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Like, South by oh-nine.
I like all the different scenes, right?
Like when I'm fat and bitter.
You know, it's kind of like those athlete videos,
like Jordan, Jeter.
It's like a Nike video.

It's kind of almost like that fuck you video.
Yeah, it's kind of like...
- [Man] Start from the bottom, hustled your way up.
- Yeah, it's the same old shit
because it's my true narrative, which is like, you know
you think it's because my dad, you know, gave me,
it's like all the things that people are against you for.
- It's like... - [Man] Shove it in their face.
- Mhmm.

On my 30th birthday, I looked myself
in my rear view mirror as I was driving from New York
to New Jersey, and I said, "You're not behaving
"to back up your own words."
And eight weeks later, I started Wine Library TV on YouTube.
And started the process of changing my career.
I have massive empathy, It's not so awesome right now.
You're hoping for that thing. I get it.
I get it so much... you can't imagine.
I get 10,000 emails a day of, "Can't I just do this?"
No. You can't. (laughs)
If it was so easy.
If it was so damn easy,
don't you think we'd all choose that?
- [Woman] Do you know how many kids feel less than
because they didn't have a chance to go to school.
They're not this. They're not that.
And then you look at someone like GaryVee, and he admits,
he said in public, that he got D's and F's,
and look at where he is now.
Do you know what kind of hope that creates?
- It's a long game. I was told
betwen 7 years old and 18 year olds that I lost.
That I was a loser becase this is what I got. F City, baby!
But when I saw F City, I knew inside
that this was not the game that I was gonna play.
I was patient. I ate crow  in that 12-year period
while the market and the machine told me I wasn't gonna win.
I knew what my outcome was.
And you may now be in your 20s and 30s and 40s.
And the machine, the marketplace might be telling you
that you're gonna lose, but it is about staying the course
and putting in the work and positioning yourself
in the right position to go out and win.
You know why I'm sitting here right now?
'Cause I outworked you. Zoom in.
I outworked you.
I think a lot of people feel this enormous pressure
to achieve this millionaire, billionaire status
somewhere in their 20s, 30s, 40s.
It's very difficult. It is for very few and far between.
I hope everybody understands.
If you put in 18 hours every day of your life,
and you suck shit, you lost.
(group laughs)
That matters, too.
And so you also have to think about what are you good at.
Just cause it's cool to be a start up founder now
doesn't mean that's what you need to become.
In early 2006, I started Wine Library TV.
For 19 months I did that show five days a week,
and nobody gave a shit.
Hello, everyone and welcome to the first episode
of Wine Library TV.
I am Gary Vaynerchuk, Director of Operations
here at Wine Library and WineLibrary.com,
and I am very proud to launch what we think
is the first video wine blog.
- [Interviewer] Your first video got how may views?
- 30, 75. I mean, nobody watched
Things like writing emails, which I get 50 of them
a day from entrepreneurs of like,
"Hey, I know you were talking about patience.
"I've been doing this. It's not working. Traction.
"Should I give up and do something else?"
Inevitably, I'll email back and be like,
"How long have you been doing it?"
"Oh, four months,"
and I'm like, "Fuck you."
You want this to be your life, and you're giving up
after four months?
Are you out of your mind?
Patience is grossly underestimated.
I was very successful when my wine business was growing.
Now I start doing the show and spending all of my time
trying to promote the show.
And the sales of Wine Library start flattening out
'cause I was the engine.
The show wasn't getting watched, but I knew this was right.
And the show really didn't take off
until mid-2007, a year and a half in of five days a week
doing a show, getting only hundreds,
then a couple thousand views.
- Gotta keep putting in the work. Every day.
One is better than zero. Gotta keep putting in the work.
Putting in the work, putting in work.
There is no quick cure. The hard work matters.
And the patience is what overrides it.
I don't need to get mines at 25.
Heck, I don't need to get mines at 45.
This is a long, long game. I'm very driven by the climb.
I think being an immigrant, I guess or just having this DNA
I don't like winning. I like losing.
I like the struggle.
I don't give a shit about the stuff comes along.
But the game is my drug.
There will never be a game over for me.
There's no dollar amount.
The game, the process, the climb.
That is the drug that drives me.
That is my oxygen. That's what I love.
And so every day is going to go by. 2016, 2017, 2018,
2019, 2020, 2021.
And you're going to look for the short game.
You're gonna look for that miracle algorithm.
You're gonna look for that one move that's going to change
your outcome, and you're going to continue to search
and play the short game while I keep putting in the work,
the hours, the long term value, and putting in the work
while everyone else is hoping and dreaming,
I'm going to be executing
You play this short game. I'll keep playing the long game.
And it's time to put on a helmet, and get to work.
Please, take a step back. Use this video as a reminder.
Watch it every damn day that you want to cheat
or get there quick, and remind yourself
about how you make is just as important
as actually making it.



【GaryVee】Gary Vaynerchuk 的勵志演說 (Hard Work & Patience - A Gary Vaynerchuk Original Film)

7514 分類 收藏
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