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Hello! I am white
Today we have to continue to play
when ★ on behalf of the ☆ into the ★
Na we
we will see I put
home a little Changed a bit
I use a little bit of wood
to some parts
can replace the material
are the first to change
right then
At present the family is not very complete
on the first temporarily like this
Then I in my own
private play time

In fact, at that time also under
but also thunder ಠ _ ಠ
and so on, not so
because there was no
anything special

Yes! This way
ah! (• ω •)
So what do we do with this set?
Our set to
dig a little sand to help us
home that get a little
is the last time we do not have
get a little sand it? That is. . .
Here. Correct! I dig a little sand and then
can throw my sand up
all good
have to burn
Then, then again
and then burn the process, we Directly to find
the underground cave
to go directly on the dig
dig a little
stone... stone stone iron ah
What can be,
Let us
. . . = (? Ω)
Then I want this
above a good dragon fruit
off  (✿ ゚  ゚) ノ
Yes! (^ U ^)
call! Three dragon fruit
I look at this can be used to become
made into a tree? Look at the
! Can
three dragon fruit plus one
what kind of saplings can be
OK, good!
I just have three
We come to kind of dragon fruit trees
We have to plant a dragon fruit trees
in their own neighborhood
. · ゚ · (つ д` ゚) · ゚ ·
With you!
dragon fruit trees
we can transplant the
we can transplant (* ゚ ∀ ゚ *)
put it in the
species here
Let you have a good living environment
I believe you will love here
I found
we go ε≡ ヘ ( '∀`) ノ
Dogs (' · ω · `)
Press! this is. .
tin, dig it finished
? No, what
Just like this, not the
Oh, no! There x4
Seem to have Alice
Really not? I want to say
may be dug to what
very interesting place
(゚ д ⊙)
scared! ( '゚ Д ゚ `)
directly fall
so the next
Let me make a ladder
Oh! (゚ ∀ ゚)
we can start digging
this thing
a lot of things here, Oh!

This is similar to the cave wall of the pillar
Σ (゚ д ゚)
This is a big pit near the Oh!
In this way to go to see
A lot of iron
With stalactites
Life first iron ho
We walk down to see
Oh! (☉ д ⊙)
There are x3 can go down
? Fluorescent Mushrooms
Luminous Mushrooms
Wow Sai
This is Charred
Focused Quartz
Very Important Things (• ω •)
dug away
we first turn back to our just
swept those minerals ah
put it dig End
see there is no way
this, this time
encounter diamonds
Anything better
Um? What 's that purple.
Tanzania tiles
I dig will not break?
(((゚ д ゚)))
Oh, no ( '; ω; `)
It disappeared (whisper
It seems to use diamonds right
Because I want to say it's hardness
Feels like you can dig
Oh! And
Do not dig x2
We have to find diamonds
This is near the monster Fortunately
on the spider only
should be here?
I saw
Well stop!
Go away! (# `Д') ノ
Spider strange strange brick boring
I will be so excited because
because it will be some of this
is. . Special treasure
can take away
these things are very easy to use
Hyun steel shoes
can wear shoes
rechargeable crystal 4
I have a shoe
You can also go down! God
But I would like to first
in front of the first part of a dug dig

There seems to be a little
Some, we have not dug End
, you can! Dug down the
Tanzanite stone
it can be used to make
Tanzanite stone / world treasure crystal
this. . This is why the (* '· д ·)?
Feeling is a very magical thing
But it seems not to be used to do extra things
Yes! Not =
hey hey hey hey (= ◟4◟ = `)
Commemorative use? I think
The following seems to
something can dig

I hope you can find diamonds
! There is a waste mine Yeah
There is a waste mine
The dug are also almost finished digging
We also collected a lot of iron
There tin with copper ah
charred these
also get some of the more rare things
= = We look at the side of the walk in the optimistic
Look at that there is no additional
seems to come to a lot of monster place
Round back
our side
I have collected
a lot of mineral
we set
to dig these!
We hurry to
the next , etc., does not seem to go this way
to leave us here
iron it away!
Coal taken away!
Then we go home
back to our lovely
small nest (* '∀`) ♥
back to La
OK, the booty received a close
This is a monster out
These things can be an additional synthesis of the other things
This thing is great
Well, that
we look at is the collection of things finished However, . .
Can sort out what things
that. this thing
is an infinite terminal is called
will use things
But it may be more late
will it out of things
because it is difficult
It needs to be destroyed
After the end of the world dragon
Only way to continue to complete the module
That we first to complete
relatively simple
That is. . .
The next start, we may
from the blacksmith module
is that the soul of the soul module
OK that is the case
Our harvest today is also good
Thank you for watching
We'll see you next time!


[Minecraft]時代進化EP.3 洞窟歷險 ([Minecraft])

282 分類 收藏
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