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We can all agree, It's been a wonderful fifth anniversary of our Village.
Now, please enjoy the Grand Finale!
Oh, not again!
My pilot light's out!
Hey pal, could ya?
Thanks Pal.
Sure thing.
Hey, great seats!
Let's watch from the mushrooms. They give great lumbar support.
Why do we even have this thing?!
Legend has it,
that the ancient skull has been there since the very first tree
was cleared from the Village.
Who put it there?
And why?
Only they know;
they're the only troops who've been here since the very beginning.
I don't remember.
Uh, I don't really know,
my mind is blank. See?
Yeah, that was five years ago. Well, that's a lot of z's
Luckily I have a spell to make them remember.
(sniff) Ooh.
There might be some side effects 'cause it's a little past its throw-by date.
Using a spell past the throw by date
may cause confusion,
and in extreme cases,
a sudden change in animation style.
I'll tell you how the Ancient Skull got here
It's your brand new Village, guys!
I'm the helpful Villager, and I'll be explaining everything you need to learn to clash.
For instance,
you're holding your sword in your left hand!
But I'm left handed!
Not in this Village or not.
There. Now you're a normal!
Well, that's a strong wall!
Oh, thank you.
If we're fighting off ants.
Which we do have, so be careful with your crumbs.
So move it here.
Remember, always push with the quads.
Now, about your hair, there are rules for that too.
Loose the man bun.
So many rules.
Aren't they written down somewhere, so we can just read them?
As a matter of fact,
they're all in my journal of helpful knowledge.
You're welcome to borrow it, it's five volumes.
Here you go,
Page one tells you all the rules for borrowing it.
You know I, uh,
did just dig a hole a new hole for the outhouse.
Heh, great idea!
Just slide this thing over the hole,
Whoo, I feel better already
Switch your sword hand, bring the bun back. Oh yeah.
So you see, that's the story of the ancient skull.
Wait, these were supposed to be Goblin socks.
Hmm. Oh I know!
Hey, Rod!
That story's all wrong.
My skull may be empty, but I know that's not what happened.
Hey bathrobe! Hit me with some of that memory boost.
That isn't just an ancient skull. That's my Daddy!
Before there even was a village my Dad
and I used to play in this open field.
We could do anything with our bombs,
because without a wall, a Wall Breaker's bomb is not gonna go off.
Yep, that's through me!
Then, something even more wonderful happened.
A Wall!?
Son, we have a purpose.
On that day, Daddy showed me what the joy of being a Wall Breaker really was.
So, you see? That's my daddy. This village was built around his head!
I beg to differ.
Hey, hey!
Ever heard of "please"?
This is how it really went down.
Now, we want the village to be strong, but also have a southern exposure.
Write that down.
And since we're near the water why not enjoy the view.
Maybe a Builder's Hut here,
here, an Archer Tower built on four Wizard Towers, haha!
And here,...
Write that all down, even the...
Oh boy..
You rang?
Uh, I said "blueprints", not "blue Prince".
These are plans for the greatest Village ever conceived.
Must be protected, at all costs,
Until the world is ready for it. Now,
where to put it?
Haha, perfect!
And that's what happened.
I don't think so.
That sounded pretty nutty.
I agree,
I'd be rolling my eyes right now,
if I had some.
It's on top of my...
And that's what happened 45 years ago today.
Of course,
we now know the real story behind this.
Turns out the village bought it from the shop,
because they didn't have enough gold for an upgrade or a weapon,
So, this is all
they could afford.
Now please enjoy our laser Grand Finale!
Whew! I know, it doesn't look it, but this feels amazing


部落衝突:A Clashiversary Tale (Clash of Clans: A Clashiversary Tale (Clash-A-Rama!))

216 分類 收藏
Jin Wang 發佈於 2017 年 12 月 20 日
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