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How to Pray as a Christian.
In Christianity, prayer can be both a thanksgiving for God's goodness
and a cry for God's help.
Method and language matter less than openness and honesty,
since prayer should be a conversation between you and God.
You will need Five minutes to yourself
An open mind and heart
(Optional) Quiet and solitude (helpful, but not necessary)
Step 1. Start by asking God to be with you.
Step 2. Recall those things for which you are most grateful.
You may express thanks for your family and health or much smaller things,
like the meal you just shared with a friend
or the joy you felt at seeing the sun after a rainstorm.
Step 3. Replay the events of the day or past several days, almost like a movie,
taking note of where you accepted Jesus's invitation and where you didn't.
A good time to pray is often at night,
when things are usually calmer
and you can look back on the day that's just come to a close.
Step 4. Think of other people you want to pray for.
Step 5. Do not hesitate to pray for yourself by requesting help from Jesus.
Step 6. Ask for forgiveness for your sins.
Step 7. Ask for the grace of God to accompany you the next day.
Did you know In a poll conducted by U.S. News and World Report and Beliefnet.com,
75.8 percent of Christians said they feel it helps when someone prays for them.


如何禱告 (How to Pray as a Christian)

81 分類 收藏
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