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Hello everyone.
We recently discovered that those weird doodles we make while talking on the phone,
or during a meeting at work can tell a lot more about ourselves than we thought.
It is believed that in those moment, the mind loosens control over our behavior.
At the same time, the inner "self" takes control over our hands
and we begin to draw doodles that reflect our hidden personality.
We found this topic very interesting,
so we decided to explore it to help you understand yourself.
In today's video we'll tell you what those pictures,
created automatically by your subconscious, mean.
Let's get it on.
Do you like drawing human faces or portraits in general?
According to psychologies, this is a sign of lack of communication.
Especially among extroverts who are eager to talk to someone,
but can't find a good person to talk to.
If you draw a person made of line, it means that you're tense right now.
You don't want to talk to anyone.
Those who pay attention to detail often think a lots about their appearance.
They always try to look nice.
Parts of the human body drawn separately can also mean a lot.
If you know how to interpret them.
For example, people incline to self criticism often draw eyes.
while sensitive and affectionate people draw lips.
Instead of drawing, you spend time writing your own signature again and again.
It seems like you're the boss, or you may practicing to perfect the process of signing documents.
It's a joke, of course not.
In reality, this habit means that these people love themselves and even to self-centered.
Even they're talking on the phone, they can't stop thinking about themselves for a second.
You can try to tell them, but they won't even hear you.
Geometric figures.
Those who draw geometric figure such as squares, diamonds or other polygons
even in a meditative state are the most persistent and determined on our list.
They usually set clear and realistic objective and always achieve them.
At the same time, however,
these figures can be a sign of extreme cautiousness and even too suspicious character.
So if you are one of these people, we recommend you relaxing more often.
and not complicating your life.
After talking on the phone, if you discover a series of circles of different sizes on the paper.
Well, if you believe psychologist, this mean you lack of the attention and support of your friends.
By drawing circles on a piece of paper, you are expressing your desire
to be a part of a collective, become a member of the team and have warm human relations.
So if you draw pictures like these, don't fell desperate, don't be sad.
We're sure the you‘ll seem be very well.
In the meantime, you can hug a cat.
If it's not resisting obviously.
Do you draw little animals when you're thinking?
Well, first of all, you're probably a good artist.
because not many people can do it.
And secondly, we're not going to judge your artistic talent.
rather we'll see what kind of zoo you've created on your piece of paper.
If most animal are predators, such as tigers or or wolves.
There's no doubt that you have problems of covert aggression.
If bunnies and squirrels inhabit your zoo, you may have a soft and gentle character.
Foxes can mean the author of drawings is planning a trap.
In general, if your zoo is not very diversified and consist of animal at the same type.
It means you're associate yourself with this animal and attribute to its habits to yourself.
For example, lions are the favorite animal of those who feel superior to the rest of the world.
or Harry Potter universe fans who consider themselves members of the Gryffindor House.
Spirals and wavy lines.
According to scientists, these drawing has a very simple meaning.
The person who did it has no absolute interest in the problems of others.
and it's no because they're so selfish.
that they don't care about anyone and nothing but themselves.
It just means that at this particular time, they're busy with their thoughts
trying to solve their own problems.
And they're not used to being under the spotlight.
especially if they're drawing.
Uh, nobody likes that, right?
So, if you notice that your friend is busy drawing wavy lines in his notebook.
you'd better not bother him.
If you prefer to draw arrows pointing in all directions.
it doesn't mean that in depth of your soul, you have the need to kill someone.
According to psychologists, arrows indicate your direction in life.
No,no, no.
If your arrow is facing the refrigerator, you don't have to start making sandwiches.
The matter is a little lot complicated.
An upward arrow means the first new drawer is an extrovert.
and moves toward other people.
An downward arrow characterizes its author as a introvert.
The arrow is facing left or right, indicate that you're towards your past or your future.
Who knows how the scientists came to these conclusions.
But well, this kind of research is their specialty.
We should believe them.
Stars are probably one of the simplest things you can draw.
You don't even have to take the pencil from the paper.
Well, if you still can't get rid of the habit of covering any sheet of paper with lots of stars.
You're a hopeless optimist.
Whenever a problem comes up in your life.
you don't give up.
Plus as a true star, you prefer to be the center of attention.
And when you get sad, your little stars have more rays.
This is a clear sign that you need to get some rest or cheer up with your favorite sweets.
Flowers, suns, and clouds.
This kind of drawing doesn't mean anything bad either.
If during a telephone conversation or some other important business,
you sketch flowers and suns, you're probably happy with the events in your life.
Maybe you're even up in clouds dreaming of something very nice.
In general, these doodles reflect optimistic spirits and a happy mood.
So don't even try to pretend to be serious or sad.
'Cause nobody will believe you.
If after you talking on a phone, you discovered a sheet full of crosses or something like that.
This can be a bad sign.
You may have a feeling of guilt bout someone close to you.
or suffering from a problem for which you feel responsible.
So if your subconsciousness draws these pictures.
we recommend you to think about whether you had offended someone.
and if anything is okay in your family
or in your studies.
Houses and boxes.
If you are one of those people who draw these objects all the time.
These doodles means you prefer to have everything tidy.
Always calculate your actions and know how to reach your goals.
Even better if you draw them symmetrically.
This level of detail indicates an infinite optimism
and a great vital force.
So we advice you to keep it that way.
If you draw something similar to a chessboard.
you may be in a unpleasant or simply complicated situation.
We don't want to scared you, or make you feel desperate.
But psychologists believe that these scribble point out complexes hidden in the person.
Yes, of course, it can be much simpler.
For example, right now you feel confused with your problems or you're looking for yourself.
We will recommend you to pay attention to these drawings
and analyze what's going on in your life.
Even if you think that this drawing is similar to the previous point,
it actually has a completely opposite meaning.
These drawing mean that you prefer peace or harmony.
You're trying to fix your life, or even ready to start you own family.
No, please don't think we're predicting your future.
We simply shared with you conclusion from scientists around the world.
We find it incredibly interesting.
So, let's move on.
Dotted lines.
Have you ever drawn lines during a very important conversation
and not just simple lines but dotted lines all over the sheet?
Then, you certainly feel insecure and shy.
but in spite of this, you're a very quiet and relax person.
You may be worried about something specific at this very moment.
So we advised you to lie down and rest.
or at least distract yourself from your tasks.
It may sound quite rare but people who draw tree
are often associate themselves with different plants.
That's why these drawings are great for understanding people's character.
For example, if you draw a tree with a strong trunk and a thick foliage,
you may be a person who doesn't depend on the opinions of others.
A tree with flexible branches and scarce foliage means you're not very friendly and communicable.
But if you're used to drawing a completely naked tree.
that means you definitely need some changes in your life.
Extra bonus.
And finally, something very interesting.
Did you know that the position of the drawing
also contains a lot of important information about the author?
For example, if the drawing is closer to the top edge
then your self esteem is quite high.
But it seems to you that your friends don't appreciate you well enough.
A drawing at the bottom means that you need some encouragement,
a couple of complement, a little more self confidence.
As with the little arrows.
The images on the left hand side points out your orientation
toward the past and the acquired experience.
If they're on the right hand side,
and you're thinking rather about your incredible and beautiful future.
Large drawings usually belong to people who have a lot of fantasy and love freedom.
The smallest one showed perseverance and attention to detail.
If the lines of your work looked fluffy
and the image in general has many stripes.
You should calm down a little and take a deep breath.
And don't forget the emotional components of the drawing.
If you sketch down a smiling little devil.
That doesn't necessarily mean you want tot destroy humanity or torture someone with a fork.
You're just in a cheerful and playful mood.
But anyway.
You should check your head.
who knows, maybe you're getting little horns.
Now we wants to know much you learn about your personality.
Share your result in the comment.
And don't forget to give us a like.
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