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- [Announcer] Get up on
your feet, Gary Vaynerchuk.

(cheering and applause)
- [Man] Thank you,
you changed my life.

- [Man 2] I love you, Gary.
- Love you back, thank you.
Thank you.
- [Woman] Love you, Gary.
(cheering and applause)

- Thank you, Vancouver.
Thank you very much.

Thank you, let's do this.
I mean look, we could
stay here all day and do that,

but I want to bring some value.
Yeah, so listen I think we're
doing a pretty cool format.

We're gonna go 20-20-20.
I'm gonna yap here a little bit,
then we're gonna do a
quick little fireside.

Then we'll do some
questions with you guys.

Thank you for the love.
I think that that
moment in itself is something

that I think
everybody should think about.

A funny thing happens
when you do the right thing.

A funny thing
happens when you over-deliver

to the others
and try to take less.

A funny thing happens
when you deploy patience

and run a marathon.
A funny thing happens
and what happens is you start

building equity,
you start building legacy,

you start building leverage.
That reaction I appreciate
and I know and have seen it

for others.
But I know the
reason I get that reaction

and it's not because of my
skill set on a sporting field

or how I sing.
It comes from the
fact that I'm desperately,

and I mean desperately
trying to figure out how

to bring value to you.
I've been thinking about
it a lot which is like hey,

why am I playing this patient?
Why am I not looking
for anything in return?

Why do I like it better
if I give you a whole bunch

and you never give me anything?
And I mean that.
And by the way I'm not
this great human being.

It's not that I'm the
nicest guy in the world.

There's something behind it.
I'm a businessman, I have
my own goals and ambitions.

So I've been really
trying to reverse engineer like

why is this my state?
What makes me
different in this way?

And the other
people that I see do it,

why do they do it?
I think it comes
up to this, my friends.

I think first and foremost,
and this is so important

for so many of you to
hear and I've been saying it

a bunch and I know there's by
the way a lot of engagement

on social so I know a lot
of you have context on me.

I spend the first
13, 14 years of my career

building a business and
not worrying about building

a personal brand and not
having a social media account.

I was building
an actual business.

I think the real reason I give
away my content for free,

I engage with all of you.
I answer, I give love.

I think the biggest reason
I do that is 'cause I don't

need your help or
money to accomplish my goals.

I have enough talent to
build businesses that are not

predicated on turning
admiration or attention

into short-term dollars.
I think this is very important
because if this conference

is positioned as
how do we build things

and have great impact,
it starts with only two things.

There's only two things.
Listen, my whole
talk given the framework

that they've created for
this conference is actually

very simple.
I was thinking about it,

I'm like okay
let's make it contextual.

Let's talk about
something slightly different.

It's actually very easy if
you're sitting in this audience

to achieve the ambition of the
context of this conference,

which is to do things
that are also then good

for humanity.
It's actually very, very simple.

It's two things.
It's intent and this
is a big one and we don't

talk about it enough
in our business world,

tech, solopreneur, intent.

Like what are
you actually up to?

What are you
actually trying to do?

Is your intent to
actually build a great business

and give back to the world?
Or is your intent to disguise
that you want to make money
by saying that every
time somebody buys one

of your granola bars you donate
a granola bar to the hungry?

And I'm glad that eight
of you laughed over there

because I'm going
to tell you something.

As somebody who was
there and saw Blake early on

when he formed
that TOMS shoes model

and as somebody who's an
angel investor in 2013 and '14

and looking at
every single company,

I saw an ungodly amount
of 23-year-olds claiming to me

that because they're
Millennials, this was the best,

this was my favorite pitch.
Because they were
Millennials they cared

about the world more
and so they both wanted

to make money but also they
cared more about the world

than Gen X,
which was really cute.

Then I would look
at their business model

and whatever the fuck
they were selling that they

were then donating one
to somebody that was so

fucking needy, right?
And literally, if you pressed
them on why it was going

to this country, if
you even asked one question

why it was going
to this country,

you pretty much ended up
realizing they just
threw a fucking dart at a map.

(audience laughter)
Then I just want to remind
everybody I'm a businessman.

I understand that
I put out content,

but I'm a businessman.
So it wasn't very difficult
for me to look at the P&L

and the projections to
realize that they were selling

this granola bar, or umbrella,
or sneaker for twice

the price that it needed
to be so they could afford

to actually give the sneaker.
So what you were doing
actually was your intent

was to look like a good person
but still make as much money.
Every dollar that you
would have if you didn't

have the bullshit model that
you were donating something.

So what you were were
completely full of fucking shit.

(audience cheers and applause)
And I have great news.
I searched a lot of
accounts on my long-ass flight

to Vancouver last night of
people using hashtags here.

These are wonderful
people that are in the audience

using the hashtag and they're
going to change the world

and bring to humanity.
And some of you
are full of shit.

(audience laughter)
So if we're going
to accomplish something

from this conference
these two days of inspiration

and good stuff,
if you're gonna
actually accomplish something

when you walk out there and
go back to your normal lives,

I promise you step one
of the idea really good part

of the strategy needs
to be your actual intent.

I want to remind
everybody that it is very okay

to be selfish and build
something and do it in parallel.

You don't need to disguise
your ambitions and wants

and needs with horseshit
that you're going to donate

to the rain-fucking-forest.
(audience laughter)
You don't have to do that.
You're capable of
both, and I am that.

I live it.
I tell you from,
I always talk about stuff

that's real to me.
I am an assassin, killer,
ninja, selfish winner
in business and I can
separate that from who I am.

I want to remind everybody
my favorite all-time thing

of doing good is when somebody
called me out on Twitter

for not donating to
things or doing GoFundMe's

on social media.
That I was a bad guy.

And I literally DM'ed
this person and met him

at Starbucks where I
stopped in between that meeting.

This is back in 2011.
I stopped at my accountant's,
picked up my tax,

yeah picked up my tax returns.
You like this story,
this is a good one.

This is my favorite but I don't
tell this story very often.

But it's good under
the context of this.

He said, "GaryVee, why don't
you donate and do good causes?

"You're just selfish, you
just care about yourself.

"Why don't you do things like
your friends on social media?"

And he mentioned some
social media influencers.

I DM'ed him, I said, "Hey fuck
face, meet me at Starbucks."

(audience laughter)
I went to my accountant's,
I picked up my tax returns,

I showed up to the Starbucks.
He walked in, he shit
that I was actually there.

And then I showed
him my tax return.

Then I said to him,
"Young man here's the difference

"between you and I.
"You're still of the age where
people trick you easily,

"where people use
social media to PR themselves

"and are using causes
to build themselves up

"that they're good people,
and you're confused.

"When you do good you
stay quiet about that shit."

I showed ...
(audience applause and cheers)
You guys know me,
you guys know me.

I'm very comfortable to be
loud and proud of my vanity

and my kind of
like accomplishments.

And I self-promote.
But the things that I'm
most proud of you don't know

jack shit about, you don't.
So I showed him my
tax return which you know,

shows your donations
and how you actually roll.

And he was like,
"I'm so confused."

And I said, "You're confused
because you don't understand

"what's actually happening."
That's the point
of this intent talk.

Nobody in here is tricking
the one percent of winners

with their bullshit.
So if you want to
actually accomplish the thesis

of this conference,
you need to make sure

that your intent is pure.
Your intent, the
way you make your money,

the way you make your money
is something you're proud of.

That you're not bottom
feeding, and most of all

if you're going to do
good for the world, just do it.

Don't use it as your PR engine
to make money on the side.

(audience cheering and applause)

It's true, and
I'm sure you've sniffed it out.

Number two, the only
other way to do this whole thing

is my favorite part.
The doing the work.
You know, before you
can help the elephants

and before you're
going to help carrots,

you actually have to
be in a position to help.

The way you do
that is create the means

and the infrastructure to help.
Whether that is a
voice and an audience,

whether that's
the financial means,

whether that's the
relationships, everybody here,

and when I say everybody here
I don't mean this conference,

I mean the whole fucking game.
99% of people are so
quick to get to this thing

that they don't
lay a foundation down.

You gotta
actually build a business

that gives you that air cover.
I wanna remind everybody
here, and it's really fun

because I always love
when the mix of the crowd

is 18 and 88.
(audience laughter)

Because if you're under
26 years old, you've not,

27 years old, you've not lived
through a tough economy yet.

It's been all upswing
since you've been in the game.

Just has, 2008, '09,
like call it what it is,

in 2010 it was
already on it's way up.

Simple as that.
So you're looking
in seven, eight years,

really means you're actually 30
and you haven't really played.
I look around and I see
people more my age and older.

We've been through
some shit, couple of cycles.

We know what happens.
Do you know how excited I am
for the world to collapse soon

so I can get rid of so
many of you fake fuckers.

(audience cheering)
Do you know how pumped I am?
I dream at night, last night
I fell asleep at two o'clock

and I go, one day that
kid's gonna have to change

his profile from
influencer to bank teller.

(audience laughter)
Can't fucking wait.
So, intent,
don't be full of shit

cause you're tricking
the 90% that don't matter

and you're losing
equity with the 10% that do.

Number two, do.
You gotta work, you feel super
inspired from this weekend,

you can't wait, what
happens next Thursday?

What happens next month?
You have to actually work a lot.
You know zero people,
zero people

that have built something big
that haven't put in a
ridiculous amount of work,

and the bigger it is
the more they worked.

So many of you have your mouth
way ahead of your actions.

Really, you're
gonna own an island

and you fucking go
to Cochella, fuck you.

(audience laughter)
Cause it's the truth.
It's the truth and
the reason you say that

is cause you, like me,
have been through

a couple of these cycles.
We know exactly what

we're living through.
All of my 48-year-old

executive employees
were trillionaires in 2000

cause of the internet
and the stock market prices.

You know how many
people here, have a startup,

raised money, and have not
had one month in their lives

where they were profitable?
Let me remind all of you
startups that have raised money,

it doesn't take a hero
to lose money each month.

And there's a problem, and
I'm coming with you with this,

and this is positive fire.
I'm not razzing you,

I'm trying to give you love
because I know what's happening,

I live in that world.
VC money is clamping up.
VC money is clamping up, so I'm
sitting here and telling you

to do, if you are not making
money yet with your business

figure out why.
Change your model.
Cut your overhead.
Shit's coming.
Practicality is my religion.
Practicality is my religion.
That's why I push
patience on so many of you,

'cause it's practical.
It is a marathon.

Unless you die
it's gonna be long.

So why are you running so fast,
why do you need it so bad?

Let me tell you
what really sucks.

It really sucks when
you bought a $20,000 watch

and shit hits the fan
and you can't sell that

piece of jewelry for
$4,000 'cause everybody's

trying to get a job.
And so everybody
is not investing.

Let me tell, and by the way,
I eat my own dog food.

From 20 to 30 I built a
business to $45 million a year

business kicking real profit,
and I was paying myself

$47,000 a year living
in a one bedroom apartment

and driving a Jeep Grand
Cherokee, which was nice,

but it wasn't a fucking Beamer.
And I did that cause I was
investing in the
business for a foundation.

And everybody's
trying to make a buck

and they're pulling it out.
You're making money and
you're buying nice suits.

Stupid, short term, insecurity.
(audience applause)
People getting
naked in the front row.

But I mean it, but I mean it.
Right, like there's that
meme, you know it's funny,

it makes me smile and I hope
people are getting something

out of it. There's that
meme from Jay Z on Instagram,

right, like two pictures of
him, one with a ton of jewelry

and then one now
with just a black t-shirt,

and it shows one, he was
like worth a million dollars,

and now, but
really, that's just real.

And the thing that I
don't like, and I've been

bringing it up here and I'm
gonna bring it up again is,

people are fronting for
people that aren't going

to be the impact on them.
I met with a kid for 20
minutes today, loved him,

he's got it, but he's
doing, but, thank you,

but he doesn't, but
he's doing something

that's gonna hurt him.
And I told him, I said,
"Look, you're doing something

"that is not going to win.
I would eliminate you

"from consideration
to do business with

"based on this behavior other
than I don't think I'm shit

"and I shouldn't be judging
people, but most of the majority

"of my contemporaries
are doing that."

I'm just confused by the
behavior of the current system

because so much of it facade,
so much of it is short term,

so much of it is fake, and I
don't know, I just know how

I got here today.
I know how
I got the luxury

and the enormous,
enormous feeling of admiration,
and it came from tried and true.
And it comes from
tried and true for everybody.

And what we do is
we sit around and look

at the .000001%
of a
guy that creates Instagram,

or a guy that creates
Facebook, or Elon Musk,

and we start mapping
towards these anomalies,

yet 99.99999% of people
that have been successful,

it took them 20, 30, 40 years,
tried and true, hard work,

and so I try to impose on
you here today, my friends,

through sheer will trying to
force it down your throat,

that first and foremost
your intent needs to be pure.

If you wanna
build a good business

and you wanna
give back to the world,

then that's what
you actually have to do.

You know, you're
not gonna trick, right,

and then, you know,
I don't know, I'm just,

I'm just very, very,
very passionate about this

you're living
through the greatest era

that human beings
have ever lived through,

and I am not confused to
the macro political issues

that we're living through.
And I understand all

the scenarios that we're
living through across the globe.

It's just that humans
have never had it better.

Like your life is better
than your great,

There's a lot of shit going
on with political presence

and things of that nature,
yet it's still better

than if the Black Plague was
running through us right now.

Like, we are so fortunate,
the fact that you're even

at this conference puts you at
this, such a small percentage

of people in the world,
we have 7.4 billion people

in this world, and you have
it so good. I am so grateful.

I am so grateful, right, I am
so aware of what's actually

happening here, and
I don't mean for me.

I mean for all of you.
And so, I can't wrap
my head around wasting

the one at-bat we have,
unless somebody here

has got some real interesting
data, we don't come back.

And you know what,
I'm super fucking pumped

that I ended up
being a human being.

It's much more fun
than being an elephant.

And so if you take into
account the ridiculousness

and the utter
quadruple miracle that it is

that you're even
sitting here in a human

and have all this opportunity
that you were a human

during this era, and
you're not willing to deploy

the patience, and the work
ethic, and the tried and true

that it takes to live,
you know how many people here

want to be a millionaire?
Do you know how rare that is?
Have you run the math?
You have this enormous audacity,
you have this enormous

audacity, yet you're
not putting in the work

to get you there
because you think

somehow you've been tricked
by yourself or somebody else
that there's some system,
that there's
some fucking shortcut.

There's no fucking shortcut.
You've gotta put in the work.
Lots of it.
And that comes at the
expense of golfing all the time,

and that comes at
the expense of going

to every god damn event.
And it definitely
comes at the expense

of watching one
more motivational video,

and three more books, and
seven more pod, you have to do.

Doing is the game.
(audience applause)
The remote control of society.
If you sit in this
room and you do not know

how to make written words,
audio sounds, or videos

for this device,
on the 7 to 10 platforms

that dominate it,
Facebook, YouTube,
Instagram, Snapchat,

then you are
invisible to society.

I'm gonna say it one more time.
You know, the
first 80% of this rant

felt really good for
the 50-year-old plus.

The next two minutes
are not gonna feel so good.

(audience laughter)
If you live in the world today
and you do not, at scale,
produce written words,

audio sounds or videos for
this device,

you do not exist,
and you need to wrap
your head around that.

So, the theme of this, in
actuality, is the following.

The answer is self-awareness.
Know who you are,
know what you do,

and then tell it in the way
that comes most natural to you.
If you're a writer, great.
Start posting on Medium,
I've got a great
little recommendation

that a lot of people
aren't talking about.

If you like to write,
write long posts on
Facebook and Instagram.

Get in a company picture,
and write a long-ass blog post.
How many people here are
writing a blog right now?

Raise your hands high.
Tomorrow, write on Facebook,
in addition to, or
move your blog to Facebook.

It will change your world.
Audio, how many
people here have a podcast?

Raise your hands.
If you don't like to write,
and listen, even
though I've written four

New York Times
bestselling books,

I can't write for shit.
If any of you've
gotten an email from me,

can't put two
sentences together.

God bless ghost writers,
I love you Stephanie Land.

But I can talk.
And so, if you
don't want to be on video,

'cause your conscious
of that, but you can talk,

and you're not a good writer,
you need to start a podcast,

and you need to put
your content on SoundCloud

and Spotify tomorrow.
And, if you've
got the gift for gab

and charisma, and
you like the camera,

and it lights you
up like it does for me,

then you need to
make videos tomorrow

on YouTube and
Facebook and Instagram.

If you do not
communicate that intent,

and then when I say go do,
you've gotta build
a business or content,

but it needs to live in here.
There is no other world,
and it is the
modern version of this.

Affiliate marketing and
search and all these things,

they don't play
the same way on this,

and there's nothing else.
I don't even have
a computer any more.

I've lived the last 18 months
of my life with only this.

I look at laptops
like what is that?

The world is shifting
faster than it ever has before,

but the way to
win is as old at time.

Do the right thing,
and put in the fuckin' work.
Thank you.
(audience applause)
- Oh, we're gonna go
right up to the front.

- I want to get real close.
- All right.
Shit, look at this.
Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Thank you, brother.

- How incredible is this guy?
(audience cheers)
Holy fuck.

- I'm only incredible
because I'm saying the thing

that so many of you think, but
you do things to cover it up.

You know your
buddy's full of shit.

I just tell my buddy,
you're full of shit,

and then they have
a decision to make,

and so many of those
buddies are like you know what?

I am, and I can deploy
this charisma and gift for gab

if I just swallow it
for three or four years,

I can actually be big,
bigger than I would have been

by selling this
short-term bullshit,

and feel good about myself.
I'm not doing this
'cause this makes me feel good

and I'm like ah, ha.
I'm doing this 'cause
I want you to feel good.

I feel good.
(audience laughter)
- All right, so when I was
in New York and we connected,

you talked about, you
know, business man Gary

and then like Batman Gary.
- Right.

- Right, and I absolutely
loved this idea, this concept.

So, just for a second I want
to talk to business man Gary.

When you're looking at
investing in a company,

like investing in a
business that's up and coming,

what are some of the key
things that you look for?

What's like really important?
- Only two things
I give a shit about.

One, do I believe
in your thesis?

If you walk in and
say I'm building a website

that really
does well on a laptop

and sells ice cream in Alaska,
I'm like oh, that's
a shit thesis, I'm out.

So, I have to
believe in your thesis.

I believe that meditation
over the next decade

is gonna be the big
consumer space, right?

I feel like, thanks Mom.
(audience laughter)
But what you and I know
is that physical health
has been a 30, 40 year trend,

it is time to talk
about the mental part.

It's the whole game,
it's all I've got.

By the way, if you
dissect me, I'm so basic.

It's just EQ, it's
just very basic things,

it's self-esteem,
it's insecurity, right?

It's very simple,
what I actually talk about.

I update it by the
current state of the world,

but the thesis is
as simple as it gets.

So, what you and I know is that
I believe every
single person here

will be spending
meaningful money on meditation,

whether going to meditation
studios, 'cause it's trendy.

Whether getting
an app so they sleep.

But it's gonna be great.
I'm really excited.

I really, I'm
excited to be like 70, 80

and see the full cycle of it,
'cause it's gonna help so many,
so many people here would
benefit from
mental games, right?

So if you come in
and have a meditation,

if you came in and said I want
to start the clothing brand,

like, remember Tap Out for UFC?
I want to start the clothing
brand for the meditation space,

which seems ridiculous,
'cause the meditation space
in itself isn't fully baked,

and you want to be the clothing,
which has nothing to do with it,
you know, what is it
gonna be, a headband?

I'd still be interested,
(audience laughter)
I'd be interested, because
I believe it's gonna happen.

Then comma, and
equally as important,

probably slightly
more important to me,

is do I believe in her?
Can she do it?
Can she, when shit is tough,
thirteen months in
and money's bleeding,

and she has to
fire her best friend,

and she's not doing
well, and it's lonely,

and she knows that her parents
told her to go to Harvard,

but she did this, and
now she's on the brink,

does she have the
stomach to get through it?

The biggest issue
right now, in 2017,

is entrepreneurship
has become so popular

that characters
like me take selfies

that everybody thinks
they have to be one,

but it takes a
certain kind of makeup,

and everybody's about to
get punched in the mouth,

and most of them are gonna fold
like a bunch of fuckin' losers.
- All right,
that's some real talk.

That's some real talk,
we'll take it.

- So when I invest,
I'm like okay.

If she walked in
and I believed in the
meditation app she's building,

and I really liked her,
I would say okay,

shit's gonna hit the fan,
probably before
meditation gets big,

but there's something
about her that makes me think

that when that
shit hits the fan,

she's gonna turn it
into a cupcake company

and we're still
gonna make money.

That's what I'm looking for.
I'll fuckin'
sell hot dogs tomorrow

if nobody wants to
buy social media content.

I'm just telling
you guys the truth,

that's what I would, I mean,
better than
going out of business.

Love it when people are like
we're gonna go out of business.
I'm like, you're a
bullshit entrepreneur.

Like, you didn't
even try for a second.

The second adversity came you
folded like a cheap chair.

(audience laughter)

- So let's talk about that.
Let's talk about
adversity, 'cause I think,

I think this is something that--
- I love it.

- All entrepreneurs
can relate to.

And I mean, yeah, so how
do you deal with adversity?

'Cause it's gonna happen.
- Happily.

- Yeah. (laughs)
Just the one word answer.
I love it.
- Definitely not complain.
I love when people compain,
like somebody walked in
my office the other day,

she's raised $100 million,
her company's huge.
She sits and complains.
I'm like, my friend.
I'm like, you've
raised $100 million,

you've paid yourself a nice
salary for the last six years,

you've lived on your own terms,
you've been on the
cover of magazines,

I'm struggling to
cry for you right now.

Like, you made
your bed, lay in it.

So, I deal with
adversity happily.

I know exactly what to do.
Meaning, you cut your expenses
and you maximize your profits.
And if you were smart,
you knew it was coming

and you're not too over bloated
in one way or the other.

I'm definitely not at the
reliance of somebody else.

So, no VC's, or I've never
raised money for my businesses.

I make money,
I don't give pieces
away of my company for money.

Thank you.
(audience applause)

And so, I don't know,
I just like it.

I think battle
scars are attractive.

- Like it. In terms of
like building Batman

building this like personal,
building this like

personal brand that
you have that you put out,

which is why a lot, you know,
a lot of us are here today.

I'm curious, you talk
about document don't create.

- Yes
- How important is it to
have something to create on?

Because I think,
what you talk about is

you talk about a
lot of these Millennials

and a lot of these
younger people who are trying to

take the selfies and
build an online profile,

but they don't have
something to actually document.

So what does that
look like in your business?

- By the way, it's
not just Millennials,

there's plenty of
40, 50-, 60-, 70-,

80-year-old non-executors, too.
The reason I came up
with document over create

is for people that don't
have something big already.

Like you should
document your journey.

The first
episode should be like,

"Hey, it's me, Rick."
(audience laughter)
Yeah, so, I kinda realized last
night that I'm full of shit.

And, you know, my t-shirt
company isn't fucking Nike.

You know, and so I'm just
gonna talk about my journey.

And I'm gonna go to the gas
station and fill up my car.

I mean like you...
(audience laughter)

I think the only thing
that really sells is truth.

And people always
email me when I say that

they're like look at
this guy they were a scumbag

I'm like yes, that
person eventually goes to jail.

People are just
looking, I don't,

dude I'm struggling out here.
I'm not joking,
I'm struggling out here.

Like, really we're at a place
now where kids think it's cool

if somebody goes and
takes money out of a bank

and puts it on their fucking
bed, and takes a picture of it?

Like what the fuck
is the matter with you?

(audience laughter)
It's gonna be bad and
it's gonna be fucking good.

(audience laughter)
- Alright, so I wanna
back the train up a little bit

because meditation
is something that

I think is really
important, that mindfulness

in the workspace
as entrepreneurs.

We had Moment out here
which is like a tech company

here in Vancouver
that represents

meditation and
meditation in the workplace.

And I think it's
really important.

How do you integrate
that with your employees

and with your team, I'm really
curious as to like how do you

build that within like
the corporate infrastructure?

- Meditation?
- Just mindfulness in general,

or if you haven't done it yet,
do you see it becoming a part
of all work environments?

- I'm a funny entrepreneur.
I'm a bigger fan of
capitalism than communism.

And so, I tend to like really
let my people do their thing.

You know, I don't
like doing things,

you know, I think of myself
as the federal government,

and I think of my business
leaders as like the states

using the
American system, right?

So I don't actually manage,
push down a lot of things

into my company
because you know,

I think companies get
very politically correct

and of the moment.
I don't wanna like,

now everybody has to meditate,
I've meditated once.

Because I
invested in the company.

(audience laughter)
And I fucking hated it.
Doesn't mean that I
don't think it's gonna be huge.

You know, I just
don't wanna do it!

(audience laughter)
So, that's the truth
like, listen I feel good

like maybe if my mental status
changes, maybe I'll be like,

oh maybe that can
help, I don't know

right now, I'm actually
scared to meditate, bro.

I'm so happy I'm like,
that meditation shit

better not fuck me up.
(audience laughter)
I think companies
do politically correct
things and look stupid.

I love when big
companies thought

by putting a foosball table
and giving free cereal out

that that made them like Google.
I'm not a big fan of tactics,
I'm a big fan of religion.

Here's my religion: I give
a shit about my employees.

(audience applause)
I don't need to give them a
foosball table, I don't know,

if Rick wants to go on
vacation eight times a year,

we have unlimited
vacation policy, unlimited.

Now, if you take
eight weeks of vacation,

and you're not dismantling it
the rest of the year,
you're fired.

But, unlimited.
I don't think Millennials
like work-life balance.

I have nothing but
22-year-olds who are like

"I want more money, dick,"
I'm like okay.

(audience laughter)
I'm like work, you know, like
you know I love, you know like

so I think people impose too
much stuff, it's all tactics.

It's what I talked
about with you guys.

The majority of people here
that are solving the world

are in tactics not religion.
They don't mean it.

They're posturing,
companies do that.

They come up with happy
hours and foosball tables,

and free cereal to make
pretend they give a shit.

So, I talk about
my truths, you know

we'll bring in somebody
maybe speak about meditation

but they can or can't
I don't judge on that.

I wanna reverse engineer
every person one by one.

I'm not imposing
my will on them.

Kid walked in the
other day he goes,

"Gary, I'm gonna be the
CEO of this company."

I'm like, bro, good
now here's the problem,

you've already
wasted too much time.

So, you know, whatever.
(audience laughter)
Like you're not gonna
be the CEO of this company

when you took 4.3 weeks vacation
last year, and you're 23.

You need to work 19
hours a day and learn.

- Yep, it's amazing.
- Here's what's fun
- Okay, keep going

- You know what's fun about it?
It doesn't matter
what I'm saying up here.

Like, all I'm repeating
is what the market's doing.

Right, this isn't my opinion,
It doesn't matter that
I'm saying it in a funny way,

sitting a funny way.
This is what the
market does, I'm just saying

it's not me, this is
what the market does.

Like, that's what
people don't understand

I have no opinions, I'm
just observing the market

and just reiterating it.
That's why it's fun,
I don't take it personal,

like, I don't care for the three
people that are gonna tweet

here, after this conference,
tons of good

and there'll be
three people like

I don't like Gary
his ego's too much.

I'm like I don't care
'cause they're gonna be right

or I'm gonna be right.
Maybe they're right.

Maybe my ego's too much and my
head will explode next week.

(audience laughter)
I have a funny
feeling I'm gonna fucking win.

(audience cheers)
And by the way
(audience laughter)
We all have it, right?
Like we all still have

our chips and fun,
I'm really enjoying this

Planet of the Apps thing.
Re/code wrote an article that
said, Planet of the Apps coming

with Gwyneth Paltrow,
celebrity mentors
Gwyneth Paltrow

Will.i.am, Jessica Alba,
and others.
(audience laughter)
And I was so pumped.
Like, I love adversity,
My man, nobody in this room

you could be tied with me,
but nobody in here loves more,

losing, adversity, difficulty.
I'm a wartime general.

I hate this peacetime,
these good times, meh.

This shit that's
about to come, carnage.

Oh God, I'm ready,
I'm so ready man.

- Because you've built your
business out of that adversity.

- Guys, do you know what I did?
Do I have to
remind the eight of you

that knew me seven years ago?
I was at the height, I was
one of the 50 most followed

people on Twitter when
there was no other networks.

I had just invested in
Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr,

I was the guy, I was
hanging out with Mark Zuckerberg

every week that
he was in New York,

I had all the
relationships, I was this

genius predictor of
where the world's going,

and I started an agency.
This is not my words,
these are my actions!

Who gives a shit what I'm
saying, watch what I'm doing.

At the height of
my career to be fancy,

I went and decided
to do client services

and eat shit and have clients.
'Cause I wanted to built a
marketing machine for the future

I decided, let
me take a step back

and build something
for ten years, eat shit

make lots less money,
have lots less fun

not cash in on all
these great things I did,

let me build a foundation
for, you know, 50 to 90.

So, like, I don't know,
like I know I talk a lot

but I promise you, I'm doing
way more than I'm talking.

- How do you, it's interesting
'cause watching your journey

it's almost like
you have this cognition

of what's coming.
How have you developed that?
'Cause I think
that for a lot of us

it's challenging
to see what's coming.

How do you cultivate that?
I think it's so important

it's such an important skill.
- I got a good
answer for you, I lack ego.

Let me explain what I mean
by that, I know that's funny.

(audience laughter)
But I'll tell you
how it happened.

And what I mean by that.
I was one of the first top 50
followed people on twitter.

Ego, kept a lot of those
people staying on twitter

when other things emerged.
They didn't want
Instagram to happen.

Do you know how
many people in here loved

affiliate marketing
web 2002?

Ego kept them
out of social media.

Ego, do you understand?
I know that I ain't shit.
That the market is
the king and the queen

and I respond to it.
So the reason
I'm good like that,

is when new shit emerges
and then I go taste,
and I make judgment calls.

One thing a lot of you know is
I talk about
consumer VR being farther away

than a lot of people think, Why?
Because two and a half
years ago I jumped into VR,

when I tasted it's
beginning, and I used it,

and then I watched it and
now I'm using my experience.

Which is what I love
about 40-,50-,60-,70-,

80-year olds, we've seen it.
You haven't 27-year-old Pat,
you haven't seen it yet.

You will, so I saw it
and I'm like wait a minute

this is internet
1990 the technology's here