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  • Hey, how's it going, Dave 2D here. So I've always considered myself an enthusiast, or, at the very least a fan of

  • external GPUs.

  • And this video was originally going to be kind of like a showcase of some external GPU enclosures that worked with

  • High Sierra, the new upcoming Mac OS,

  • but, as I tested things and I got into the thick of it, the video kind of changed course. Okay, High Sierra,

  • this is the upcoming version of Mac OS, it's in Beta right now,

  • but external GPU support is really solid. The Razor Core is one of the more popular Thunderbolt 3 enclosures,

  • this is running the TI 82 controller, this does not work in Mac OS High Sierra.

  • So, there were workarounds for this kind of stuff in Sierra

  • But that doesn't work in High Sierra. The enclosure that I used to test most of this video was this thing, the Mantas Venus.

  • Now I'm actually running new firmware from Intel to get

  • 2200 megabytes per second of PCIE Bandwidth, the older firmware had potential limitations because of the ports.

  • Okay, inside the Venus, there's a big enough power supply in here to power ,and charge even the 15-inch Macbook Pro

  • It can feed 87 watts

  • I think, to whatever it's connected to, and there's actually a connection in here for a SATA drive

  • so, off of a single Thunderbolt 3 cable, you get power to your Macbook, you get external GPU

  • capabilities, and you get a drive in here for backup, or storage, or whatever you want to do.

  • So I'm going to jump right into the thick of it. External GPU support in High Sierra is basically plug and play.

  • It's running very early drivers on a Beta OS, but everything works really nice. The 10 series

  • Nvidia GPUs run decent, the AMD GPUs like the Rx 480 and Rx 580 are really reliable,

  • but like any external Thunderbolt 3 GPU, you automatically lose about 10 to 15 percent of the performance just by nature of the connection.

  • The other thing is that I highly recommend running this thing with an external display.

  • You can connect it using like a ghost connector to run it on to the internal display, but I really don't recommend it

  • It's a 15 to 20 percent hit.

  • So here are some native Mac games running on a 1080p external monitor, and if you look at these numbers,

  • it doesn't look bad, right?

  • It's way better than anything you'd get from a stock

  • Macbook GPU, and as long as you're putting a powerful graphics card into the enclosure, you can get some strong frame rates for games.

  • But then when you compare this Mac setup to a Window's setup, the difference is

  • substantial. You need to get a significantly more powerful GPU for the Mac just to keep up.

  • And that's my whole issue. Even with great support, good drivers, and expensive hardware,

  • performance isn't great in Mac OS. the only way to get good external GPU performance here,

  • is to run Boot Camp Windows. And I noticed the same thing in Adobe Premiere. The external GPU helps a lot,

  • I mean, it's so much better than the Radeon Pro, but the same external GPU gets better performance in Windows.

  • And it's been like half a year since I've benchmarked external GPUs on Macs. They've become much easier to setup

  • There's no more scripts, and the whole thing is just a lot more reliable,

  • but performance is

  • exactly the same, and I'm convinced at this point that this is as good as performance is going to get for these cards, which quite

  • frankly, sucks.

  • So one of the biggest issues

  • With external GPUs is pricing. The enclosures themselves aren't cheap, and then the GPUs you need to put in them are pricey as well

  • especially with all the crypto mining happening,

  • so you're looking at four or five hundred dollars for the enclosure, and then at least three, maybe four hundred dollars for the GPU inside there.

  • I mean, you could go lower, but then the whole thing isn't really worth your time.

  • Then you need an external monitor, and those are a couple hundred,

  • maybe a little bit more, and if you want to go something higher-end, like, you're pushing six, seven hundred dollars. At the end,

  • this whole set up, just for the external GPU stuff,

  • can easily break eleven or twelve hundred dollars, and at that price you can build a gaming PC,

  • or you can get a solid gaming laptop for the money. See, if you're investing in an external GPU set up, but you're forced to

  • run Boot Camp Windows for performance,

  • I feel like you should spend that money on a dedicated Windows setup instead.

  • External GPUs have always been very expensive already for windows laptops,

  • but then on Macs, that price to performance ratio is just even worse. And it's not Apple's fault. None of this is Apple's hardware,

  • it's just that many games and applications are optimized for Windows and just perform better there.

  • Now maybe the next generation of GPUs will make this better, like maybe Volta or Vega will just make this somehow more cost-effective,

  • or maybe enclosures will come down a lot in price, but there's something inherently wrong with this whole Thunderbolt 3 connection,

  • maybe we need Thunderbolt 4,

  • maybe we need more bandwidth available so that you're not losing so much performance when you're piping it through.

  • I'm not sure what it is, but right now, for Macbook users, unless you absolutely need this thing in your

  • workflow, like you need something for work to make this happen

  • this,

  • mm-hmm, it's just not cost-effective.

Hey, how's it going, Dave 2D here. So I've always considered myself an enthusiast, or, at the very least a fan of


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