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- I haven't
even fuckin' started.

Tyler, let's
get fuckin' serious.

Inbox zero.
Seth, I'm gonna record
every intro to GaryVee 365.

Let's fuckin' go.
Colin, 11 articles right now.
Let's go. I will answer every
fuckin' question you ask.

(rap music)
(light R&B music)
My rant about the too
many people in meetings...

I sent like 54 emails
to the whole company

and it was great.
It was this huge communication
thing about speed and

efficiencies was only
realizing the sink was broken.

What was wrong was the well.
It's not that there's
too many people in meetings.

It's that there's
too many people.

I've got to really fix this.
And smartly.
I've got to fix the
plane while I'm flying it.

The reason I don't tell
people to leave good reviews on

Glassdoor and
things of that nature is

I don't want to force anything.
- [Woman] Mhmmm.
- But if you believe what you're
telling me here and especially

if you get to know
me a little bit better,

I need offense on
the floor because nega,

just like in society,
negativity's on offense.

- [Woman] Yeah.
- Positivity's on defense.
- [Woman] Yeah.

- We're in here.
- Hi. How are you?

- How are you?
- [Jaymee] Good.

Thank you.
- All good?

It is our belief that your
social video production team,

in my opinion is two people.
Somebody who's a
preditor who can shoot and edit,

a preditor who can
shoot and edit and she and he,

he and he, she and she,
can decide divide and conquer,

work together, but both,
"I'm sick (coughs)" "Good."

Both do both.
The end.

Two, my man can you
play some music or something?

It's freaking me out.
Hey Emma.
- [Emma] Hey!

- [Gary] How are you?
- [Emma] Good.

- Really?
That's devastating.
Show his hat.

- Thank you.
- Alexa, say Gary Vaynerchuk.
- [Alexa] I couldn't
find a contact matching

Gary Vaynerchuk.
- I just wanted to see if it
said Vaynerchuk instead of--

- [Man] It got it right.
- Watch this.

Hey Siri.
(double dings)
Call AJ Vaynerchuk.

(double bell dings)
- [Siri] Calling
Edge Vaynercock.

(group laughter)
- Siri calls our
last name Vaynercock.

(group laughter)
Good job, Alexa.

Alexa, play "I'm Still
Standing" by Elton John.

- [Alexa] "I'm Still Standing"
isn't included in Prime but is

available with
Amazon Music Unlimited.

Would you like to learn more?
- Yes.

- [Alexa] Amazon Music Unlimited
lets you play tens of millions

of songs on this device.
It's free for 30 days and then
you'll be automatically charged

$3.99 a month. Cancel anytime.
Terms in the Alexa app--
- Yes.

- [Alexa] Should
I start your free trial

and play "I'm Still Standing"?
- Yes!

How dangerous is that?
- [Alexa] You now have Amazon
Music Unlimited on this device.

"I'm Still Standing"--
- I wonder who's
credit card this is on.

So in this DailyVee--
- [Patrick] Yep.

- even though we won't be
pushing it for a couple of

weeks, the early people can get
access if they have an Alexa and

all they have to say is,
"Alexa, download Gary 365"?

- [Patrick] Add GaryVee
365 to my flash briefing.

- [Gary] Alexa, add
GaryVee 365 to my flash

Oh, I can do a
really cool thing.

Instagram, you guys
are getting a scoop.

GaryVee 365, add it
to your flash briefings.

Hit me up if you did.
Especially on Twitter,
then I'll actually see it.

DMs are busy.
- [Parick] So dude,
that'll be awesome to

get audio for each one.
Start figuring out what it looks
for workflow and get a video

version of this where
they're actually cutting--

- [Gary] Well, the video
version we should use

the search engine
'cause it'll be so fuckin' easy.
- [Patrick] Yeah.

- Like we should
just keyword stuff,

find that exact moment
and use #AskGaryVee.

- [Patrick] Yeah, cool.
- [Seth] The audio and video has
to be the same file that plays.

Essentially you can hear
the audio from the video.

- Yeah. We need to look at that.
- Yeah.

- [Gary] Thank you guys.
(light R&B music)
Hey guys, I guess
most of this episode will

probably be tonight's jam
session but while I've got you

here huge arbitrage.
Holiday weeks are the best.
I've literally met with some of
the most senior people that I'm

trying to do and doing
business with today and

it's such an insight, right?
And by the way, I
think people should.

People always get so
mistaken by what I'm saying.

I love and think many people
should take the rest of this

week off and
maximize family time,

vacation time, reset time.
However, it's intriguing that
there's such an opportunity to

meet and have
the meetings I had today

in a three day week where
a lot of people took off.
So if you're gonna work
during and around Labor Day,

Fourth of July,
Memorial Day, Thanksgiving,

Christmas, New Years keep in
mind some of the most difficult

people to get a hold
of are most available

during this time of year.
So that's your little tidbit.
I want to give you
more actionable advice.

When you dream up of having a
meeting with ten people that are

impossible to
get a hold of, right,

it's the holiday weeks
ironically that are sneaky.

99 out of 100 times they are
always away with their family.

She's away with her family.
He's away with his family.
But it's the 1 in 100 and
I think the 1 in 100 is better

than the 1 in 1,000 that
you get in all the other

44 normal weeks of the year.
- [Tyler] Yeah,
stuff has been canceled.

- Yeah!
- [Tyler] There's an opening.

- This is the time to get
somebody because you know,

if you're working, like I am,
these three days
you want to do things.

You don't just
want to sit around.

And you're right.
People get, you know, other
people wanted to do it today

maybe they
decided to extend their,

maybe they got drunk on the
Fourth of July and they're like,

"I'm not going into
work actually any more."

You know?
That's an interesting insight.
I bet you that's
one of those classics,

I didn't think
about that kind of thing.

I guarantee four people watching
DailyVee will get a meeting in

the next year around a holiday
week because of that tidbit.

This is really
why I do the vlog.

This little thing right now.
- [Justin] I didn't
think of that.

- Well, I don't think you're
thinking about it, Justin.

What do you mean,
"I didn't think of that"?

- [Tyler] (laughs)
Even I didn't.

- Even you, the
genius in the world.

Yes, DRock?
What do you feel sad
that you're not in this vlog?

You want to be in
it today? Show DRock.

- I didn't want to interrupt--
- [Gary] You want to show
everybody your awesome tan?

- I did get an awesome tan.
- [Gary] You look great.
What's up?

- [DRock] Want to write
an article for Colin--

- Yes, I will definitely
see Colin today.

- [DRock] Colin!
- Well hold on.
When did he get your job?

Did Tyler approve?
- [Tyler] I'm not showing.
- [Gary] Get outta here.

Tyler's the boss around here.
I'm gonna say yes to everything.
- [Tyler] Can we do it tonight?
- Well, what's next?

When's she here?
- [Tyler] She's on her
way upstairs right now.

- Okay, go ahead.
- Yeah. Colin!

- You did August
last summer, right?

Where we did the
video about August.

- Oh, did I?
Yeah, you're right.

Similar theme.
- [Tyler] Yeah.

- [Gary] Colin!
- [Tyler] You know him
and Eliot moved in together?

- [Gary] Colin and
Eliot moved in together?

- [Tyler and Gary] Colin!
- [Gary] Colin!
Don't get cozy,
I only have one thing to say.

Never trust DRock.
Cool, close the door.
(light R&B music)
Not really Snapchat.
- [Noor] So why not?

- [Gary] Because they can drop a
feature tomorrow that changes--

- [Noor] Which they did today.
- Correct.

All of a sudden, you can
actually do what Instagram

Stories does and if you have
audience there plus everybody

under 25 or more specifically
21 still favors it and if I go
right now to the app store which
I didn't do this morning which

is unusual but if I go right now
and I'm just gonna look at the

top of the charts,
here they are.

Snapchat is number 4.
It's not like it's number 54.
- [Noor] Yeah.

- [Gary] It's not dying.
Like this thought of deleting
a platform that hundred of

millions of people use that
could start different features

in the same way that Instagram
didn't have those features and

everybody was going to Snapchat.
- [Noor] Yeah.

- Why couldn't Snapchat
create something tomorrow

that changes the outcome?
It makes zero sense in a world
where your job and your life is

predicated on you arbitraging
attention and awareness to the

things you do to close a channel
that isn't charging you because

it seems similar to another
channel would be the same thing

as saying you're
not gonna air it on

CNBC and Fox Business
because they're both
CNBC or Fox Business

or MSNBC or CNN.
If MSNBC and CNN both wanted
you to do a five minute spot and

talk about the same exact thing,
intuitively I feel like you

would do them both.
The only thing that
matters is attention.

That's what you're trading on.
The only thing that matters is
other people's attention because

without it it doesn't
matter what you're creating.

- [Noor] Yeah.

- That's why you
don't delete Snapchat.

That's why you
get good at things.

That's why Alexa,
play my daily briefs.

- [Alexa] Here's
your flash briefing.

From GaryVee 365.
- [Gary on Echo View] Am
I watching the pattens of

14-year-old teenagers--
- That exists, Alexa stop.

That exists
because I know that's the

next landscape of attention.
And so I already know that voice
is the next social media

and that's why I have
a top 100 podcast.

And that's why I have
an Alexa Flash already.

- [Noor] Thank you.

Thank you so much.
- [Gary] You're welcome so much.

- [Adam] Thank you so
much for your time, Gary.

Really appreciate it.
- [Gary] Continued success guys.

How you been?
- [Isa] Good, man.

How about you?
- [Gary] Real well.

- Yeah?
- [Gary] Life is good.
- Yeah, man.

- [Gary] It's good
to see you again.

You enjoyed it last time?
- Mhmmm, oh I loved it.

- [Gary] Did the guys love it?
- Everybody love it.

- [Gary] Was everybody like,
"He's cool"?

- Yeah. You gave a
different perspective

that we don't get everyday.
- [Gary] Yeah.

- Such a short time, you know?
- [Gary] Yeah.

- It really resonated with them.
- [Gary] Good.

They felt the authenticity?
- [Isa] Yeah, definitely.

You know you really care.
You feel it.
You're sitting like this.

(Gary laughs) They know like,
alright something's serious.

Can't make this stuff up.
- Yeah, cool.

Let's work with Tyler and get
together this summer before it's

over with you and your crew.
- Okay, mhmmm.

- And I'll break
it down for you guys.

- Alright, that sounds perfect.
- Good my man.
- Good.

- Yeah my man.
- I appreciate it.

- Continued success, man.
Get healthy.

- Alright, thank
you and and I will.

- [Gary] And I'll see you soon.
Ty! He's got a
crew I got to meet with.

I know summer's tight.
Either somewhere in the end of
the summer if I'm coming in

for one day, I'm thinking
about, or right as we get

back after Labor Day.
Right, like let's
build up our Instagram so

people are swiping up.
I mean I'm getting insane.
My Instagram URL link and my
Instagram Stories swipe ups are
driving more of the things that

I want to happen.
Than like email and
like fucking Facebook

which were like my drivers.
It changes real fuckin' fast.
Alexa, play "I'm Still
Standing" by Elton John.

I mean the world
can change really quick.

- [Alexa] "I'm Still
Standing" by Elton John.

- [Man 2] Oh, that's cool.
- [Gary] By the way, this Alexa
thing has added enormous amounts

of quality to my
ability to have meetings.

I was literally just like I'm
just gonna do this for fun.

- [Woman 2] Let
me see. Oh my God.

- I posted this.
I took this
photo from my backyard.

- [Man 3] What
was the point of that?

- Just to confuse the
fuck out of everybody.

It worked.
- [Woman 2] What was your copy?

- I'm gonna destroy today.
Destroy is a slang term for
leaving all my
efforts on the field today.

Field is a slang
term for my work.

Alexa, who's Rick Ross?
- [Alexa] Rick Ross, TV/southern
Christian soft rock artist.

- [Ryan] What are we doing?
- Ooh.
- [Ryan] 9:30 and we're
asking Alexa who Rick Ross is.

- We've probably had the single
most productive meeting in the

history of our
business relationship

and you're complaining.
I haven't even fuckin' started.
Tyler, let's
get fuckin' serious.

Inbox zero.
Seth, I'm gonna record
every intro to GaryVee 365.

Let's fuckin' go.
Colin, 11 articles right now.
Let's go. I will answer every
fuckin' question you ask.

Alexa, who's Ryan Harwood?
(group laughter)
Kobe Bryant and I are
gonna be best friends.

It's the most
foregone conclusion.

I'm, I just want
everybody to know this.

This is firm.
Just remember I said it.
Kobe Bryant and I
will be best friends

within the next five years.
Best friends!
Not just business
acquaintances, homies.

Alexa, who's Kobe Bryant?
- [Alexa] Kobe Bean Bryant is a
retired professional basketball
player and businessman.

- [Man 3] Businessman, wow.
- Businessman.

You hear that last thing?
You hear that?
- [Andy] Businessman?

- Yeah. You know who's
a better businessman?

Me! I've got the
competitive edge now.

- [Man 4] Selling
candy to kids in school.

- [Gary] Things are good?
How's it been going?
- It's going well.

Just learning a lot.
Plugging away on
the YouTube channel.

Doing community
insights in the morning.

Comments through
the day, whatnot.

But watching your content I see
how far ahead you are and I say,

"I've got to get started."
- [Gary] Yeah, I respect that.
- [Alex] Right.

- [Gary] But I think, you know,
it's macro patience,
micro speed.

- [Alex] It's hard to
think like that though.

- [Gary] It's very
hard but that's why

good things happen to me. Right?
Everything that's good is hard.
- [Alex] That's true.

- [Gary] You know what I mean?
You're not winning 'cause,
you're winning 'cause
you did something

nobody else is willing to do.
Good day.
Good day, 10 P.M.

Holiday week, look at the team.
Anybody want to get
destroyed real quick?

Oh no, Gary.
Oh, good job, Gary.
He doesn't suck.
He's pretty good actually.

Just I'm the
greatest of all time.

Ooh, Jus you know
how lucky you were there?

Saw what I did there, Iris?
Justin's learning
some of my moves.

- [Iris] Ooh!
- Justin, where you goin'?
7 to 1 was close.
Jus, where you goin'?
7 to 1 was good.

That was a good try by you.
7 to 1's not bad, bro.
He's got to walk that one off.
No, that was
devastating for him.

He walked into a buzzsaw.
You walked right into a buzzsaw.
He walked into a buzzsaw.
(laughs) It is, right?
You know what it is?
You know what
hurts him the most?

Is he's been trying and
prepping and practicing.

I've been working and
hustling and doing my thing.

I just nonchalantly walk in
here and dismantle him 7 to 1.

Colin, you know what's sad?
It was over before it started.
It was 3, nothing before
Justin even got settled in.

DRock? Is DRock any good?
- [Game] Game over.
- [Kendall] I can build you up.
- [Gary] DRock,
get back here. 6 to 1.

You only had four shots on goal.
- 7 to 1, right?
- [Gary] You had two less
shots on goal that I had goals.

Tyler, (sighs).
I feel amazing.
You know it's
really interesting, right?

When you're just better than
other humans
beings at everything.

Just feels really good.
Proud of myself.
Nobody who watches my vlog
can beat me in bubble hockey.

- [Iris] Nobody.
- Nobody.

(Iris laughs)
See ya.
(light R&B music)



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