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  • I’m Brad Browning, relationship and breakup coach from Vancouver Canada.

    我是布拉德-布朗寧,戀愛和分手的人。 從加拿大溫哥華出發的長途汽車。

  • Most of my videos are aimed at helping you win back an ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend

    我的大部分視頻都是為了幫助你 挽回前女友或前男友... ...

  • but to be frank, the very most effective way to reverse a breakup is to avoid it in the

    但坦率地說,最有效的方法是... 扭轉分手,就是避免在。

  • first place.


  • So that’s what this video will be all about -- I’ll give you some tips on how to maintain

    所以這就是這段視頻的全部內容 --我會給你一些小竅門,如何保持

  • a healthy relationship and avoid breakups.


  • So, let’s go through some of the things you can do when youre in a relationship

    那麼,讓我們來看看一些事情 你可以做的,當你在一個關係

  • to keep the attraction alive


  • 1.)


  • Quit being so needy, and keep a lid on the jealousy.

    別再那麼需要了,給自己留點餘地吧。 妒忌。

  • One of the least attractive characteristics you can portray is insecurity.

    最不吸引人的特點之一 你能描繪的是不安全感。

  • Jealousy andneedinessare both extreme examples of insecurity, so they can cause

    嫉妒和 "需要 "都是極端的。 不安全的例子,所以會造成

  • some real damage to a relationship.


  • Jealousy is a natural feeling that we all have to endure to a certain degree, but the

    嫉妒是我們每個人都會有的自然感受 在一定程度上不得不忍受,但在一定程度上

  • key is to suppress these feelings of jealousy unless you have a very, very good reason to

    關鍵是要壓制這些嫉妒的情緒 除非你有非常非常好的理由

  • feel jealous.


  • Most of the time, you simply need to trust your partner and have faith that he or she

    大多數情況下,你只需要相信 你的伴侶並相信他或她

  • is not being disloyal.


  • Needinessis a similar attraction-killing trait... in fact, it’s so common that I

    '需求'也是一種類似的吸引力殺傷力。 事實上,它是如此的普遍,以至於我...

  • should probably make a video dedicated just to this topic.

    也許應該做一個視頻專門只是 對這一主題。

  • For the purposes of this video, though, I’ll just leave it at this: no-one likes being

    為了這個視頻的目的,雖然,我會 就這樣吧:沒有人喜歡被人

  • in a relationship where your partner is constantly seeking validation, so quit beingneedy

    在關係中,你的伴侶經常 求同存異

  • orclingy’.


  • 2.)


  • Avoid falling into a boring routine.


  • The first few months of any new relationship are usually exciting and passionate, but things

    任何新關係的前幾個月 通常是激動人心的,充滿激情的,但事情

  • can often quickly become stale if you and your partner don’t make an effort to keep

    往往會很快變味,如果你和 你的伴侶不努力保持。

  • things interesting.


  • Avoiding boring routines doesn’t require anything extremeyou don’t have to go

    避免枯燥的日常工作,不需要 任何極端的事情... 你不需要去。

  • skydiving on Tuesdays and skinny dipping on Thursdays, for exampleyou just have to

    週二跳傘,週三裸泳。 比如說,星期四,你只要...

  • mix it up enough to avoid either one of you becoming bored.

    混為一談,以免你們中的任何一人 變得無聊。

  • A romantic weekend getaway, for example, is a great way to break the routineyou could

    例如,一個浪漫的週末旅行,是一個浪漫的週末旅行。 一個打破常規的好方法... 你可以...

  • take your partner to a cooking class, try out the newest restaurant in town, or spontaneously

    帶你的伴侶去上烹飪課,嘗試 在鎮上最新的餐廳,或自發的

  • give your partner a small gift.


  • Make an effort to spice things up in the bedroom, too -- your sex life is just as prone to becoming

    努力為臥室增添色彩。 也--你的性生活也一樣容易變得。

  • stale’.


  • 3.)


  • Don’t give up on all your social life.


  • Some people have a tendency to quickly lose contact with friends and colleagues when they

    有些人有迅速失去的傾向 逢年過節

  • jump into a new relationship.


  • If youre guilty of this, and youve started to grow apart from your friends and social

    如果你犯了這個毛病,並且你已經開始。 逐漸脫離朋友和社會

  • circle since you entered into your current relationship, then now is the time to reconnect

    圈,因為你進入了你現在的 關係,那麼現在是時候重新建立聯繫了。

  • with them.


  • No couple, regardless of how incredibly compatible and deeply in love they may be, should be

    沒有一對情侶,無論多麼相配 縱使他們情深意重,也應該是

  • spending 100% of their time together.


  • It’s very important to keep other areas of your life intact, too… a well-balanced

    保持其他方面的工作是非常重要的 你的生活也是如此... ...一個平衡的生活。

  • social life can really help keep your relationship healthy and assist in keeping your jealousy

    社交生活可以真正幫助保持你們的關係 健康,並協助保持你的嫉妒心。

  • and neediness in check.


  • Generally speaking, your romantic partner should be one important element of your life,

    一般來說,你的戀愛對象 應該是你生活中的一個重要元素。

  • not the only element.


  • 4.)


  • Swallow your pride and accept responsibility.


  • Arguments are normal in romantic relationships, but you need to learn how to have mature disputes

    在戀愛關係中,爭吵是正常的。 但你要學會如何進行成熟的爭論。

  • that lead to productive solutions.


  • Yelling and screaming, hurling insults, trying to getrevenge’... these are all things

    大喊大叫 辱罵 試圖... 報'仇'......這些都是......。

  • that can be toxic to a relationship, so both you and your partner need to learn how to

    會對一段關係產生毒害,所以兩 你和你的伴侶需要學會如何

  • settle arguments in a mature way.


  • Sometimes, you may need to swallow your pride and apologize to your partner even if you

    有時,你可能需要吞下你的驕傲。 並向你的伴侶道歉,即使你

  • feel like you wererightand he or she waswrongin a given argumentaccept

    覺得自己是對的,而他或她 錯了

  • responsibility for fights that get out of hand, and be willing to step up and be the

    鬥毆責任 手,並願意站出來,做一個

  • bigger person if it will help settle the issue and avoid further conflict.

    大塊頭 並避免進一步衝突。

  • 5.)


  • Remember that mutual attraction is what holds relationships together.

    請記住,相互的吸引力是保持 關係在一起。

  • It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up in your day-to-day life and forget that attraction

    令人難以置信的是,人們很容易被捲入到 日子裡,忘卻了那份吸引。

  • is the glue that holds relationships together.


  • This is something that’s very important to remember, though, because it will help

    這是非常重要的事情 但要記住,因為這將有助於

  • you identify problems that cause a loss of attraction and stop them before they lead

    您發現的問題,導致損失的 牽一髮而動全身

  • to more serious issues or a breakup.


  • Your partner fell in love with you for a reasonhe or she found your personality and the traits

    你的伴侶愛上你是有原因的... ... 他或她發現了你的個性和特質

  • you possess attractive, so don’t suddenly introduce new unattractive characteristics

    你有吸引力,所以不要突然 畫蛇添足

  • that could reverse this attraction.


  • Avoid being clingy, jealous, insecure, and possessivethese are all major attraction-killers.

    避免粘人、嫉妒、缺乏安全感和 佔有性... 這些都是主要的吸引力殺手。

  • If your relationship is on the brink of collapse and youre worried that a breakup might

    如果你們的關係處於崩潰的邊緣。 而你又擔心分手可能會

  • be on the horizon, I’d be happy to help you turn things around and make sure that

    臨門一腳,我樂意效勞 你要扭轉局面,確保

  • doesn’t happenyou can sign up for my personal coaching service at

    不發生... ... 你可以報名參加我的 個人教練服務

  • I work with my coaching clients on an ongoing basis, and I’ll help you identify the problems

    我與我的教練客戶一起工作,持續地進行 的基礎上,我會幫你找出問題所在

  • that are plaguing your relationship and offer a series of solutions to re-build the attraction

    困擾你們關係的問題,並提供 一系列的解決方案,重新打造吸引力。

  • and develop a healthier, more mature relationship.


  • That’s all for now -- please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section

    目前就到此為止---------------------------------------------------請隨意 在評論區留下您的反饋

  • below, and please take a moment to click thelikebutton if you found any of the

    下面的內容,請花點時間單擊 '喜歡'按鈕,如果你發現任何的

  • tips in this video helpful.


  • Thanks for watching!


I’m Brad Browning, relationship and breakup coach from Vancouver Canada.

我是布拉德-布朗寧,戀愛和分手的人。 從加拿大溫哥華出發的長途汽車。

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