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  • The Time has come


  • for me to finally figure out


  • what's wrong with me! thank you.

    我有什麼毛病了 謝謝

  • This was recommended by one of you guys.


  • That I do uhhh... MBTI...

    讓我做 呃...MBTI...

  • Personality test. Now it's already assumed my gender and my location

    人格測驗 現在已經設好我的性別和位置了

  • Disgusting


  • Okay, if you wanna... I'll leave the link to the test in the description. You can do the test with me.

    好,如果你想要...我會放連結在說明欄 你可以和我一起測

  • Let's see what's wrong with ourselves.


  • Okay. "I like to stay at home."

    好喔 "我喜歡待在家"

  • Agree.


  • Oh God.


  • "I like to make definite plans when going out."


  • Somewhat.


  • "I avoid public speaking whenever possible." Yes, but not because I don't like public speaking. Just because i don't want


  • to do it, it takes up too much time to do it well.


  • "I work best in a group or with others."


  • While Pub G we Know can't do do us i like to fix things more Than i like to try and fix People


  • Sure i like tests that Have essay questions i don't even know what that is i prefer to use logic and reason in my Thinking?


  • Agreed i like to improvise whenever possible


  • Somewhat sometimes It can Be Good you know this is easy

    *笑* 在玩Pub G的時候你瞭我瞭的

  • Morality Should Be Based on justice agree i like to rely on My membrane oh i have no memory like a Goldfish?


  • You Guys Should Know that i largely accept Things as They are


  • Disagree how else are People going to improve how Else are People going to learn if


  • you Just Accept Things from How They are hard you're Just gonna accept


  • Don't you want a Higher standard


  • Disgusting i like to procrastinate oh yeah?


  • I'm


  • Such a procrastinate i am Largely uncomfortable with my emotions i


  • Don't know What that means I'M Bored being alone no i'm very Good at entertaining Myself

    有時候那還不賴的 懂ㄇ

  • I like to be focused on the future

    這很甘丹欸 呃

  • yeah i like to talk more Than i

    "道德必須建立在正義之上" 同意

  • Someone i like to think that i can balance both you know


  • Not be Just okay i like to follow my head more Than my Heart as someone i like devoting my day

    *笑* 不,我像隻金魚一樣沒有記憶可言

  • Yeah Shameful shameful okay i prefer Hard Data over Theory


  • Well Yeah you Need why not how can you argue with hard data


  • Huh i like to think i'm Thick-Skinned i agree 100% how do you think i got here not by being a Little


  • My life is Pretty Chaotic Well i

    如果你只是讓事情順其自然的話 人類是要怎樣進步?人類是要怎樣學習?

  • Guess It is but It's not my fault


  • So i'm gonna go with someone i prefer looking at the overall big picture yeah why not


  • I want People's love Who doesn't i find it difficult to yell at others Someone


  • And no it's not That hard i prefer to stand out


  • no, well i prefer sit but what do you Mean

    喔耶~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  • That Depends is it like


  • being different or hey look at me i'm standing out you know i'll put someone i


  • Like to Plan Things at The last minute

    我不太知道那是啥意思耶 (゚⊿゚ˋ)

  • no i feel i'm more energetic Than Laid-back nope i


  • Like to tell People What an event meant to me personally Rather Than Just Subscribing It yeah yeah i think it's more interesting to get


  • Why People Things are more in okay whatever oh?


  • Yeah, oh


  • yeah i

    呃 對呀

  • Feel Like I'm gonna Get The worst result from this i tend to believe What others tell me wholeheartedly

    "比起聽我比較喜歡說" 呃..有時候

  • no i

    我覺得我可以平衡兩種 你災嗎

  • Like to know why of things yeah


  • okay we're almost there we're almost there i like to keep My options open yes i like to go out Rather Than stay Home


  • Somewhat someone fine i like to perform in front of others Yes i Work best when i'm alone

    啊 有點吧

  • yes


  • I'm gonna be an introvert great i like to try fix People more Than uh didn't i answer these i prefer to take a

    *小聲* 對呀

  • Multiple-choice test

    可恥啊可恥 好喔

  • yeah i think logic is sometimes overrated


  • Who would Say That logic is overrated i like to prepare for Things Rather Than Just Things on the fly someone


  • You're Just Asking me the same questions that i put someone on


  • Morality Should Be Based on Compassion


  • Somewhat i like to make lists to help My memory, oh?


  • yeah i


  • Can't Remember anything i have to make list i have no choice I'm Generally?


  • Unsatisfied with The Way Things are no

    不然你覺得我怎麼爬到這的 才不只一點辣

  • I'm not i like to get my work done as soon as yes it'S 8:30 in the morning i

    "我的生活蠻混亂的" 嗯我.....

  • Need time to be by Myself yes

    我猜是吧 但不是我的錯

  • I'm focused on living in here and Now?


  • Someone i'd Like to listen more Than no i prefer to follow my heart Over my Head i don't know


  • This is test ever fucking end Jesus i like to play more Than Work hard oh?

    沒綽 何不呢?

  • Play Hard more Than Work hard uh


  • Someone i prefer Theory Over no one i'm easily Hurt by others words


  • Shut up my life is Pretty organized


  • I'm gonna sit with someone

    呃 不會啊 沒那麼難的

  • no not really i don't know this is too hard Stop Judging me


  • Thank you i want People's respect more Than Their love

  • Yeah i can see that i don't Mind Yelling When i need to yes i prefer to fit in then stand out


  • Yeah okay last page i like to plan far ahead

    那要看情況吧 就像

  • Someone I Feel like I'M more Laid back Than anything yes

    單純不一樣或者"嘿看看我很不一樣呦" 哩災嗎

  • Do You ever meet me in person


  • When i talk about any event i prefer to keep The facts Rather Than describe What It meant to me


  • you're asking The same fucking question i Just put stuff Wherever

    不 *騙肖欸*

  • It Doesn't Need to go in a specific Place


  • Disagree how else are you gonna find it

  • God Damn It i love and Get fired Up by parties and social Gathers Somewhat

    "比起接受,我比較喜歡告訴人什麼事對我是有意義的" 對啊

  • I'm pretty Skeptical about most Things Someone

    我會覺得比較有趣 去得到...

  • okay i like to know the who what and when know things yes here we Go i


  • Am The duty fulfiller i am serious and quiet


  • That's true


  • Interested in Security and Peaceful Living That's true


  • Extremely Thorough

    哦沒錯 *笑*

  • responsible and dependable


  • I'll take It well develop Powers of Concentration


  • That's true When i need to i'm really focused Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and


  • Establishments That Could Not Be Further from the truth i think all of Those Things are stupid

    "我會想知道事情的原由" 沒錯

  • How did that get in there well organized and hardworking They Work steadily Towards identified goals

    好喔我們快完了 快完了

  • Yep They can usually accomplish Any task once They have to set Their Mind to it

    "我會開放選擇" 沒錯

  • That's so true That'S so true this is really I'm surprised how accurate That


  • Description is except This one i don't believe in an establishment at All and

    有時候吧 有時候

  • traditions i think is sort of overrated


  • Maybe I Just Misunderstood some question i am


  • more introvert Than Extrovert Wish i knew i


  • Am most sensing Than intuitive i don't know what that means i'm


  • more Thinking

    太棒了 我要變成一個孤僻的人了

  • Than Feeling or is it the opposite


  • I


  • Think That's a Good Match though You can't Just have one Without the other and


  • I'm Judging more Than perceiving

  • Who am i this is Really interesting i recommend testing trying This out i Am is

    "我覺得邏輯這事有時候被高估了" *笑*

  • Tg Let me know what you guys Got and then in the comments i'm curious okay who else is is tj


  • Elizabeth The second


  • George Washington George Bush and of Course Jackie Joyner-Kersee


  • What is my weakness i'M stubborn


  • insensitive


  • Come on i'm not Now Neither of These Things


  • Some other sting sting and Denzel washington and Natalie Portman


  • My God


  • Incredible

    我記不了任何事 我需要列清單

  • Jason Bourne


  • Thorin Oakenshield The Hobbit is a Launch It's my god this Changes Everything


  • All Right Let me know what you guys Got and thank you for watching leave a like iF you enjoyed and Squad fam out

    不 哇謀啦

The Time has come



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