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  • Hello everyone, welcome back to

    歡迎各位再次來到 Lucy 的英語教室

  • English with Lucy. Today I want to talk to you


  • about ten vocabulary differences between


  • American English and British English.


  • So, Let's get started.

    上課囉 !

  • The first one and a lot of you might know.


  • This one is what the British call "football"

    英語稱足球為 football

  • and what the Americans call "soccer".

    美語稱之為 soccer

  • Now of course we will understand each other,


  • but it can get confusing because Americans have


  • "American football", which is a completely different game.


  • Number two, "chips" and "crisps"

    第二個,chips 和 crisps

  • For us, crisps are these, crunchy fried

    對我們 (英國人) 來說,crisps

  • potatoes, which usually served cold.


  • But the Americans call them "chips". It's even

    而美國人會稱之為 chips

  • more confusing when we get on to number three


  • because what Americans call "french fries" we then call "chips".

    因為,這也是第三個要討論的,美國人說的 french fries,我們英國人會說 chips

  • So french fries for Americans and chips for the British

    french fries 之於美國;chips 之於英國

  • are "Hot fried soft potatoes".


  • These.


  • Number four, what we call "trousers"

    第四,「長褲」的英式說法為 trouser

  • Americans call "pants". However it gets even

    美式則為 pants

  • more confusing because when we gets to


  • number five, what Americans call "underwear"

    因為來到第五個「內褲」,美國人所稱的 underwear

  • we call "pants". So pants for Americans

    英國人則稱為 pants;對美國人來說

  • are trousers, something you wear over your underwear.

    pants 就是 trouser,穿在內褲外的褲子

  • Number six, "gas" versus "petrol"

    第六,gas 和 petrol

  • For us, petrol is the liquid petroleum that you put

    對英國人來說,petrol 是汽車所使用的汽油

  • into your car, and Americans call this "gas".

    美國人稱之為 gas (gasoline)

  • Yes, it's confusing because gas for us only refers to

    沒錯,令人混淆的點就在這, 對英國人來說,gas 指的是

  • something that is in its gaseous form.


  • Something neither a solid nor liquid—a gas.


  • The next one, "biscuit" and "cookie".

    下一個是 biscuit 和 cookie

  • For the British, we refer to one of these

    英國人稱這個為 biscuit (相當於 Chips Ahoy 奇寶巧克力餅乾)

  • as a biscuit and Americans call it a cookie.

    美國人則稱之為 cookie

  • Number eight, "trunk" versus "boot"

    第八,trunk 和 boot

  • For us, the compartment in the back the car is

    我們說後車廂為 boot

  • called a boot, which is also a word that can


  • refer to a specific type of shoe, but

    特定的鞋款 (靴子),但是

  • for Americans it's just trunk.


  • Number nine, what we call a "jumper" Americans

    第九,我們穿的毛衣叫 jumper

  • will call a "sweater". So make sure you remember

    美國人則稱為 sweater,所以請你記下

  • both of these ones. So this for me is a jumper

    這兩個,我的用法為 jumper

  • but for Americans, it would be a sweater.

    美國人則會說 sweater

  • Number ten, "high school" versus "secondary school"

    第十,high school 和 secondly school

  • In Britain we call the final school that you attend "secondary school".

    在英國我們稱高中為 secondary school,也就是義務學制的最後階段

  • But in America they call it "high school".

    但在美國,他們稱之為 high school

  • Alright guys, that's it for today. I hope you learned something new.


  • If you're interested in British English pronunciation,


  • then make sure you attend my free live


  • British pronunciation and vocabulary lesson,


  • which is every Sunday at four thirty GMT


  • London time on my '' English with Lucy '' Facebook page.

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  • You can also follow me

    你們也可以訂閱我的 IG

  • on Instagram. I like to share lots of


  • photos of my daily life on there.


  • And don't forget to subscribe and I will see


  • you for another lesson very very soon


  • mwah!

    親一個 !

Hello everyone, welcome back to

歡迎各位再次來到 Lucy 的英語教室

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