinkie Pie! You know only bulls can use that word! Yes together even though
It'd be so much easier and safer for Rarity to levitate the staff down
Twilight lost her magic but what's fashion horses excuse if the magic smoke spread far enough to reach the Storm King
Why didn't it affect the mane six?
They're a lot closer to where the orb activated princess saves the princessess and the princessess's Castle
Derpy literally saves the day and she not taken a bullet for Twilight the Storm King would have won unopposed.
Subtract once sin for best pony!
Remember how all of Canterlot was practically destroyed?
Not to worry everything's all better now because literally magic happened in my little pony stakes are about as common as steaks
this animation glitch
Well most of us are still in one piece
That's a strangely cheerful tone considering she had not witnessed anything
They just did does she even know the Storm King is defeated holding this indoor voice level conversation across an active concert
It's never ending ammo for YouTube poops Michelle Creber's name is spelled wrong
The studio which created the closing credits released this image of their work? What's interesting
is that the Storm Kings eyes are different in the final product suggesting a later revision to imply he's still alive. Thanks Hasbro!
Today we celebrate our Independence Day
Perfect for children with no necks
Aww you're okay


在彩虹小馬大電影的每一個錯誤 ((Parody) Everything Wrong With MLP: The Movie in 12 Minutes or Less)

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