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  • As a parent you do anything you can for your child.

    每個父母 都願意為自己的孩子付出一切

  • I guess I just went one step further.


  • I had such a great pregnancy with Liberty.


  • We'd had scans, and nothing came up.

    在懷孕過程中,Liberty 一切都很好

  • But every time we got a scan she had her hand over her eye.

    我們做了多次掃描 沒有發現任何異常

  • It was like she knew.

    但每次掃描時 她都用手遮住一邊眼睛

  • There was an issue called microphthalmia.


  • Her eye that she can't see out of is 40 % smaller than her other eye.


  • And you need to fill that void with a prosthetic.

    她看不見的那隻眼睛 比另一隻眼睛小了40%

  • If you don't have that prosthetic eye in there you'll face will collapse.


  • As a father, I didn't know how to deal with it.

    如果沒裝義眼 她的臉部就會凹陷

  • What do you do? You can't fix it.

    身為一個父親 我完全不知道該怎麼辦

  • And some of the appointments were horrendous.

    毫無頭緒 不知該怎麼處理這個難題

  • One of the ocularists that we saw, the mold got stuck.


  • Ashleigh was bear-hugging her while he was trying to pull it off.


  • To get it out he basically just ripped it out.

    當義眼師試著將義眼取出時 Ashleigh 緊緊抱著孩子

  • She was trembling, it was pretty horrific.

    最後只能扯開那顆義眼 才終於取下

  • Sorry...

    孩子嚇得渾身發抖 真的太恐怖了

  • And that was it for me.


  • I wasn't putting her through any of that ever again.

    我無法接受 我不願讓她再次經歷那種事情

  • We literally got home and he was on the computer.

    我無法接受 我不願讓她再次經歷那種事情

  • I wanted to know how to start making prosthetic eyes myself for my daughter.

    回到家後 他開始在電腦上搜尋資料

  • I was like, 'maybe we should just let the professionals do it'.


  • He just said,'look what a professional did to our daughter'.

    我當時覺得 這種事還是交給專家比較好吧

  • I can do it better and without hurting her.

    但他告訴我,你看看專家 剛才對我們女兒做了什麼好事

  • That's when he found the John Pacey-Lowrie video.

    我可以做得更好 我做得到,而且不會傷害到她

  • I dug into it and would stop the video and look at what John was using.

    那時他找到了 John Pacey-Lowrie 的影片

  • And I pieced together parts of the process to be able to do it the best that I could

    我開始研究影片內容 還特別停格來觀察 John 使用的工具

  • with the things that I had.

    然後自己拼湊出一套流程 希望可以運用手邊的工具

  • It was really frustrating.


  • I'd get 3/4 way through making a perfect eye,


  • and then the last bit of the process I'd stuff up.

    我常常只差一步 就能做出完美的義眼

  • But I knew each step, I was getting a step closer to making one.


  • The first time Ashleigh had said, yeah that's a good one, we'll try it,

    但是我清楚每個步驟 我很快就能成功做出義眼了

  • was hard to describe.

    當 Ashleigh 第一次說: 「這個義眼不錯,我們來試試看」

  • Knowing that she was walking around with one that I had made for her.


  • For me that was a moment of walk out to the shed and have a cry,


  • with no one looking.


  • Because I had done something for the family, finally.


  • So, over two years I've made about 20-odd eyes for her,


  • and I realised how much of a passion I had for it.

    看到她裝上我親手製作的義眼後 依然可以自在行動時

  • And I said, 'well is this what you want to for a job?'

    我真想去沒人看到的地方 好好大哭一場

  • 'Is this where you see yourself?'.

    我真想去沒人看到的地方 好好大哭一場

  • And he said 'yes'.


  • I said 'OK, let's make it happen then'.

    過去兩年 我為她做了 20 幾個義眼

  • When Dwayne first contacted me,


  • basic question, 'I want to become an ocularist, how do I do it?'


  • It's a bit surreal,


  • going from seeing a man on YouTube to coming and training here with him.


  • Going from sledgehammers on an oil rig, to tiny little machines


  • and RS buttons and stuff is pretty awesome.

    當 Dwayne 第一次聯絡我時

  • You start with nothing.

    他問了一個基本問題: 「我想成為義眼師,我該怎麼做?」

  • At the end of it you've got a person


  • that is wearing an eye that you have made by hand.

    原本在 YouTube 影片上看到的人物 如今在這裡訓練我,互相交流

  • That is very good.

    我以前在石油平台上拿著大錘 現在則在操作這些精細機器

  • Yeah, the movement is amazing.

    還有 RS 按鈕等各種器材 真的很不可思議

  • Knowing that I am capable now,


  • I have to be using what I've learned.

    到最後可以讓需要的人 裝上你親手製作的義眼

  • Being back, now it's really all just starting to fall into place.

    到最後可以讓需要的人 裝上你親手製作的義眼

  • I've got a state-of-the-art clinic.

    - 我覺得很好 - 眼球的動作很靈活

  • It's really growing into my dream.

  • Oculus Prosthetics is the ocularist practice that Dwayne and I have started.


  • You can't really explain what it means to people until you experience,


  • sitting there with a parent, with their child and being able


  • to have those moments where you see a parent cry

    回來後 所有事情慢慢上了軌道

  • because their kid looks amazing.


  • It's hard enough being a parent, let alone having the unknowns.


  • We just feel like we can make it a little bit easier.

    「Oculus Prosthetics」(眼睛假體) 是我和 Dwayne 發起的義眼師體驗活動

  • People come first.

    除非親身體驗 否則很難向別人描述這些感受

  • That's how we'll be different.

    當你坐在診間 看到孩子順利裝上義眼後

As a parent you do anything you can for your child.

每個父母 都願意為自己的孩子付出一切


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適合自由的眼睛 (An Eye Fit for Liberty)

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