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  • A North Korean soldier defects to the South in the most unexpected way: Crossing the border

  • at the heavily guarded Joint Security Area.

  • As troops stationed in the frontline are believed to be chosen for their loyalty, this could

  • severely bruise the regime's military pride.

  • He was shot at by men from his side, but was picked up by South Korean soldiers and was

  • taken to the hospital.

  • For details on the daring escape, we turn to our Kwon Jang-ho

  • The Joint Security Area -- located on the border between the two Koreas

  • and the only place where soldiers from the two sides stand face-to-face.

  • And at three-thirty-one PM on Monda, a lone North Korean soldier ran from a guard post

  • on the northern side, and crossed over the Military Demarcation Line into South Korean

  • territory.

  • The soldier suffered from gunshot wounds to his shoulder and elbow from North Korean forces

  • while defecting.

  • Upon hearing the shots, South Korean soldiers raised the alarm, but the defector was not

  • discovered until 25 minutes later, collapsed on the ground, 50-meters from the border and

  • bleeding from his wounds.

  • (Korean) Our soldiers safely retrieved the defector,

  • and urgently evacuated him to hospital to treat his injuries.

  • He was airlifted by a United Nations Command helicopter to Ajou University Medical Center

  • in Suwon, just south of Seoul, where he underwent surgery.

  • The defector is thought to be in his twenties or thirties, and wore a uniform of low rank.

  • Defecting through the JSA is extremely rare, with only two previous instances in 1998 and

  • 2007.

  • South Korean authorities have reassured that there was no altercation between South and

  • North Korean soldiers, but added that Seoul will remain alert to any possible provocations.

  • It's been almost two months since North Korea last carried out a ballistic missile test,

  • or any other provocation, and many have hoped that this signalled an easing of tensions

  • on the peninsula.

  • It's currently unclear what response Pyongyang will give to Monday's incident.

  • Kwon Jang-ho, Arirang News.

A North Korean soldier defects to the South in the most unexpected way: Crossing the border


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北韓阿兵哥跨越聯合軍司令部大膽叛逃到韓國。 (North Korea soldier makes daring defection to South Korea across JSA)

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