A2 初級 美國腔 99 分類 收藏
A vlog, this is a keynote,
my second keynote.

I gave two at ComplexCon and
this one had a lot of juice to it,
a lot of young entrepreneurship.
The framework of how I
see the game being played

right now and I hope you really enjoy it
and I'll talk to you soon.
(intense music)
(audience cheers and applauds)
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, guys.
Appreciate you, how's everybody?
(crowd cheers)
so Ferg didn't make it this morning,
so we switched it to this afternoon.
Now Ferg's not making it again so,
he asked me to apologize on his behalf,
you know how rapper's do, so,
what I really wanna do,
the mic is set up here.
I'm gonna rant a little bit
but for a lot of you, I
know that a lot of you

know my two cents, my
spiel, I know a bunch

of you came through the booth,
so I wanna thank you so much for that.
I appreciate you supporting K-Swiss and I
but the mic's there, I highly recommend,
I'm probably gonna go into
it like 10 or 15 minutes,

so if you've got questions,
this is kind of the opportunity,
so feel free to start
lining up over there.

My man, that's not wasting time.
So cool, let me set up a
little bit of a framework

before we get into the Q and A,
talk about a little bit
what I wanna talk about.

First of all, it's super
amazing to be here because

just the vibe of this event
is a lot of fun for me

because, as some of you know,
I grew up a baseball card kid and
as soon as I walked
down to the convention,

I was like, oh shit, I know this flavor.
This was baseball cards, 1989, like,
the level of entrepreneurship
that I saw downstairs,

people literally wanting to
fight over their position

in line because they knew
they had to get a better one

to flip their shit, I respect that shit.
I know people are
frowning on the fighting,

I recommend it.
(audience laughs)
People are trying to eat, you know, so,
that was amazing and
just the level of culture

and more importantly,
I'm old, so I grew up

where everybody was kind
of divided when it came

to hip-hop and culture and everybody kind
of stayed in their own lanes,
just watching this generation
bleed into each other,

white, brown, yellow, black, green,
it's just fucking incredible and honestly,
people shit on millennials all the time.
I think some of you know
I'm like the reverse,

I think the fucking
millennials are the best.

I know nothing but lazy
people that are older,

so, maybe a little
entitlement just 'cause things

have been good so you
don't know the difference.

How many people under 30, raise your hand.
Right so, for all of you,
the big thing that you
need to keep in mind

is you haven't been punched
in the fucking mouth yet,

2008, 2001, 2000, 9/11,
the stock market crash,

the Bear Stearn shit, the
biggest thing that you

don't know yet is when
the whole economy crashes,

you go from being an
entrepreneur of a t-shirt company

to working at Bank of
America because the money

gets sucked out of the system so,
I'm not trying to frown on anything,
I'm trying to put everybody
in the right perspective.

Everybody under 30 here
understands it better,

the places that people pay attention to,
which is the only thing
I give a fuck about,

the way you guys
collaborate with each other

and have love for each other,
way better than ever before,
the only vulnerability
that this room has is

lack of blood pouring out of their mouth
and I mean that, 'cause
there's so much money

in the system, like it
feels normal to sell

shit through Instagram
until 20% more people

don't have money to spend
on stuff and then the

shit gets tight and so,
I highly recommend, where
I'm going with that,

is not like (groans), where
I'm going with that is

get practical.
A lot of people are just not practical.
A lot of people take in money,
instead of investing it
back into their business,

buying dumb shit.
There was a whole lot of dumb
shit buying downstairs today.

(audience laughs)
There was.
There was a bunch of
people that bought shit

to make money, that's good buying shit.
There's a lot of people
buying shit downstairs today

to close the gap on
insecurities that they have.

(audience cheers)
A lot of people bought
shit because they think

the logo on their hoodie or on their kicks
is gonna make them feel
better, but it's not

and it's gonna speed up
the process of you losing,

not the other way around so,
we need more practicality in
this space, that's for sure

but if you came to this
and clearly you did,

'cause we're here,
but I'm talking to the people watching,
if you came to this,
you're fucking so much more

ahead of people.
I was trying to tell people downstairs,
for a lot of you, you've
been fucking with this

kind of game, whether
it's hip-hop or sneakers

or street or urban, you've
been fucking with it,

probably maybe even your whole life, right
or maybe for a little while.
The number one thing and I'm gonna say it,
as an outsider, even though I fuck with it
and it fucks with me,
the number one thing that
you guys need to understand

is this shit hasn't even started yet.
Everything that's happening here is what
it's gonna be,
you think that's what it is right now
'cause that's your reality
because you haven't lived

in enough places, tasted
enough shit and been

in enough rooms.
For example, Nike's a big shot downstairs
but why do they spend 90%
of their advertising money

on dumb shit that you
don't pay attention to?

Why did Under Armour go
from being in the game

to being completely out of the game,
nobody gives a fuck
about Under Armour here.

How did that happen in 36 months?
'Cause they acted like Nike.
So, be real smart about what's going on.
Be real smart about what's going on,
I heard somebody say Durant,
fucking Under Armour was
sitting on Steph Curry

at the fucking apex, right,
Jordan Spieth at the apex,
they got Tom fucking piece
of shit Brady, right?

- [Audience Member] Take it easy.
I get it.
(audience laughs)
My man, this is me taking it easy, my man.
And so, and so they have
all that and you know

what they couldn't do?
The thing that comes natural
to everybody in this room.

They couldn't trade culture.
They put out piece of shit sneaker after
piece of shit sneaker,
they took for granted
where your attention was

and they thought if they're
gonna drop the Steph Curry's,

they're gonna do that as
a three minute commercial

during the NBS finals
and you guys were all off

watching the finals,
it went to commercial,

you took out your phone
and you're looking at

highlights at @dunk on Instagram,
not the fucking commercial.
People don't get it.
You get it.
Here's what you don't get.
You fucking lack patience.
All of you that just
came through my booth,

all your fucking questions,
they all came down

to the same shit.
Too many of you talk about being it,
but you're not living it.
You wanna be about patience and hustle,
it's fun to say to me, it's fun to tweet
that you're a fucking entrepreneur.
It's a lot harder to bleed
15 hours a day, everyday,

for 15 years.
One of my best friends in
the world, Dustin Sing,

fourth row back, that
man and I drove back from

Mount Ida College the day we left college.
We drove back, yapped it up, reminisced,
this was it, it was over,
reminisced, got to the parking
lot around 3:00 that day,

we hugged it out, he went on his way,
took a train, I walked
into the liquor store

as a 22 year old and I talked to that man
five to 15 times for the
next eight years, true?

It fucking worked, it was patient,
fucking bled, grinded, for real,
not, now it's made up my
narrative as an entrepreneur

and it's cool, I lived it.
There's not a lot of people that know it
but he does, he knows the truth.
He knows in college I went
fucking home every weekend

on the Amtrak, not Acela,
I wasn't fancy back then

and fucking went and
worked and I'd come back.

I left for the weekends.
He also knows I didn't go to class, ever.
He was also phenomenal at video games.
He should be an E-Sports star,
but that's another story for another day.
Nonetheless, the bottom line is,
when people ask me
questions or when I talk

or things of that nature,
the difference is, I lived it.
I don't just talk about it and
I get why you don't wanna do it
and it comes from insecurity.
You're worried.
You know why you guys aren't patient?
'Cause you wanna win
already to fucking stick it

to your fucking parents, right?
The reason you're
impatient is less about you

wanting to buy certain shit,
though a lot of you are fucked
up on that bullshit game,

it's more because people
are telling you you can't,

you decide to do your
own thing and now you're

on the clock and everybody's
watching and your

grandma's telling you you
should have stayed in school

but you've gotta understand,
it doesn't matter if you
win in the first half,

it doesn't matter if you're up 17
going into the 4th quarter,
you've gotta win the actual game.
You need to be shit on
in your 20s and 30s,

so then you can fucking
clown on people in your 40s

and I tell them I fucking told you.
You understand?
(audience applauds)
And the best part is you
gotta love the fucking losses.

Do you know how happy I am right now
that they put a c before
the k in my last name

and misspelled it?
(audience laughs)
I'm being dead serious.
This is going great, I
love your admiration,

the number one thing I'm excited about
right this fucking second onstage,
is they misspelled my fucking name.
(audience laughs)
'Cause I look at that and I'm like yes,
'cause I love losing.
You know why I gave up on
the Rangers and the Yankees?

'Cause they won championships.
You know why I fuck with
the Jets and the Knicks?

'Cause they suck
and that is the fundamental difference
and I promise you, my friends,
it's binary.
This whole thing, your
fucking life if binary.

It's a one or a zero, it
is black or is it white,

you are either gaining
or you're declining.

There is no in between,
you're not kind of passive

right now, you're not
kind of in the middle,

you're either winning
or you're losing, right,

and you've gotta understand
that all the things

that you want, of course
they should be hard.

Do you understand the
audacity, do you understand

that if you make $400,000 a year,
that means you've entered
the top 1% earners in this country?
People talking about millions as like,
I gotta make a million as an entry point
and they don't even
understand that 99% of people

in America don't make $400,000 a year.
We've got the whole game mis-framed.
Everybody confused.
Let me tell you what you should focus on.
A, you need to do some shit you like,
'cause if you don't,
you will be outworked by
somebody who loves that thing

and they will beat you.
Uh-huh, that's the problem.
If you don't love it,
somebody will beat you
because they love it

and that means they'll work 18 hours a day
'cause you fucking love it
and you're working 11
'cause you like the money

that comes along with it
or eight or supposedly

you're working 10 but it's really four
and you're bullshitting and
watching YouTube for six

and so, I am confused by
people's inability to be humble,

especially this audience
and I'm stereotyping

but let me tell you something
that's pissing me off

that is the great advantage
of the collective culture downstairs.
I think the reason I'm patient and I think
all the strengths I have
about all the things

I'm preaching right now is
'cause when you don't come

from much, you already know.
You already know that you can be happy if
you have a good household.
You already know that you don't
need a whole lot of stuff.

You already know one nice
pair of kicks is enough

if you can't afford another.
You already know.
In life, you have two situations, binary
and they're both winning formulas
or they're losing formulas

and they start the same way.
You were born
and you were either born with too much
'cause your parents are
rich and they got shit,

like my kids,
or your born with too little,
the way I was born in a
fucking piece of shit house

in Belarus in Russia, right?
That's it.
You're either born with
too much or too little

and boths are strengths and weaknesses.
You're fucking mindset decides it.
I sit in rooms everyday
and you guys know I love

to sit with kids and jam and do shit,
almost everyday I have a
situation, every month,

I will meet at least one
person that's gonna cry to me

that they don't have
anything and it's hard

and they didn't get lucky
and they got nothing

and it's hard and then I
will equally have dinner

with somebody else who
will tell me that it's hard

and difficult, happened today downstairs
because they had too much.
They're not hungry 'cause their parents
did everything for them.
Their mom and dad fucked them up because
they gave them too much,
which the people that have nothing,
a bunch of you just sat,
I have people who have 50
million dollar trust funds

cry to me at dinner that their life sucks
because they've never fought for anything.
They never did anything and
they don't have any purpose

and they're lost and they're suicidal,
which, the people in here
that were born with nothing

are like, fuck you.
(audience laughs)
A bunch of you are like, fuck that, right?
It's 'cause you don't
know the alternative.

Everybody's pointing at everybody else
without understanding.
Nobody's deploying empathy.
Nobody's deploying empathy.
Everybody's worried
about what's their issue,

without realizing everybody's
got fucking issues.

My friends, let just get to the punchline.
Nobody gives a fuck about your problems.
Nobody gives a fuck about
your problems because either,

it's true,
either, either, they've got
their own fucking problems,

or they're just focused on some other shit
but they can't empathize with
you and more importantly,

if you think that somebody
owes you something

'cause you started at a disadvantage,
you're a fucking loser.
You have to understand,
that's your advantage.

Who do you think fucking rises and wins?
Have you guys paid attention to what's
actually happening on Earth?
Have you guys paid attention
to who actually wins?

It's fuckers that had nothing,
that had motivation to get something.
We don't fucking know
stories about he had this

and then all of a sudden he made it big,
nobody gives a fuck about that story.
There's no glory in that
story and guess what?

That story doesn't exist a whole lot.
You've got a lot of second
generation people doing stuff,

but by the third generation, everybody got
so fucking soft, they're
even doing non-profits

all the time or they wasted all the money.
(audience laughs)
I just ask you, would you much rather
do you know I used to cry
in college 'cause my dad

had a liquor store and I was like,
nobody's ever gonna give
me credit because they're

gonna always think I got like,
I was upset that there
was a little something

and he was around, he knows,
it's not what everybody
wants it to be when

they're fucking coming
up with excuses why I won

and they didn't, I won 'cause
I fucking outworked you.

I won because I had enough
self-awareness to understand

what I was good at.
There's a lot of shit I wish I was,
I just figured out what
I was and what I liked

and then I just fucking outworked you
and I will always outwork
out because I love the game

more than the stuff.
You just have to understand that.
When you fucking love it,
you can't beat me because
I wanna do it every second

that I'm breathing and so I need people
to get to that place.
The reason I'm doing
everything I'm doing right now

that you're paying
attention to is 'cause I'm

trying to become your excuse, your shield,
your thing that you can point to
because if you trip and fall,
you guys are worried about failing
and I'm trying to get you to point at me
and blame me that it didn't
work versus blaming yourself

so that it gives you
the courage to actually

start doing shit.
The only way you're gonna
get the thing that's

been running through your mind,
the only way you're
gonna get on that plane

that you think you wanna be on
when you were sitting
downstairs eating french fries

with your homie and
chopping it up and saying

what we're gonna be in seven years,
is if you fucking outwork everybody,
figure out what you're good at,
bring value to the people
you're trying to sell

and just rinse and repeat
forever till the end

and so everybody looks at
the people that made it.

(audience member sneezes)
Bless you, everybody looks
at the people that made it

and none of you looked
at how they got there,

simple as that.
Everybody in this room, I promise you,
my superpower is empathy.
I never make--
- [Audience Member] It's true.
It's true.
(muffled speaking by audience member)
It's because, my man, I
don't think my employees

should work as hard as I do and a bunch of
dumb fucking business people do.
If my employees should
work as hard as I do,

they should have as much equity as I do.
How the fuck do you want somebody to work
for as much as you do when it's yours,
you fucking audacious piece of shit?
I have empathy, I don't
know what's going on.

If you're not performing, it
might not be work-related,

your grandma might be sick,
I'm empathetic, that's
why I'm a great salesman.

You know why I can sell you anything?
'Cause I think about you first.
I'm not worried about what's in it for me,
I'm trying to figure
out what's in it for you

and then give you more
than you even expected,

I'm trying to guilt you
fuckers into my shit.

(audience laughs)
And that's it and that's
why I fucking put scrutiny

on everybody who's trying
to do courses and prerolls,

trying to get you to pay 4,000 for this
and 10,000 for that and all this.
This shit is simple.
All the information is
free, you don't need any

of that other shit.
It's fucking free.
People are paying for shit
to make them feel better

about not doing shit.
Let me say it again.
Watch this, how many of you,
when you first came across me,

don't lie, lying is the devil,
how many of you, when
you first came across me,

said fuck this guy, I hate
this guy, raise your hands.

Raise 'em high.
You know why?
I was suffocating you.
I was suffocating your fucking excuses.
There's a lot of people who's
much rather, much rather,

pay somebody to make
them feel good about why

they're not doing 'cause
there's some so fucking secret

process that's gonna get you on.
Let me give you the secret,
once and for all, right here.

Work, a lot, based on
what your mouth is saying.

You wanna be a millionaire?
You need to become a workaholic.
You wanna have a good work/life
balance and great family

and be on the softball
team and raise your kids

and make 100 thousand, let
me just say it real quick,

that's a ridiculous life,
making a 100 thousand,

that's a ridiculous life,
and like 47 thousand, and see your kids,
and do you thing and
be happy, that's great

but don't talk shit, talk your reality.
Talk your truth, create a framework
that you can fucking follow
because the only people
listening to your excuses

or your bullshit are your
loser fucking friends

and you've got to, it's true, man,
people sit in little
circles with four people,

everybody gassing each
other up to not do shit.

(audience laughs)
It's true, I'm watching,
I'm watching all of you,

I was downstairs taking
selfies, signing shoes

and watching and listening.
I listen real fucking careful,
I watch you real quick,

nobody, nobody is putting
on marathon sneakers,

everybody wants to be sprinter.
Everybody wants it tomorrow
and I get it.
It seems like it's real
delicious over there

but let me tell you what
happens when you start

getting higher and higher
and Diddy said it right,

more money, more problems is real.
You wanna have a million dollar business
that you're the CEO and
the entrepreneur of?

Let me tell you what happens.
You're eating shit for a living.
You're a firefighter.
I'm about to get off this stage right now
and there's seven things I
gotta fix, problems, issues,

so, grass is fucking
greener until you live it

and so, if you leave with anything,
let's break down the core
things and then we'll

get into Q and A.
Number one, first and foremost,
we need to put empathy on a pedestal.
It is the fucking trait.
You know what's fun for me?
I'm all alpha and
competitive and dude it out,

the shit I believe in is
the most emotional, crying,

real things, girly, as
people try to tell me,

it's not girly, it's strength.
Do you know what happens
when you expect nothing

from nobody?
Do you know what it
feels like to live a life

when you just give, give,
give and you never ask

for anything in return?
Do you know what it feels
like to, in every situation,

think about how the
other person's feelings,

even if they're fucking you up?
Right, what was it, Bronx
Tale where the guy was like,

is that the movie where he's like,
you're better off, it
only costs you 20 bucks?

I believe in that shit.
That fucking scene was
legit, that's right.

You know how people
sitting here still dwelling

about some dumb shit
that happened in 2011?

(audience laughs)
Like, it's a fact, man.
People send me emails, like,
my mom stole $50 from me

in 2013, I'm like,
cool, I'll send you $50,

shut the fuck up.
(audience laughs)
These are the DM's I'm getting.
My best friend's not
working as hard as me,

cool, split up and let's see who wins.
Everybody knows the answers,
people just don't wanna do shit.
Even as I'm standing here, I'm like, fuck,
why am I talking about anything else,
people don't wanna do it.
People are gonna come up with
a million different reasons

why they can't and that's
why the next pillar

matters to me the most.
You know why I have so much energy?
You know I've been going
the whole time here?

I'm grateful, gratitude
and I've been grateful

from the get, not 'cause I got stuff now,
I was grateful when I was
building my dad's liquor store

for him, making $31,000 a
year, having no social life.

I was grateful because I
was conditioned and was in

a place that I was paying
back my parents for

putting me on, right?
I'm grateful everyday when
I wake up and people I

care about aren't stick.
I just don't get it.
Why do people start caring
about the shit that matters

when they get scared?
Everybody's living life, you
know like when you're driving

and the cop lights go on and
then your fucking heart goes

but then when the cop drives by,
you're like (sighs), you feel real good
and then you start driving with two hands
and the speed limit for about four minutes
and then you go back to
being like ridiculous?

That's how people are living their lives.
Like Grandma gets sick
or Mom has a cancer scare

or they get sick or
something and then they

start caring about real shit.
Nobody's giving a fuck
about a Supreme backpack

when your health isn't going anywhere
and so I just don't understand why people
are living their lives like that
and so, fucking gratitude.
Whatever you got, listen,
if you could afford $90

or $60 or whatever the fuck
you paid for this conference,

you are so much further
along than the majority

of the Earth, you just haven't
put the right perspective

in place.
You have not put the right
perspective in place.

People complaining downstairs
wearing $213 shoes.

Shut the fuck up.
Get perspective.
What the fuck do you think
is going on in the world?

Get out of your fucking bubble.
People talking about being in
the 'hood and they're like,

then I start poking and they're like,
in lower middle class, right, in America,
with the fucking internet,
do you guys understand

that you have a fucking
thing on you that is more

powerful than fucking
every media company had

fucking 25, 30 years ago,
in your fucking pocket?

We could just laugh about,
listen, I could go on forever.

People are lacking gratitude,
people are lacking empathy,

you know why people like me?
'Cause I like them first.
That's it and so everybody's
watching what I'm doing

and this and that,
and then I'm saying things and
you guys are really helping,

you guys are like my Puff Daddy,
the hmms are coming in.
(audience laughs)
You're feeding me, keep
doing it, I love it,

I'm like, I was about to
sit down but those hmms

are like, oh shit, I
better say something else

fucking fresh.
I need a couple more hmms
before I sit the fuck down.

I'm gonna come up with
a little more fresh.

(audience applauds)
And everybody hears this and listen,
some of you have been consuming
this for a year or two,

you watched those videos
on Instagram or YouTube,

you've watched my vlog or this and that,
you listen to podcasts, you get hyped,
you get hyped and you're like right
and then you stop
listening and you walk out

into your real life and
you go back to dumb shit.

Here's why.
A lot of that stuff happened early.
Where you grew up, how you were raised,
biggest problem is,
if you have parents that are pessimistic,
misery loves company,
it's hard to break that.

It's hard to face the fact that your mom
wants you to actually lose.
She doesn't realize it,
you know that, right?

Your mom doesn't want you to lose,
it's her framework.
I watched my grandma, it's true,
I watched my grandma parent my dad,
well, I didn't watch her parent my dad
but I watched a lot of shit.
I watch what my mom did with me,
I watch other people like
your mom fucked you up.
Your dad fucked you up.
That's real but you've got to understand,
instead of sitting here and
dwelling and blaming them,

you're in control of your own shit.
You got one fucking at bat,
do something with it and now, honestly,
now that you have this, guys,
do you understand why Harvey
Weinstein and Kevin Spacey

are getting called out?
It's because the internet
is now the middleman,

not five to 10 media companies
run by 10 old white guys.

You can tell me anything
you want about Trump this

or this, that or the other thing,
you're missing the point.
You're missing the point.
You know why Champion
can come back real quick?

'Cause they did the
right shit for 24 months.

You know why everybody
wears fucking Stan Smith's?

'Cause they put them on
cute girls on Instagram

three years ago.
You know why people drink
LaCroix fucking sparking water?

'Cause they spent their
money on Instagram.

You know why Under Armour isn't winning?
'Cause they didn't.
I'm not mad at Under
Armour, I'm just using it

'cause you just lived the last five years
and watched which brands
won and which ones didn't

and so like, it's funny
to me just watching it,

you get it, you got the part that matters,
you get it.
What, you think Under Armour
and Nike wanted Adidas

and Supreme and all
these things to happen?

They didn't.
They just did the wrong shit.
You know why?
They took their spot for granted.
They just took it for granted
and that made the vulnerability
and now, it's over.

Just so everybody knows,
just like the internet,

this whole culture, fashion, street,
all that, it's over.
My K-Swiss deal with Barney
and Patrick and those guys,

that's the preview, not the anomaly.
Every brand's about to do
collaborations with things

that matter, forever and ever and that's
where the equity is.
Yeah, there might be a
Jordan and a couple things

in sports but in life,
there's unlimited
opportunities and everybody's

starting to kind of figure it out and so,
huge opportunity in this space,
huge opportunity in everything,
the problem is, do you have
the next pillar, number three,

which is, do you have humility?
Do you have humility?
Andy K, you here?
Yo, check your DM because
I just engaged with

two influencers on our
sneaker thing while I was

in the backroom one second
before I came out here.

Thank you.
Because I'm still back
there with the humility

of thinking somebody
who's got 47,000 followers

on Instagram, that it might do something
for my K-Swiss joint, that
I'm willing to personally

write it and be like, hey,
you wanna do something

and people here that got
nothing, aren't even started,

aren't willing to DM
a hundred people a day

'cause you're fucking fancy
and you think you're somebody

and guess what, you haven't even started,
no one even knows who the fuck you are.
I'm confused as fuck by that.
Do you have humility?
Do you have the humility to put
in the fucking work, period.

Everybody's trying to graduate
into some place, my
friends, the bigger you get,

the more you have to work for them.
I have 800 bosses, not 800 employees.
I work for everybody at VaynorMedia,
not the other way around.
You've got it twisted.
This world that you think exists doesn't,
for the people really out there doing it,
not playing it on YouTube,
you've got to figure out
what's really happening.

You need to wake up and you need to put in
the fucking empathy for
your audience because

you'll never make a good product,
never sell shit unless
you actually worry about

them being happy with it.
You need to put in real
gratitude that you're even

lucky enough, do you
understand your grandparents,

think about your fucking grandparents,
they didn't have no internet.
They had to work the job and go to sleep.
The fact that you can
work your nine to five

to pay off your debt or
pay your rent or take

care of what you can
have to and then you can

take out your phone and fucking work from
7PM to two in the morning,
that's a fucking blessing.

That's a fucking opportunity
and nobody can stop you

and nobody decides but
us, it's fucking crazy.

So you better start really
fucking deploying gratitude

and everybody, change your
fucking mindset today.

Make this the fucking talk
that changes your mindset.

Stop fucking bitching, nobody's listening,
nobody gives a fuck, stop expecting shit
and go fucking take yours
by doing the last part,

which is having number
three, the fucking humility

to put in the fucking
work because if you don't,

somebody with real fucking
chops is going to deploy it

and take yours, understood?
(audience murmurs yes)
(audience applauds)
Now, now that you've got your mind right,
it's about one thing,
understand where the attention
is and make shit for it.

Everything I've been kind
of nuanced over there

about the Under Armour
and Champion thing is

if you would have told
anybody in business 24 months ago that at
ComplexCon, where thousands
of kids that are cool

are hanging out, that more
of them would be wearing

Champion product than Under Armour,
you would have been laughed
out the fucking room.

That took two minutes.
That's why attention is so important.
Attention's so important
because if you're not smart

about it, you will lose.
When MTV came out, they went
to the biggest rock bands

in the world and they
asked them to make videos

and most of them said no
because they weren't willing

to give away free music and
they were playing stadiums

and getting paid and 36 months later,
nobody gave a fuck about
them and they gave a fuck

about Madonna and Michael
Jackson and Rod Stewart

and Duran Duran and
whoever made shit for it.

Our MTV sits in this place,
our MTV comes across in
four or five platforms,

Instagram and Snapchat, right?
Instagram and Snapchat are
MTV and BET, you understand,

except it's not 1992 anymore
and so what you are trying to do everyday
is become the TRL, right,
you're trying to become the
show and every one of you

can do it and it doesn't
cost you any money.

The problem is, most of
you are losing because

you're fronting on your content because
you're not willing to be
authentic 'cause you think

you gotta play a part
and the ironic thing is,
all the magic is in the shit

that is corny, it just is,
because you all look the same.
If you're all playing
up to the same standards

of what's cool and what's
good and what's good content,

you end up all looking the same.
(audience member mumbles)
100% my man, I mean, I now
have declared every single

human on Earth ridiculously hot because
everybody's figured
out angles and lighting

and filters and I go on
fucking Instagram, I'm like,

fuck, everyone's hot.
(audience laughs)
How are you a point of
differentiation if you know

how to kick up your heel
and kick your ass out

and that's all you see for 74
people in a row in your feed?

I don't know your fucking name
and every dude's doing the same dumb shit,
like taking off their, it's the same shit,
whatever it is, whatever
it is all the shit

that got me to where I was
was I never gave a fuck

about you, I was never
going to pander to what

you decided at that moment was cool.
I was gonna live my life
and then I got lucky

and it stumbled into entrepreneurship
getting a little cooler.
Everything that's gonna make your shit pop
is in the stuff that your
parents and your sister

knows about you but not
even your best friend.

The corny shit in your
stomach is the magic,

you just need to share it with the world.
Please think about that
because everything else becomes noise
but your real personality, your nuance,
that's the only currency
you can trade on 'cause

that's the only thing not replicable.
Got it?
Like the video I posted
just now, right now,

that's doing super well about like,
fuck up on purpose, you guys see this?
In it, my voice got so high,
you saw that?
How many of you saw that?
Everybody in the comments like,
yo, fuck this Mickey Mouse pussy shit.
(audience laughs)
And I read it and I
click on it and the guy's

living at home with 106
followers and I reply

to him like, that Mickey
Mouse shit is why this won.

The nuance, be you, be
fucking you 'cause it's

the only shot you got
at beating somebody else

and I'm very proud of this space,
this space, culture, street, hip hop,
was a space when I was a kid,
that rappers made of their origin story
because if they grew up
in a middle class family,

the market wouldn't accept them.
People made up their shit,
they once visited their uncle in Compton
and like, yo, I'm from Compton.
I'm so proud of this
space that now we accept

regardless of the angle, skin tone,
it's incredible what you
guys have done with it,

so you can't be scared
of anything, just be you.

It's all you got.
Thank you.
(audience applauds)
Let's do it.
- [Audience Member] What's up, Gary.
I just want to say thank you.
Yo, for the two guys leaving,
this is the best fucking part.
The Q and A's where the fire is.
This is gonna be the best question too.
I know you were in Oslo
just a few days ago

and now you're here,
I know my parents never
had this communication,

so I just want to say
thank you for giving back,

when we didn't, like my
parents never had this

and we have this now, it's awesome.
So, my question's kind of
left side, I don't know but,
I don't really get to have this,
so entrepreneurs that are making it,
that have a lot of success,
let's say you become a multimillionaire,
so I'm gonna use you for an example,