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I got a new album coming out.
I do, too!
No kidding?
That's why I want to give you a new copy of it!
-You give me that? -Yeah, man!
Oh, here. Cool!
Mine comes out on uh... November 3.
You're kidding, right?
That's the same day as ours going out.
-It is not. -I swear to god.
-Well, I'm sorry. I don't, I don't mean to...
That's gonna squash you guys. -I'm not feel...
I would say I feel bad for you 'cause we're gonna sell more albums than you are.
-No, you're not gonna sell... -I mean, a friendly wager, you want?
Okay, so, if I sell more albums than you,
then... you have to call me "Captain Country."
I feel like I've actually called you that before, so...
-I know, I liked it. -You liked it?
What do I gotta do if you guys win?
If I sell more albums than you, you have to call me... "The Greatest There Ever Was."
That's long to say that.
I know that, that makes it more embarrassing.
-Can I bring up one of the things? -Sure.
It looks like someone maybe has doodled on that copy of your album.
-Doodle like, like Google? -Yeap, like drew stuff on...
Maybe if you can get me one, that's not... somebody might have messed up.
No, those are filters.
There's a thing called Snapchat and then they do the filters, and kids love it.
It's funny. They're like s--
-Oh, you're mean to do that. -We did.
There's still time for you guys to do a natural, decent album cover there.
As long as we're gonna criticize covers, could you find a place that didn't look like a sewer?
Just stand in front of it maybe it wouldn't, don't look just like raw sewage?
You know with the... some sort of boat or...
I don't want to criticize, you know? I was just trying to help you because...
people won't gonna pay money for something like this.
It looks like you're standing in front of place that smells absolutely terrible, like a swamp.
Whoever loses this bet, has to carry out the bet on the very next live show this season.
-Deal? -Deal.


【美國好聲音】亞當李維與布雷克互戰對方的新專輯封面 (The Voice 2017 - Adam and Blake Make a Bet (Digital Exclusive))

6745 分類 收藏
Lilian Chang 發佈於 2018 年 1 月 6 日    Lilian Chang 翻譯    jenny 審核
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