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  • Hey Everyone. This is Jason Schroeder, the Game director for South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

    嘿,各位好。我是 Jason Schroeder,《南方四賤客:浣熊俠聯盟》的遊戲總監

  • And with me today is


  • Hi! I'm Kimberly Weigend, the Associate producer on South Park: The Fractured but Whole

    嗨!我是 Kinmberly Weigend,《南方四賤客:浣熊俠聯盟》的副製作人

  • Alright, so it's our first night here as a superhero in South Park


  • and we are the sidekick of this guy right here. This is Captain Diabetes.


  • Captain Diabetes!


  • That's right, his name is also Scott Malkinson and he is a kid withDiabetes

    沒錯,他的名字是 Scott Malkinson,然後他這個小孩……有糖尿病

  • Alright, so we've just broken into this window


  • and we're going to be looking for… …We made it

    然後我們要去找…… 「我們做到了」

  • Our Girl must be this waysome sort of girl, just like Scott says

    「那女孩肯定往這走了」 ……某個女孩,就像 Scott 說的

  • Oooh boy, and what are you, a leprechaun?


  • So the "girl" he is refering to is someone who knows something about the missing cats in town.


  • Whatwhat are you gonna do with that?


  • Our mission tonight is to get information because we want the reward for finding these missing cats


  • Yes, it is a very fun kids-playing-superheroes-type of thing that the kids are doing in South Park.


  • Oh man, that's what the stals are for!


  • This guy is great! I have to mention that pretty much every character


  • in our game has been hand-animated so everything you see here


  • painstakingly was animated by a real person. All the regular units.

    都是由某個人辛苦拉出來的 所有一般的動畫都是

  • So this guy is actually one of my facourites. He is funand he's kind of wasted

    總之這個人實際上是我最愛的其中一個人 他還蠻有趣的……而且有點喝醉了

  • Oh, now it's gone everywhere


  • Thanks for all of that work.


  • Alright, let's head out the main Hippo floor and see if we can find our girl.

    好的,我們該進到 Hippo 的主廳,然後看看能不能找到我們的女孩

  • Okay, we made it inside the strip club.


  • Wow. These ladies are really uhMoving!


  • Don't freak out, Sidekick. We are superheroes! We can handle this.

    「保持冷靜,搭擋」 「我們是超級英雄!我們可以搞定這件事的」

  • One of these ladies has information about the missing catsBut who?

    「其中一個女士有關於失蹤貓的資訊……」 「但是是誰?」

  • There is only one thing we can do. We have to pick someone and take him to the VIP Room.

    「我們只有一件事能做」 「我們得找個人然後把她帶去貴賓室」

  • Find someone and meet me there.


  • Alright, the New Kid is totally unfazed


  • Alright, so as Scott says, we need someone to take us to the VIP

    總之跟 Scott 說的一樣,我們需要個人帶我們去貴賓室

  • and our mission just told us to talk to some strippers so I'm gonna talk to this young lady.


  • Daycare is behind the bar, sweetie.


  • and she immediately insults me and tells me daycare is behind the bar. I feel like I'm not being taken seriously


  • What does this guy say?


  • Can't talk right now guys I'm too busy droppn' these jaaams


  • This guy is great, so he is the Peppermint Hippo DJ.

    這傢伙超棒的,他是 Peppermint Hippo 的 DJ

  • And we at the Studio love him. Like we parody him all the time. He definitely is a dev favourite.

    工作室的大家都超愛他,我們整天都在惡搞他 他肯定是開發團隊最愛的角色

  • And he's busy droppin' his jaaaams. What do you say?

    然後他忙著搞嘻哈 你又會說什麼?

  • Hey, aren't you a little too young to be in here?


  • I am a serious crime-fighter lady


  • Come back when you're twenty-one and I'll let you such on my implants

    「等你 21 歲再回來我就讓你吸我的隆乳」

  • She's taking me more seriously


  • So we've talked to all three strippers now


  • Right. Oh there is Ned and Jimbo


  • Oh yeah now you're cooking


  • Well he's encouraging


  • Alright!


  • Again, paintsakingly hand animated every character in this game!


  • Fantasyic! Alright, Scott's ready to go VIP, let's see if he's had any more luck

    了不起!好的,Scott 準備好去 VIP 了,我們來看看他的運氣有沒有比較好

  • Hey Sidekick, no luck huh? That's okay, I found a couple of guys. Remember to just to play along!


  • Hey you two girls ready to party?


  • Soooo, this is your friend huh? She's fucking hot as fuck.


  • That's right! Woudn't you like to take her to VIP?


  • I think these guys are a little too drunk.


  • I dunno, she's kind of short


  • They clearly think we are grown-up women I like'em short. You take the one with the speech impediment

    他們顯然認為我們是成年女性 「我喜歡矮的,那你挑那位有語言障礙的」

  • Come on, let's get some dances


  • I was thinking we could just go in there and talk for a little while


  • Yeah, first we get dances THEN we talk


  • Oh. Okay.


  • Oh no.


  • So, have you gentlemen ever had dances from a girl with a penis tattoo?


  • Hey, we didn't come back here to talk, baby.


  • Yeah, no talking until you finish grinding on our chubs


  • Oh Alright. Okay, Sidekick, you know what this means..


  • Ok, so what this means, Scott, is that you and I are ready to do anything for our superhero franchise.

    總之 Scott 的這意思,就是我們兩人都準備好為了超級英雄系列作做出任何犧牲

  • And it also means these guys are confused and drunk and they think that we are grown women.


  • And because I'm Scott's sdekick I think I just need to kind of go along with this

    但誰叫我是 Scott 的搭檔呢?我想我只好照做了

  • So I'm gonna follow what it says to do on the screen here. And start moving in a clockwise direction.

    總之我要依循螢幕上說的動作 然後開始順時針旋轉

  • Oh nice, so now I have some kind of new control, I wonder what that does.


  • Yeah


  • Oh. It farts.


  • Of course. The New kid's power are all fart-based so he, of course, is letting it loose, farting on this poor guy.


  • Well, I mean, this is a good way to get information out of them. We're not here to entertain

    這個嘛,這是個從他們身上獲得資訊的好方法 我們可不是來娛樂他們的

  • I'm not gonna pay for this


  • We're here to get information on a stripper with a penis tattoo


  • Jesus babe you're stinking up the VIP Room


  • Alright


  • What kind of move was that?


  • We're changing it up


  • This is now a new timing right. You're moving the analog stick with one hand and then you're timing the farts with the other


  • Right, I'm moving one to one.


  • Sweet dance moves,


  • and then trying to tank some farts cause that's the beset way to torture someone.


  • Yeah, I don't think he's actually enjoying this very much at all.


  • I just lost my boner.


  • Aah I'm gonna throw up..


  • I don't think he's giving in yet


  • No, no. More farts are needed.


  • Gonna turn it up


  • Ready to talk?


  • What the fuck?


  • Almost, here we go!


  • This is it! My finishing move!


  • NICE!


  • Oh no stop, let's just talk, let's just talk!


  • That's right, we're gonna talk


  • Wow. I feel like we've all learned something


  • Okay, chat time.


  • Chat time?! Aww man..


  • So, what kind of work do you guys do? And have you every danced with a girl who has a penis tattoo?


  • Why do you keep talking about a stripper with a penis tattoo?


  • Yeah yeah, Classi that's her name

    「對啦,Classi 是她的名字」

  • Her name is Classi?

    「她的名字是 Classi?」

  • Alright, interrogation worked. Our guys are ready to talk

    好啦,審問起效了 我們的傢伙準備好說話了

  • Yeah Classi with an "I" and a little dick that hangs off the "C" which fuck the "L" out of the A-S-S.

    「對啊,有 I 的 Classi 還有一個屌掛在 C 上面穿過 ASS 操著 L」

  • Of course! Hence the tattoo


  • Classi!


  • We have the name, New Kid! Come on!


  • What are you talkin' about?! This is the worst VIP experience ever!


  • Yeah all I did was get farted on. You ain't going nowhere.

    「對啊,我只有一直被屁熏的份 你們哪都別想去」

  • Ha ha! I am no ordinary stripper! I am Captain Diabetes!


  • What?


  • My sidekick and I simply used our powers of disguise to extract information from you!


  • You won't get away with this, Captain Diabetes!


  • Okay, well we have the information we need, now it's Classi, just like in the recent seasons of South Park.

    好,我們已經取得我們需要的資訊,也就是 Classi,就跟最近幾季【南方四賤客】動畫內容一樣

  • Now we're gonna go find our girl but first we have to fight our way past these guys.


  • And just like a lot of the adults in South Park, you know,


  • one moment we're doing very adult things and the next minute,


  • hey they're now ready to play kids game.


  • They just switch gears, and switch personas and say "You won't get away with this Captain Diabetes"


  • and now they're just gonna play by our combat rules.


  • Exactly


  • So let's jump into the fight


  • Oh shit, my boner is wearing me down.


  • Yeah all I did was get farted on.


  • So in the bottom right corner of the screen,


  • This strip club doesn't even give out frequent boner cards


  • you''ll see our timeline, which means that it is the New Kid's turn first


  • And he is going to be followed by a couple of these enemies.


  • On the other side, you see my powers over here.


  • I've got Faraday Uncaged, a Venus Dirt Trap and a Snowball Flurry.


  • So I'm gonna start with an openning Venus Dirt Trap and see what that does.


  • Alright. An elemental dirt attack.


  • That's a great openning hit.


  • Oh man, clearly he is an angry, frustrated man.


  • Yeah, they do a lot of damage, they are wasted and they are just doing big hits all over the place.


  • So Scott is a little bit different from what the main character is carrying.

    總之 Scott 跟主要角色的能力稍微不太一樣

  • He's got: Coma Combo, sugar rush and insulin shot all his amazing diabetes-themed attacks


  • He is sort of a tank character. He does a lot of damage as you'll see here.

    他是個坦克角色 你會看到他能造成很大的傷害

  • Let's try this


  • Alright, we broke that table.


  • Daaance. Anyone like a daaance?


  • Okay, she is also a favourite on the dev team.


  • One of the best strippers, we had a lot of fun animating her too.


  • Everybody give it up for Blaaaaze. Alright. So let's see what else we've got

    每個人都準備好大鬧一場了 好,我們來看看我們還能用什麼

  • I'm going tro try to keep taking off this guy with Faraday uncaged


  • Okay, that applies "shock" and knocks him back


  • I've got a Groupon that will get me and 4 friends 30% off? If we show up before seven

    「我有個優惠可以讓我跟我四個朋友拿到 30% 折扣?如果我們七點前出現就好了」

  • Hey, Leave my friends alone, XXX.


  • Cool. So what just happened there is that Shock damage that I applied


  • went off at the end of his turn and it was enough to knock him out


  • So now Scott and I are going to move in for the kill on this guy, we're gonna surround him

    現在 Scott 跟我準備突襲解決這傢伙,我們要包圍他

  • It's your turn Sidekick


  • This guy looks kind of nervous that his buddy was taken out of combat


  • That's right. I'm gonna try this new snowball Flurry, which is another elementalist attack


  • Wow, that's pretty


  • Oh, bitch, that's the last time I pay for a high-price twenty dollars stripper

    「噢,婊子,這是我最後一次付錢給 20 美元的高價脫衣舞孃了」

  • Gosh.. These guy knows a lot about strippers


  • Ok, because he is chilled he actually had to skip his turn. And now Scott is going to move in.

    好,因為他陷入「寒冷」狀態所以得跳過這回合 現在 Scott 要突擊了

  • We're gonna use his Comma Combo, and knock him into the New Kid, let's see


  • Alright, and the New kid gets one more counter attack


  • Let's send him back in the other direction


  • One more Faraday uncaged. Go Scott! Yeah, take him down!

    再一發「法拉第解放」 來吧 Scott!對,解決他!

  • I'd actually prefer to go home and jack off.


  • That was exciting. So, now we've got some XP from that fight which is taking us closer to a new hero rank


  • And down here we've also got some components


  • but let's talk about those in the next video where we'll be covering some exploration & crafting


  • Thanks for watching


  • And stay tuned for part II


Hey Everyone. This is Jason Schroeder, the Game director for South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

嘿,各位好。我是 Jason Schroeder,《南方四賤客:浣熊俠聯盟》的遊戲總監


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