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And now, it's time for sixty seconds with Oscar nominated, Tony nominated,
-Anna Kendrick. -Oh! Rebel!
She's also the star upcoming film Pitch Perfect
-I... - I don't, I'm not familiar
Yeah, well you're in it, and you sing in it,
you dance in it. You have the main romantic love story.
It wasn't the movies you're in, with the vampires,
it was the other one, the singing one.
-Yeah, you're really good in it. - Rebel!
Are you interested joining in a music group?
We sing songs without any instruments,
it's all from our mouths.
-What's your name? -Fat Amy.
You call yourself Fat Amy?
Yes, so a chick bitches like you,
don't do it behind my back.
You girls are awesome...
-ly horrible, I hate you, kill yourself, girl power!
Do you want to be American idol judge,
or people's court judge?
People's court judge.
Yeah, I want like, the mob,
to give me like cars, and stuffs to like,
turn verdicts in their favor.
-Yeah, yeah -Yeah
-Yeah, you'll be like a dirty judge. -Yeah, yeah yeah
Are you a practical joker,
or can't keep a straight face type of girl?
I think I'm more of can't keep a straight face kind of girl.
Do you know?
Like in the movie, when the amazing Rebel Wilson
was doing some of her amazing improvs
and I have to bite the inside of my cheeks
which is from messing up a take.
And if I laugh when I heard like,
you've got a bad temper, and you get really mad at me, so...
You guys are gonna get peach slaps so hard,
your man boobs are gonna concave.
Do you still get carded buying alcohol?
Yes, at the grocery store when I like just
having like sweat pants on it, like a ponytail,
and no makeup.
They'll laugh at me.
And you'll they bind like ten bottles of gin.
And I'm there like every morning, like stocking up on more gin.
-Yeah - And they're like
"Is this the alcoholic mom?", and I'm like
"No, is for the alcoholic me."
Yeah, but on the set you didn't drink,
and we're totally professional.
Yeah, don't...wink, you'll give it away.
You're really drunk right now,
I don't think you remember anything.
I'm not drunk at all, you just blurred
You're okay?
Which list would you rather bang?
People sexiest people list, is that a list?
I think it is.
Or the most intriguing people
The sexiest, I mean I don't care about, like
being intriguing, or intelligent -Yeah
-That's for real -That's why I call into this business.
One day, I looked into the mirror and I was like
the world just really needs see my face and body,
-and... -That's what happen to me
-It's my.. it's my gift to the world. -Yeah
How are we paying for regionals?
A bikini car wash is definitely out of the question.
No, Aubrey, I'm like super good at the bikini car washes.
-Now, in the movie, you play a DJ. -Yeah
DJ doesn't stand for Deaf Jew,
but what does the DJ stand for?
-Disc Jockey -Shh
She's like we're gonna fade.
Would you wanna be, the DJ in the club,
or the dancing queen?
I wanna be a dancing queen because the DJ,
I think has to stay sober.
But this girl moves stripper moves on the dance floor.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
like really slutty.
Yeah, remember you do it like three ways kiss
with some of that cast members? -Yeah
Yeah, there's photos of that.
Don't wink!
You have to join the Bellas
I can't concentrate as you cover your chunk.
I'm not leaving here until you sing.
Bullet prove,
fire away, fire away.
You have lovely voice
This is been sixty seconds with Anna Kendrick
Congratulations on the movie,
you're really good in it.
Thanks, I thought you're gonna kiss my hand really.
It's... Do it!
Do it!
Don't make that face, you'd love it


《歌喉讚》安娜坎卓克與胖艾咪 60 秒快問快答 (MAX 60 Seconds: Anna Kendrick (PITCH PERFECT))

8529 分類 收藏
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