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  • welcome to Real English With Real Teachers


  • we teach English every single day to people all over the world with

    我們每天都在教英語 的人,每天向全世界的人提供

  • different nationalities and after doing it for three or so years we've realized

    不同國籍的人,在做了 三年多來,我們已經意識到了。

  • that a lot of people actually start to get stuck particularly in the

    很多人實際上開始 卡在

  • intermediate area or the b1 b2 level of language so in this video we're going to

    中間區域或b1、b2級別的人。 語言,所以在這段視頻中,我們將以

  • give you three fantastic ways that you can implement into your life to go

    給你三個奇妙的方法,你可以 可以實施到你的生活中去

  • beyond the level that you are at now and so you can get out of that plateau that

    超越你現在的水準和 這樣你就可以走出那片高原。

  • you have reached with your English so we can say goodbye to the intermediate

    你已經達到了與你的英語,所以我們 可以告別中級

  • levels and push towards the advanced levels of English


  • technique number one


  • is largely focusing on your drive your motivation or your get-up-and-go and a

    主要集中在你的駕駛你的 的動機,或者你的起身和走動,以及一個。

  • lot of language learners start out with a ton of motivation drive and get-up-and-go

    很多語言學習者都是從 一大堆的動力,動力和起跑的動力

  • don't we because when you know nothing to knowing a little bit it's

    難道不是嗎,因為當你知道 沒什麼,知道一點就好

  • quite a big contrast you can say oh my god I know all of these phrases now and

    相當大的反差,你可以說哦,我的天 上帝,我知道所有這些短語現在和

  • before I didn't know any of it I'm amazing I'm learning so much I'm a

    以前我什麼都不知道,現在我 驚人的我學到了很多東西,我是一個。

  • sponge of information and it continues like this doesn't it unfortunately not it doesn't

    資訊的海綿,它繼續 是吧 可惜不是

  • we all know that the longer that we practice a skill or a hobby and

    我們都知道,時間越長 我們練習一門技能或愛好,並。

  • we have gone past that initial beginners phase it can be really difficult for us

    初出茅廬 階段,這對我們來說真的很困難

  • to spot or to notice our improvements over time and we have noticed with many

    發現或注意到我們的改進 隨著時間的推移,我們已經注意到許多

  • of our students that are at an intermediate level some of them feel

    我們的學生中,處於 中級水準,他們中的一些人覺得

  • like they stay stuck on that level for such a long time and they can never

    就像他們停留在這個水準上 久而久之,他們再也無法

  • really see themselves progressing past that b1 or b2

    真真切切地看到自己進步了 即b1或b2

  • level well we were actually looking for a case study to example this first

    層次好,我們其實是在尋找 案例研究來說明這一點

  • technique that we want to give you but it was actually staring us right in the

    技巧,我們想給你,但 它實際上是盯著我們的權利在

  • face because Harry was actually doing it so as many of you will know I am

    因為哈里真的在做 所以你們很多人都知道我是

  • learning Spanish and you may have seen me in a video of Lucy attempting to sing

    學習西班牙語,你可能已經看到 我在視頻中的露西嘗試唱。

  • a Mexican song to her to serenade her


  • but clearly that didn't work because she's got a boyfriend now anyway many of

    但很顯然,這並不奏效,因為 她現在有了男朋友,反正很多人

  • the people with whom I practice my Spanish have told me recently that I

    與我一起練習的人 西班牙人最近告訴我,我

  • have advanced my level and it appears that now I am more or less at a c1 level

    晉級 現在我的水準差不多在c1級了

  • and this noticeable progression that I have made I attribute it to this

    和這種明顯的進展,我 歸功於

  • technique that I have been employing in my Spanish studies so I thought to

    我一直在使用的技術 我的西班牙語學習,所以我想

  • myself how can I mix one of my passions in life with my language learning and

    我自己怎麼能把我的一個激情混合起來 在生活中,我的語言學習和

  • one of those passions is psychology so I started looking on YouTube for Spanish

    其中的一個激情是心理學,所以我。 開始在YouTube上尋找西班牙語

  • psychologists who practice cognitive behavioral therapy and I found Rafael Santandreu

    練習認知的心理學家 行為治療,我發現拉斐爾桑坦德魯

  • and me encanta I love this guy I love everything that he does and now

    和我encanta我愛這個傢伙 我愛他做的一切,現在

  • I've completely immersed myself in his teachings and in doing this I've learned

    我已經完全沉浸在他的 教誨,在這樣做的過程中,我學到了。

  • so much more Spanish and now when I talk about psychology and I have the types of

    所以更多的西班牙語,現在當我說話 關於心理學和我有類型的

  • philosophical conversations that I enjoy having with people about life but in

    哲理對話,我喜歡 與人談人生,但在

  • Spanish I feel confident talking about this subject because I have read all of

    西班牙文 我有信心談論 這個問題,因為我已經閱讀了所有的

  • his books I even tried to translate one of his books into English it was a

    他的書我甚至試著翻譯了一本 他的書被翻譯成英文,這是一個

  • really good technique for me and by reading those books and completely

    對我來說,這真的是一個很好的技術,並通過 讀這些書,完全

  • throwing myself into Spanish in that way helped me so much

    拋磚引玉 幫了我大忙

  • so a great technique to supercharge that intrinsic motivation is

    所以一個偉大的技術,以 充電,內在動力是

  • to connect yourself to a true interest of yours the areas in life that make you

    把自己和真正的利益聯繫起來 你的生活中的領域,使你

  • tick that make you forget about going to bed on time at 10:45 or even make you

    勾,讓你忘記去 十點四十五分準時睡覺,甚至讓你

  • forget about the important necessities in life of err like showering

    捨本逐末 人生如戲

  • so we asked you to get in touch with your passions your callings

    所以,我們問你在 觸摸你的激情,你的呼喚

  • your purposes your interests and like Harry follow or get avidly involved in

    您的目的 您的興趣和喜好 哈利跟隨或熱衷於

  • someone who personifies your interest and we want you to get really creative

    意中人 我們希望你能有真正的創意

  • with the ways in which you interact with these interests in English and if you

    與你互動的方式 這些興趣在英語中,如果你

  • have some creative ideas tell us write to us put them in the

    有創意 告訴我們 寫信給我們 把它們放在

  • comments the possibilities are endless I tell you they are endless

    妙語連珠 我告訴你,它們是無窮無盡的

  • you could take a course at uni or online about that topic that you're interested in

    你可以在大學或網上學習有關該主題的課程。 你感興趣的

  • you could host a meet-up in your local area in which you interact in English with other

    你可以在當地舉辦一次見面會,在其中 您用英語和其他國家的人交流

  • people about a subject or an activity that you love like hiking or reading or

    人間 你喜歡的東西,比如遠足、閱讀或

  • fashion anything that interests you you could make your own online content that

    隨心所欲 你可以讓你自己的在線內容

  • you're actually really proud of and showcase it to your friends and family

    其實你真的很自豪,而且 展示給你的朋友和家人

  • write reviews and blogs about places and restaurants that you visit become a travel blogger

    寫評論和博客的地方和 餐館,你訪問成為一個旅遊博客

  • you could even get super creative by thinking outside of the box

    甚至可以得到超 獨闢蹊徑

  • like how about writing your own short story producing a miniature series of videos on YouTube

    像如何寫你自己的短篇小說 在YouTube上製作微型系列視頻

  • or you could even do something as daring as writing your own

    或者你甚至可以做一些 敢於自作主張

  • TED talk in English and then applying to Ted and asking to do this talk I mean

    TED英語演講,然後申請到 泰德和要求做這個演講我的意思是

  • people actually do this and me and Charlie are actually considering doing

    人們真正做到這一點,我和 查理實際上正在考慮做

  • our own TED talk sometime soon and I would love to do

    我們自己的TED演講 不久的某一天,我很想做

  • that in Spanish it would be scary but it would be an incredible project whatever

    在西班牙語中,它將是可怕的,但它。 將是一個不可思議的項目,無論

  • it is remember that if you are not getting the results you want then it

    要記住,如果你不是 得到你想要的結果,那麼它

  • might be time to change your approach


  • okay now we are ready for technique number two now many people that get

    好了,現在我們準備好了技術 第二,現在很多人,得到

  • stuck in the intermediate realm or level of English are stuck there because they

    停滯不前 英語的人被卡在那裡,因為他們

  • lack the fully involved experience of learning English our advice is to give

    乏善可陳 學習英語,我們的建議是給

  • yourself that fully immersive experience as much as possible and if it's actually

    你自己完全沉浸式的體驗 儘可能的,如果真的

  • difficult to go to an english-speaking country then use technology to surround

    很難去英語國家 國,然後用技術來圍

  • yourself in English now it is totally possible to do this from the comfort of

    你自己的英語現在是完全 可以做到這一點,從容

  • your own home because the Internet is full it is insane the amount of free

    你自己的家,因為互聯網是 滿滿當當

  • resources that you can find online on different websites and social media

    你可以在網上找到的資源 不同網站和社交媒體

  • platforms that will help you with your English all you need is access to the

    平臺,將幫助你與你的 您所需要的是訪問

  • Internet which means you can do this if you don't have a favorite list of

    互聯網,這意味著你可以做到這一點,如果 你沒有一個喜歡的名單

  • podcasts then you're missing out if you've never listened to a British radio

    播客,那麼你就錯過了,如果 你從來沒有聽過英國的廣播

  • station then get on it we've got so many fantastic radio stations that are

    那就快去吧,我們有這麼多的 夢幻般的電臺,是

  • broadcasting really interesting modern and also traditional music all over the

    播真趣 和各地的傳統音樂

  • radio we have Radio one which broadcasts

    無線電 我們有第一電臺,廣播

  • modern pop music we have radio 2 which plays classical folk and world music

    現代流行音樂,我們有電臺2, 演奏古典國樂和世界音樂

  • with BBC 1xtra which is all about modern day urban music from the UK find the

    與BBC 1xtra,這是所有關於現代。 天的城市音樂從英國找到

  • radio station that discusses topics that interest you or the radio station that

    電臺 興趣的電臺

  • shares your musical preference and listen to it every day if you don't know

    和你一樣的音樂喜好和 不懂就聽,天天聽

  • who David Attenborough is then you need to actually probably stop this video

    誰是大衛-愛登堡,那麼你需要 實際上可能停止這個視頻

  • right now and go and enjoy his amazing wildlife

    眼下 並去欣賞他的驚人的野生動物

  • footage that he narrates in a brilliantly quintessentially British way

    鏡頭,他在一個 英倫範兒

  • it's fantastic if you still have your phone set to your native language we

    如果你還有你的 手機設置為您的母語,我們

  • need to change that immediately I have my phone in Spanish and I even have to

    需要立即改變,我有 我的手機在西班牙,我甚至不得不

  • talk to Siri in Spanish so if you've got an iPhone


  • make sure you pop your iPhone on English


  • hola Siri oye Siri... bitch

    hola Siri oye Siri... ...賤人

  • so this is a really good way to improve your pronunciation as well because Siri will

    所以這是一個非常好的方式來提高你的 發音,因為Siri會

  • only respond to you if you pronounce things correctly oye Siri... f****** hell

    發聲才會迴應你 正確的事情,是Siri... ...我的天啊,我的天啊

  • our point here is to manipulate your surroundings to be predominantly English

    我們的目的是操縱你的 周圍環境以英國人為主

  • the next step to truly immerse yourself in English is to get on a plane and

    下一步才能真正沉浸其中 在英語中,就是上飛機,然後

  • catch a flight to the UK or any other native english-speaking country and once

    乘飛機去英國或其他 母語國家和曾經

  • you arrive in that english-speaking country don't expect the language to

    你到了那個說英語的國家 別指望語言能

  • come to you I've spoken to many of my students who have been to England and

    來找你 我已經跟很多人說過了 去過英國的學生和

  • they actually said that they speak more English when they're in their own

    他們居然說,他們說的更多 英語,當他們在自己的

  • country taking lessons now I think that is absurd so what we have to do is we

    國家上課了,我想 是荒謬的,所以我們要做的是我們

  • have to put ourselves in situations in which we can actually talk to native

    不得不將自己置身於 我們實際上可以與本地人交談

  • speakers and other learners of English because it's not just going to happen

    以英語為母語的人和其他英語學習者 因為它不是隨便發生的

  • without us doing something


  • get yourself on an immersion course because these


  • courses really make you actively interact with the target language in

    課程真正讓你積極 語用

  • ways that you wouldn't do elsewhere and it really helps your confidence and your

    你在其他地方不會做的事情,而且 它真的有助於你的信心和你的

  • fluency grow in a short amount of time of course we have our very own English

    一蹴而就 當然,我們有我們自己的英語

  • immersion courses which we are incredibly proud of not only because

    沉浸式課程,我們是 傲視群雄,不僅因為

  • we started our own business but because we think we've created a truly immersive

    我們開始了自己的事業,但由於 我們認為我們已經創造了一個真正沉浸式的

  • experience which is different to any other immersion course because you'll

    異於常人的 其他沉浸式課程,因為你會

  • actually be living with two native English teachers me and Charlie for a week

    耦居 英語老師,我和查理一個星期

  • so if that is of interest to you do click on this link and find out more about

    所以如果你有興趣的話,請單擊 在這個鏈接上,瞭解更多關於

  • those courses but if it's a bit too far for you to travel then check out one of

    但如果太遠的話 為您的旅行,然後檢查出一個

  • the other immersion courses which is available to you more locally

    其他沉浸式課程是 您可以在當地獲得

  • technique number three this takes us back to an episode we released earlier this year

    技巧三 這讓我們回到一個 今年年初推出的劇集

  • and this technique is rather unheard of really it's called language coaching we're

    而這種技術是聞所未聞的 其實這就是所謂的語言輔導,我們是。

  • going to dive back into part two of the interview with this coach that I

    將回溯到第二部分。 採訪這位教練,我

  • interviewed called Christina Lorimer so let's get stuck in shall we

    採訪了Christina Lorimer,所以 一拍即合

  • this is the second part of the interview you can check out part one where we

    這是採訪的第二部分 你可以查看第一部分,我們

  • covered what a language coach is at the end of this video or by clicking the top

    涵蓋了什麼是語言教練在 或點擊頂部

  • right info card now moving on to part two Christina is going to cover the

    右側信息卡現在進入部分 兩位Christina要去報道

  • outline of how to do a coaching session


  • you know you start with motivation it always


  • starts with motivation so today at this moment you know on a scale of 1 to 10

    始於動機,所以今天在這 滿分

  • how motivated are you feeling about you know working on your English right now

    你覺得你有多大的動力 瞭解你的英語工作,現在

  • and then you know you start with that number that number is pretty important

    然後你知道你開始與 號數

  • especially in terms of a short session because that's the way you're gonna end

    特別是在短時間內 因為這是你要去結束的方式。

  • so you're gonna bookend the sessions with on a scale of 1 to 10 how motivated

    所以你要去預訂會議 以1至10分的標準來衡量,你的積極性如何?

  • are you feeling about improving your English today okay interesting

    你是否覺得要改善你的 今天的英語還好有趣

  • yeah so there's mechanical goals and mastery goals mastery goals would be

    是的,所以有機械目標和 掌握的目標 掌握的目標是

  • what are the objectives and what are the priorities so this is when you you know

    目標是什麼? 優先級,所以這時候你你知道

  • really do some different techniques to ask students you know what is the

    真的做一些不同的技術,以 問學生你知道什麼是

  • English for and you know not why do you want to learn English why is very vague

    英文為and you know not why do you 想學英語為什麼很模糊

  • and then you always want to close out with an action plan what what I like to

    然後你總是想關閉 與行動計劃什麼什麼我喜歡

  • add into that myself because I think it's so important is talk about your

    因為我覺得 它是如此重要是談論你的

  • support network as well so let's say I'm working with a Brazilian learner who is

    支持網絡,所以說我是 與一名巴西學生一起工作,該學生是

  • a Brazilian that you can identify in your life who has learned English and

    一個巴西人,你可以識別在 你的生活中誰已經學會了英語和

  • can they be your mentor when are you gonna tell your family that you're

    他們可以成為你的導師,當你 會告訴你的家人,你是

  • focusing on learning English right now who in your immediate network can also

    現在專注於學習英語 您身邊的人也可以

  • practice English with you so we sort of finish up with an action plan and a

    和你一起練習英語,所以我們有點 制訂行動計劃和

  • support network and close it with the 1 to 10 question about motivation again

    支持網絡,並與1 對10個關於動機的問題再次提出

  • there we have it technique number three is to get a

    就是這樣 技巧三是獲得

  • language coach so you can get in contact with Christina through her website at

    語言教練,所以您可以聯繫 通過Christina的網站

  • I should also add that she specializes in working with 我還應該補充一點,她擅長於與以下人員合作

  • native Portuguese to English language learners


  • all right a quick recap of


  • technique number one is to combine an interest of yours with the English language

    技巧一是結合 你對英語的興趣

  • technique number two is to use technology to your advantage and

    技巧二是使用 技術的優勢,並

  • surround yourself predominantly with English or even better go on an English

    擁護 英語,甚至更好的是去上英語

  • immersion course again ours is available up top and technique number three is to

    沉浸式課程 技巧三是

  • get yourself a language coach to keep you on track and motivated to keep

    給自己找個語言教練,讓自己 你在軌道上,並有動力保持

  • pushing through that intermediate stage onto the advanced levels go ahead and

    闖關 進入高級階段

  • tell us how helpful these three tips have been for you and share any ideas

    告訴我們這三個建議有多大幫助 一直為你和分享任何想法

  • you have for your beloved language learning buddies around the world if you

    你對你的愛語 世界各地的學習夥伴,如果你

  • haven't subscribed yet then please be our guest and give us a cheeky thumbs up if you fancy it

    還沒有訂閱,那麼請成為我們的客人和 豎起你的大拇指吧

  • catch you next time on Real English With Real Teachers


welcome to Real English With Real Teachers



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