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*Mad Lib Theater*
This is how it works:
We gonna ask you first for some silly words, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.
We'll do that, and they're gonna be written on the cue cards as we're saying them.
But also I'll write among this card.
Then we're gonna act out that dramatic Mad Lib scene.
-Ready for this? -Okay.
Uh... Give me a male name.
Uh... blah... Rory.
Not "Blah Rory," just Rory.
-Yeah, it just not Blah Rory, okay. -Blah Rory.
-Name of your favorite teacher. -Uh... Mrs. Tate.
-Exclamation. -F**k.
No, you can't answer that.
-Um... Sorry. -Still can't say that on American television, you can't say that. -Sorry, sorry.
Okay, flibbity gibbit.
F-L-B-B-I-double T-Y, flibbitty.
-Gibbitt. -G-I-double B-I-double T.
-Alright, catch that. -Flibbitty gibbitt.
-Uh... Number. -Uh... 4229.
-Plural, plural objects. -Plural objects? Eggs, eggs?
Yeap. Eggs.
-Store name. -Uh... Macy's.
-Uh... Body part. -Buttock.
-Uh.. silly word. -Buttock.
No, uh... geronimo.
-Oh no, that's a.. well that's a different thing here, yeah, okay, wh-- -Now, flibbitty gibbitt would use for that.
-Can we just write it down? -We'll do flibbitty gibbitt down by silly word.
-This is how it's going upstairs, this is how we're writing Oscars. -Flibbitty gibbitt, and then...
Exclamation, give me that again.
Exclamation, you said to someone... you say "Ay.."
-Crumbs. -There you go.
-It's very Hugh Grant. -Crumbs, it's very Hugh Grant. -Yes, great, yeah.
-Name of a holiday. -Uh.. Hanukkah.
-Movie title. -Uh... movie title, uh.. Superman. -Superman.
-A verb ending in -ing. -F--, no, can't say that one.
-You can't say that one. Yes, it's just... -Uh... gyrating.
Amount of distance... Amount of distance like 10 miles or 5 feet.
-10 miles or 5 feet? Which do you mean? Which one? -Oh uhh —— just an amount of distance.
Oh, any amount of —— um... half a millimeter.
-Country. -Uh... Ukraine.
-Um... Animal. -Badger.
Famous movie quote.
-"This town needs an enema." Jack Nicholson in Batman. -Batman, yes.
-This... another body part. -Another body part?
This is getting tough. Uh... little toe.
Little toe... That was the name of my band in college.
-Your handwriting is worse than mine. -Nah, this is good. -Okay, yeah, that's fine.
-Children's song. -Uh, Baa Baa Black Sheep.
Alright, Baa Baa Black Sheep.
Any... any reason why?
I have a small child I sing things like Baa Baa Black Sheep to.
-Adjective. -Uh... Mind-bending.
Um... Very interesting gentleman.
Well, we've pulled out our words.
That's our whole game right there.
Thank you so much for... No-no, no, now it is time to perform the scene.
-Let's go. -Let's do it. -Okay.
Hello, I'm detective Rory, and you are?
Mrs. Tate.
You're here today under suspicion of second-degree robbery.
That's right, 4229 eggs were stolen from Macy's.
And the crime scene has your butt written all over it.
That is flibbitty gibbitt!
Where were you on the night of Hanukkah?
We're watching the Superman.
Then why's the security camera footage show you gyrating
just half a millimeter away from the crime scene?
Alright, I'm through with playing games.
Where're you from?
Yeah, just as I suspected.
You know that one of the best parts about being a detective is that
I get to lock up criminals like you.
And go home to my children and my pet badger.
And say, "This town needs an enema." Yeah.
Fine, I did this.
I committed the robbery.
But I only did it because I needed the money to buy myself little toe implants.
I knew it all along.
I knew it all along every time I solve a crime,
I like to sing my favorite song.
Baa! Baa! Black sheep! Have you any wool?
Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Three bags full!
You have a mind-bending voice!
I love you! And scene!
That's all for Mad Lib Theater


【吉米秀】班尼迪克警探要來偵辦吉米啦! (Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch)

13543 分類 收藏
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