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  • How was Father's day with Ryan, was it good?

    你和萊恩 ( 布蕾克的老公) 一起過的父親節如何?

  • It was... we were really... Thank you.

    非常... 我們真的... 謝謝大家的關心

  • We were really good at keeping our family together.


  • We...we...we don't work at the same time.

    我們... 我們... 我們不會把工作安排在同樣的時間

  • We specifically weren't together on Father's day.


  • It's the first day that we've missed together.


  • So I was on the plane with my baby, James

    當時我和我女兒 James 一起搭飛機,

  • and it's like... it's kind of torture these days

    而這些日子以來... 對我來說就像是一種折磨,

  • because I'm on the plane and everywhere I look


  • every screen is my husband uh... and... uh...

    每個螢幕上都是我老公... 嗯... 然後...

  • sex montage throughout the holidays with another woman


  • because everybody wants to watch Deadpool on the plane, everyone!

    因為飛機上的每個人都想看死侍 (萊恩雷諾斯主演的電影),每個人!

  • -But like for 14 hours having your husband having like mashed potatoes eaten out of his butthole. -That's a little awkward.

    -但整整 14 個小時看著妳老公的親密戲鏡頭 -這還真的有點小尷尬

  • 'Cause that's... that's in... that's in the film.

    但因為那... 那就是電影劇情所需要的

  • It's very... It's...It's...It's... It's lovely

    那非常的... 甜蜜

  • it's... it's... it's a cruel and unusual form of torture

    那... 那... 那... 是殘忍又特別的折磨

  • -and then my daughter goes, "Da da!" -Yeah, that's...

    -然後我女兒看著螢幕叫著:「爸爸!」 -嗯對,那真的...

  • -and then she's like hugging and kissing the screen and waving at him, -Lady James.

    -她對著螢幕又抱又親還對螢幕揮手 -親愛的 James 女孩

  • and he's not waving back and she doesn't understand why he's not waving back her


  • -cause she thinks it's like FaceTime. -No, sure, of course.

    -因為她覺得就像是螢幕中的爸爸就像出現在 FaceTime 裡的一樣 -不一樣的,當然不同

  • -And it's daddy, you know, getting it -No, no ...

    -然後爸爸,你知道的,正在 -不,不...

  • -the mashed potatoes -No, no, of course mashed potatoes scene.

    -一些親密戲鏡頭 -對... 一些親密戲鏡頭

  • Yeah, I have it as my screen saver.


  • Yeah, I'm sure you do. I'm sure everybody here is gonna be torturing me by having that plan.


How was Father's day with Ryan, was it good?

你和萊恩 ( 布蕾克的老公) 一起過的父親節如何?

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