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- I literally can't think of a
better way to start the next 100

episodes of DailyVee than this
amazing email from André

(bell dings)
and using his entire
mashup video as

episode 1001 is a recap of where
we together have gotten in
the last hundred episodes.

On to another hundred
episodes, my friends.

Before I go into this, by show
of hands how many people here

have no idea who I am or
anything about my spiel?

Tell the truth, raise 'em.
That fucking hurts.
("Legendary" by Welshly Arms)
I get thousands
of emails a week,

"How do I find my passion?"
And literally I reply,
I don't know.

I would tell you my punchline is
what would you do if you could

just do it all the time.
Everybody is the happiest when
they get to be doing what they

want to be doing.
When you get to do what
you want to do, you've won.

That is the seductive
nature of entrepreneurship.

But there's a problem.
There's a naïveté in the world
that just 'cause you talk

people are gonna listen.
You actually have to be good.
How do you stay driven?
I'm gonna ask you a question,
how don't you stay driven?

You won the lotto of
the universe which is

you are a human
being on Earth.

And you're not driven?
And you're not fired up?
And you're willing to sit like a
lump and just wait 'til you die?

You suck.
I don't know what everybody,
you're gonna be 90 and you're

gonna look back and what?
This is it.
I mean there's just so much
complaining, there's so much

cynicism, there's so
much you go lucky.

There's so much, everybody just
wants to point to other people.

Point at your fucking self.
At the end of the day, it's
gonna be what it's gonna be.

It all comes down to 20,
30, 40 years from now.

Like what?
It's just results.
How do the people
around you feel about you?

How much did you create?
What impact did
you have on people?

It's the money.
It's the fame.
It's the impact that
you've had on people.

It's the way your
family thinks about you.

It's the way your best
friends think about you.

You can be a fucking ninja
entrepreneur and you can be an

awesome person and
give back to society.

You can do both if
you've got the talent.

That is the game.
If you're good enough, if you
are good enough to be up here,

to make bling bling,
if you are good enough,

nobody's stopping you.
Not fucking Donald Trump, not
the fucking Russians, nobody!

If you're a minority, if you are
a female, if you're transgender,

if you're a fucking alien,
the market doesn't give a fuck.

If you make the best
shit, you will win.

If anyone has ever made it that
looks like you then you can too

and what's harder, much harder
than getting money or respect

from the establishment is
actually winning the market.

When somebody will say to me,
"Well, Gary, I can't get
funding because I'm a girl."

Or, "I can't get funding because
I'm from Mexico."

Bro, it's way harder to actually
have your product win with

customers than to get some
old white dudes on Sand Hill
Road to write you a check.

So, if this is breaking you
down, if you're crying now

you're in deep fucking shit.
The market makes old white dudes
that are racists seem soft.

Something to happen,
you can't just visualize it.

This isn't "The Secret" shit.
Everybody should live their
lives the way they want to.

But if you want to build
something big, if you want to

create a big business, hard work
is the first, second and third

part of the formula.
When you have the audacity to be
an entrpreneur and own your own

business and want all the riches
and great things
that come with it,

you need to put in the work.
I promise you if you look at
your eight hours every day,

two to three of them you're
spending on dumb shit.

Work is the variable
of success. Work.

You don't know a single person
on Earth that's successful that

didn't put in work.
Nobody watching this right now,
nobody watching this right now

knows a single person that
became successful
without the work.

You know what I feel?
I feel an epic rant.

I feel I have to
do a fucking rant.

So, I'm in good spirits,
we'll see what happens today.

("Hey Now" by Wolff)
If you work in a job,
you are not an entrepreneur.

Now I know that hurts and
I'm gonna say it again.

If you, right now, as you're
running through the airport or

driving on the highway are
going to a job, you, my friend,

are not an entrepreneur.
Like, you can't just decide
you're gonna be an entrepreneur.

You can, there's a big
difference between being an

entrepreneur and having
entrepreneurial tendencies and

actually being a
successful entrepreneur.

The punchline is this way
too many people are

playing it half-pregnant.
You either do it or you don't.
There is no in-betweens.
This is binary.

You didn't think it was true
that they were 15,
16 hours a day.

You thought they were
hyperbolized and

they were eight or nine.
You didn't realize
every minute was something.

You didn't realize it was
everyday, always, forever.

And you're playing a different
game, you got to also eat the

shit that comes along with it.
It's super fun to fucking be
an entrepreneur 21
and play the game.

If you fucking lose, you lose.
Recognize that you can attack
the world in a totally different

way 'cause you were lucky enough
to be born during this era.

Every time there is an actual
attention revolution enormous

money is made and
enormous money is lost.

Just 'cause you weren't first
doesn't mean you can't be best.

When you're in do mode,
you fucking get shit done.

What do you think about that?
I can tell you what to
do, a screwdriver works.

But if you don't
go and do it,

then that
screwdriver sucks shit.

A lot of people look
at finished products.

They look at LeBron today.
They look at Kobe today.
The look at Beyonce today.
If I'm sitting on a couch and
I'm like oh that athlete thinks

they're so fancy.
I wasn't there for the last 22
years that they woke up at

5 o'clock in the morning
to get to this moment.

You have to deal with the
reality of the situation.

Dwelling and pondering
and crying doesn't do shit.

You can cry,
you're just gonna lose.

And I have bad news about
complaining and crying.

Nobody gives a shit.
Nobody's gonna
feel sorry for you.

Who's gonna feel sorry for you?
You? I'll tell you who's
gonna feel sorry for you.

Oh, you know who
feels sorry for you?

Your other enabling
losing players around you.

It's just one
fucking losing circle.

Either you're hanging out with
people that are dragging you

down or you're hanging out with
people that are lifting you up.

But I promise you this,
every winner in your life

has zero sympathy for you.
I just think that people are
scared to fail in
front of other people.

My friends, I'm telling
you something right now.

I'm desperately excited
to fail in front of you.

Because A, I don't really give
a fuck what you think,

B, I'm gonna learn from it and
C, battle scars are attractive.
Speed is four billion times
more important than perfection.

The amount of you that are
crippled by getting shit right

instead of getting
shit done is insane.

We're living in a world
where so much more opportunity.

This internet thing created way
more opportunity for all of us.

Way more.
Like I don't give a fuck if
you think I'm the greatest and

fucking the Messiah
or if you think

I'm a piece of shit con artist.
I'll see you in 2020,
2030, 2040, I'll see you.

I'll fucking see you.
Please take a step back and
think about how
awesome it actually is.

You know, being successful takes
several different variables.

I think self-awareness
is number one.

If you don't know yourself then
you don't know what you're good

at, you've got no shot because
you're gonna be
spinning your wheels.

Are you willing to be super
honest with yourself when

nobody's watching?
We all know who we are.
- [Man] Yeah.
- Sometimes we don't like that.

What are you actually good at?
What do you like doing?
Because the
opportunities are endless.

The problem is we are scared to
do different things because the

fundamental core reality is
we worry about what
other people think.

We worry about
getting judged if we fail.

If you're not your number one
fan, you've lost 'cause the

market's really good
at tearing you down.

Everyday, 24/7/365
I will remind you that
life is phenomenal.

That nobody gives a shit so the
government or your mommy's not

gonna help you.
You've got to do it.
Own your shit but
it's never been better.

We've got a bigger
chance than ever.

We can do our thing.
We are strong as shit.
We're really fucking strong.
We're just being sold that we're
not 'cause there's a lot of

money in telling us that we're
not pretty enough, thin enough,

smart enough, good enough.
Fuck that.
I want to tell ya you're
the fucking best, go do shit.

("Calais" by Okiem)
It's I just want it
so bad for you.

I want it bad for you.
I believe that you
can and by the way,

I'm not like anybody can do it.
Like some of you suck.
Some of you don't
have the skills.

Why do you think I talk
about self-awareness?

I just want you to try hard
at the thing you
may naturally be best at

because that's where
everybody finds their moment.

How much more
motivation do you fuckers need?

You live one life.
It goes fast, life goes fast.
The problem for
so many of you,

the reason so few
things are happening

for a lot of people
is they're confused.

They don't know what they want.
They want 8,000 things.
They're just confused.
Stop being confused.
Figure out what you want,
reverse engineer it and get it.

The biggest poison
in us is regret.

It's poison.
Everybody here has already
sitting with two, three, four

things they can
think of very quickly

that they regret right now.
Already and right now
you feel okay because

you got a lot of life to go.
But if you spend time with
people their 80s and 90s the

thing they will absolutely
teach you if you really dig

is regret fucking sucks.
When you see regret in a
man's eyes, it's fucking painful

because you can't
do shit about it.

When you're 90 and you're not
mobile and you're tired and

it's over, you can't do it.
You can't do it.

You can't build that
company you wanted.

You can't spend that
time with your kid.

It's regret and if fucking
drives the shit out of me.

What would you do if you
could just do it all the time?

The only decision that needs to
be made is the one that you will

regret the least when you're 90.
All my advice is only
for the complainers.

This is only for
the complainers.

I'm not mad at you
if you play Madden.

I'm not mad at you if
watch fucking "Lost."

I'm not mad at you if you watch
complete seasons
of "House of Cards."

I'm not mad at you if you
play "Call of Duty" all day.

I'm mad at you if you're doing
that and you're baffled and

complaining why you're
not making more money.

And why you're not
living your dream.

Gotta have a dream but
you've got to be practical.

The world isn't what
mommy and daddy told you.

The world is exactly going to
be what it's going to be with or

without the way you
thought it was going to be.

A ton of shit is gonna change.
The world changes
every goddamn day.

It's equally fucking pushing it
as it is being patient and if

you push from those two
extremes you fucking make shit.

Everybody's at one
extreme or the other.

That's why the people that
push from both extremes win.

that's why there's so
few people that win.

Pssst, I have a dirty
little secret for you.

Doing the right thing is
always the right thing.

Like it has a funny,
call it fucking karma.

Call it whatever the
shit, the fuck you want.

Doing the right thing
is the right thing.

The work, it trumps everything.
It's the one non-debatable.
You can debate talent,
you can debate luck.

You can debate circumstance.
Can't debate if
somebody's putting in the work.

Not subjective mother fuckers.
You either put in the
15, 16, 18 hours of work
that gives you the

best position to succeed in what
you're trying to
achieve or you don't.

I just don't get the mentality
of being head down sad
on a Monday morning.

And a lot of people need to hear
one of two things today which is

this is the greatest era to ever
be alive and be an entrepreneur

or executive if you want it and
stop complaining and dwelling
'cause nobody a fuck.
Thank you.
(audience applause)
Feel good.
Feeling good.

So that's it.
Couldn't have
gone better for me.

Having somebody out of the
blue make an incredible piece of

content to wrap up what
this is really about.

Which is as much about
you guys as it is me.

This community, the comments
section, watching what's

happening in the comments
section, I just love it and so

I just want to say thank you.
Please subscribe.
Please pass this on to somebody
that needs to be
part of this journey.

This would be the time
and I'll see you tomorrow.

This is a grinder of a week.
Chicago, more filming in L.A.
It's gonna be good stuff.

I think you'll enjoy it.
See ya.
("Legendary" by Welshly Arms)



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