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  • There it is.

  • The silly old universe.

  • The more I save it, the more it needs saving,

  • it’s a treadmill.

  • Yes, yes, I know.

  • Theyll get it all wrong without me.

  • Well, I suppose, one more lifetime wouldn’t kill anyone.

  • Well. Except me.

  • You wait a moment, Doctor.

  • Let's get it right.

  • I've got a few things to say to you.

  • Basic stuff first.

  • Never be cruel, never be cowardly,

  • and never, ever eat pears!

  • Remember, hate is always foolish

  • and love is always wise.

  • Always try to be nice,

  • but never fail to be kind.

  • Oh, and you mustn’t tell anyone your name.

  • No one would understand it anyway.

  • Except...

  • Except children.

  • Children can hear it sometimes -

  • if their hearts are in the right place,

  • and the stars are too.

  • Children can hear your name.

  • But nobody else.

  • Nobody else, ever.

  • Laugh hard.

  • Run fast.

  • Be kind.

  • Doctor...

  • I let you go.

  • Oh, brilliant!

There it is.


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A2 初級 英國腔

第十二博士再生。Peter Capaldi to Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017. (The Twelfth Doctor Regenerates: Peter Capaldi to Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2017)

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