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  • Here are ten great British TV shows that you can watch to improve your English.

    這裡有十部偉大的英國電視節目,你 可以觀看,以提高你的英語水平。

  • Watching TV shows is a great way to learn English because we get exposure to new and

    看電視劇是一種很好的學習方式。 英語,因為我們可以接觸到新的和

  • very interesting vocabulary. We get to hear different accents and we also get a great

    非常有趣的詞彙。我們可以聽到 不同的口音,我們也得到了一個偉大的

  • opportunity for listening practice. And I think it's really important that you guys

    聽力練習的機會。而我 認為這真的很重要,你們

  • get exposed to modern English. The kind of English that you are going to hear if you

    接觸到現代英語。的那種 你將聽到的英語,如果你

  • come to visit Britain.


  • Alright, let's straight to number one.


  • Number one, The Great British Bake Off. This is a competition in which every week contestants

    第一,《英國烘焙大賽》。這個 是一個比賽,每週參賽者

  • have baking challenges and they are judged on the quality of the food they make. It's

    烘焙挑戰賽,並對他們進行評判 在他們做的食物的品質。它的

  • fun, it's light-hearted and it's very funny. Three reasons that it's a great programme

    樂趣,它是輕鬆的,它是非常有趣的。 它是一個偉大的節目的三個原因

  • for you guys to learn English. First of all you have a variety of accents from all around

    供你們學習英語。首先 四海為家

  • Britain so that's really interesting to see how people speak in different parts of Britain.

    英國,所以這真的很有趣,看到 英國不同地區的人如何說話。

  • it's a very contemporary show which means that all the contestants and all the people

    這是一個非常現代的節目,這意味著 所有的參賽者和所有的人

  • in the show are using modern English. And because it's a competition they are using

    在節目中都是使用現代英語。而 因為這是一個比賽,他們正在使用

  • very natural English because they are reacting to things and they are giving their opinions

    非常自然的英語,因為他們正在反應 他們對事物提出了自己的意見

  • and they are talking about their feelings. And it's all very natural. So you are going

    他們在談論他們的感受。 而這一切都很自然。所以你要

  • to be exposed to phrases and vocabulary and utterances that are very natural. It's also

    接觸到的短語和詞彙,以及 語句,非常自然。這也是

  • quite an interesting insight into British culture and the kinds of foods that are popular

    頗為有趣的英國見聞 文化和流行的食物種類

  • in Britain and also just where people are from. So you'll get to know people from different

    在英國,也只是人們在哪裡 從。所以你會認識來自不同地方的人。

  • parts of Britain which I think is interesting.


  • Alright, the next one is Black Mirror. Now this is a science-fiction TV series that looks

    好了,下一個是黑鏡。好了 這是一部科幻電視連續劇,看似

  • at modern society and how technology is used and it's pretty dark but it's also really

    在現代社會和如何使用技術 它是相當黑暗的,但它也是真的

  • exciting. So this is maybe not one for kids, this is probably quite an adult TV series

    刺激。所以,這也許不是一個孩子的。 這可能是一部相當成人的電視劇

  • but it's really good. Now the reasons why I think it's great for learning English well

    但它真的很好。現在的原因是 我覺得這對學好英語很有幫助。

  • because it's so well-written there's some fantastic conversations and dialogues that

    因為它寫得很好,所以有些 奇妙的對話和對話

  • I think are really worth listening to. I also think that it's a really thought-provoking

    我覺得真的值得一聽。我還 認為這是一個真正發人深省的

  • TV series. It makes you think about topics to do with technology and the future and with

    電視劇。它讓你思考的話題 與技術和未來有關,與

  • that there's lots of interesting topic vocabulary. So vocabulary relating to social media and

    ,有很多有趣的話題詞彙。 所以與社交媒體有關的詞彙和

  • to technology, you are going to hear a lot of that so if that's something you are interested

    技術,你將會聽到很多 所以如果你對這個感興趣的話

  • in then this is the perfect TV series. Now because each episode is totally different

    在那麼這是完美的電視劇。現在 因為每一集都完全不同

  • you are going to get exposed to a variety of accents as well so that's again, a really

    你將會接觸到各種 的口音,所以這又是一個真正的。

  • big bonus, is the variety of different types of English you are going to hear.

    大紅利,是各種不同類型的 的英語,你將聽到。

  • Another cooking programme but this one is different! This is Jamie Oliver. Now Jamie

    另一個烹飪節目,但這個是 不同的!這是傑米-奧利弗。現在傑米

  • Oliver is an internationally known British chef who is hugely popular around the world.

    奧利弗是國際知名的英國 廚師,他在世界各地都很受歡迎。

  • Now the reason I think it's great for you guys is, well a couple of things. He speaks

    現在我覺得這對你來說是個好理由 夥計們是,好了一對夫婦的事情。他說

  • really informally, his English is very informal so you are going to be exposed to a lot of

    真的是非正式的,他的英語很非正式 所以你會接觸到很多的

  • British slang phrases. Now he's from Essex which is a county to the East of London and

    英國俚語短語。現在他來自埃塞克斯 該縣位於倫敦以東,是倫敦的一個縣,也是倫敦的一個縣。

  • his pronunciation reflects that. So for example he won't pronounce some /t/'s in the middle

    他的發音反映了這一點。所以,比如說 他不會讀一些中間的/t/的音。

  • of words for example he'll say water instead of water which I also sometimes do. So you

    詞的變化,比如他會說水而不是 的水,我有時也會這樣做。所以你

  • are going to hear that kind of pronunciation which I think is fascinating. You'll also

    會聽到這樣的發音。 我認為這是迷人的。你還會

  • get a great amount of food vocabulary, you'll get interesting verbs. He also uses interesting

    獲得大量的食物詞彙,你將會得到 得到有趣的動詞。他還用有趣的

  • adjectives to describe his food. So there's a variety of interesting English that you

    形容詞來形容他的食物。所以就有了 各種有趣的英語,你

  • can hear when you are listening to Jamie Oliver. Also you get to learn how to cook some of

    可以聽到當你聽傑米-奧利弗。 此外,你還可以學習如何烹飪一些

  • the most delicious food so that's kind of cool. Also Jamie Oliver is a really good Ambassador

    最美味的食物,所以這是一種。 酷。傑米-奧利弗也是一個很好的大使

  • for Great Britain and British culture so you are going to get a lot of that in his TV shows.

    為英國和英國文化,所以你 是會在他的電視劇中得到很多。

  • This one is X Factor. Now X Factor is the most popular singing competition I think on

    這個是X Factor。現在X因素是 最受歡迎的歌唱比賽,我認為在

  • British TV. Now why I think it's so good for learning English is a couple of things. First

    英國電視。現在,為什麼我認為它是如此的好。 學習英語是幾件事。第一

  • of all, for each contestant they always go and tell their story about how they got to

    最重要的是,對於每一個參賽者,他們總是去。 並講述他們如何走到

  • this competition. So where they came from, what they used to do as a job or what they

    這場比賽。所以他們從哪裡來。 他們過去做什麼工作,或者他們做什麼

  • still do as a job and the story about how they came to X Factor. Now in these stories

    還在做的工作,以及關於如何。 他們來到X Factor。現在在這些故事中

  • you are going to be hearing narrative tenses, lots of past tenses, past perfect, past simple

    你將會聽到敘事時態。 很多過去時,過去完成時,過去簡單時。

  • and that's a really great way to kind of pick up on how to tell a story. How to bring emotion

    這是一個真正的偉大的方式來種選擇 瞭如何講故事。如何帶入情感

  • in to your English as well. Now it is a very emotional TV programme and you are going to

    在到你的英語以及。現在是一個非常 情緒化的電視節目,你要

  • hear lots of natural exchanges between the contestants and the judges so again lots of

    聽到很多自然的交流 參賽者和評審,所以又有很多

  • natural English, opinion phrases, adjectives. So there a lot of really interesting English

    自然英語、觀點短語、形容詞。 所以有很多非常有趣的英語

  • that you are going to hear. Also it's a really insight into British culture so you are going

    你要聽到的。同時這也是一個真正的 洞察英國文化,所以你要

  • to hear lots of British music, you'll obviously see the fashion, the clothes of the contestants

    要想聽到很多英國音樂,你顯然會 見風使舵,參賽選手的衣服。

  • and you'll also get again a variety of accents because the competition goes around Britain.

    而且你還會再次得到各種口音。 因為比賽是圍繞英國進行的。

  • So sometimes they are in Liverpool, sometimes they are in Birmingham, in London so you are

    所以有時他們在利物浦,有時 他們在伯明翰,在倫敦,所以你是。

  • going to hear a variety of accents again. Plus it's quite fun. It is quite a fun show

    又能聽到各種口音了。 另外,這也是相當有趣的。這是一個相當有趣的節目

  • yeah, I think you might enjoy it. Now just to remind you guys, you can find a lot of

    是的,我想你會喜歡它。現在只是 提醒你們,你們可以找到很多的。

  • these shows on YouTube. Even if it's not the full episode you'll get clips and I know for

    這些節目在YouTube上。即使它不是 完整的情節,你會得到剪輯,我知道的。

  • a fact that X Factor has it's own YouTube channel and there are loads of videos on there

    事實上,X Factor有它自己的YouTube。 頻道,有大量的視頻在那裡

  • that you can watch and follow the show. So you don't need to watch the whole episode

    你可以觀看和跟蹤節目。所以 你不需要看完整集

  • you could just go on YouTube and check out their channel there.

    你可以去YouTube上看看 他們的管道有。

  • The world's most famous detective Sherlock played by Benedict Cumberbatch. This is a

    世界上最著名的偵探夏洛克。 由本尼迪克特-康伯巴奇扮演。這是個

  • classic TV series and I'm sure you are probably familiar with it. So what you've got is fantastic

    經典電視劇,我相信你可能會 熟悉它。所以,你有什麼是夢幻般的

  • vocabulary and conversations that are really funny so really playful with the language.

    詞彙和對話,是真正的 有趣的所以真的很好玩的語言。

  • You've also got it set in modern London which is fantastic, so you get to see London and

    你還把它設置在現代倫敦,這 是夢幻般的,所以你可以看到倫敦和。

  • also again a variety of accents because there are different characters coming in so yeah

    也再一次的各種口音,因為有 是不同的角色進來,所以是

  • again, variety of accents that you are going to be exposed to. Plus it's extremely thrilling

    再次,各種口音,你要。 要接觸到的。另外,這是極其刺激的

  • so you are going to want to watch not just one episode but another one and another one

    所以,你要想看的不僅僅是。 一波未平一波又起

  • and another one. We call this binge watching. If you just keep watching the same TV show

    和另一個。我們稱之為狂看。 如果你一直看同一部電視劇

  • just the next episode and the next episode it's to binge watch. So I'm going to predict

    只是下集和下集 是要狂看的。所以我要預測

  • that you will binge watch Sherlock once you start watching it.

    你會狂看夏洛克,一旦你。 開始看吧。

  • Another competition, this time a dancing competition. Strictly Come Dancing. The reasons that I

    又是一場比賽,這次是舞蹈比賽。 嚴格的來跳舞。我的理由是

  • recommend this one is because A it's really fun. I mean it's just a fun show. If you love

    推薦這個是由於A它真的是 樂趣。我的意思是,這只是一個有趣的節目。如果你喜歡

  • music and you love dancing, you'll love watching it. Secondly once again you've got natural

    音樂和你喜歡的舞蹈,你會喜歡看 它。其次,你又一次得到了自然

  • reactions to the things that are happening in the show. So you'll be exposed to natural

    反應 在節目中。所以你會接觸到自然

  • English once again. So whether that's the judges giving their opinions or the contestants

    英語再次。所以不管是 評審發表意見或選手

  • saying how happy they are at doing the dance. Whatever the reaction is you're going to hear

    說他們在跳舞時有多高興。 不管是什麼反應,你都會聽到。

  • it as being quite natural. Maybe they are going to stumble on their words, maybe they

    它是很自然的。也許他們是 會絆住他們的話,也許他們

  • don't think of the right words, maybe you might even hear some grammatical mistakes

    詞不達意,也許你... ... 甚至可能聽到一些語法錯誤

  • but that's natural English. So that's why I think it's really great for you guys to

    但這是自然英語。所以這就是為什麼 我覺得這對你們來說真的很好。

  • watch these kinds of reality TV shows because yeah, you are going to hear really every day

    看這種真人秀節目是因為 是的,你會聽到真正的每一天。

  • English.


  • Ok this is the first comedy programme I'm recommending. Now generally i don't recommend

    好吧,這是第一個喜劇節目,我是。 推薦。現在一般我不推薦

  • watching comedy in another language because comedy is a really cultural thing and I think

    看另一種語言的喜劇,因為 喜劇是一個真正的文化的東西,我認為。

  • so much of what one culture finds funny, another perhaps won't do. However, having said that

    所以很多東西,一種文化覺得好笑,另一種文化覺得好笑 或許是不行的。不過,話雖如此

  • I think Peep Show is, it's a really good programme for a number of reasons. First of all, it

    我覺得 "偷窺秀 "是一個非常好的節目。 原因有很多。首先,它

  • is funny, I think it is funny and I think that humour can translate, you know, to different

    是有趣的,我認為它是有趣的,我認為。 幽默可以翻譯,你知道,對不同的。

  • cultures. The idea is that it's two men in their thirties that live together and they

    文化。這個想法是,這是兩個男人在。 三十幾歲的人一起生活,他們

  • have very different personalities and it's their lives and how they interact with the

    性格迥異 他們的生活,以及他們如何與

  • world. They get into all kinds of adventures and mishaps, it's the relationships they have

    的世界。他們進入各種冒險 和事故,是他們的關係。

  • with other people and yeah it's a good programme. The English that you'll hear is pretty clear.

    與其他人,是的,這是一個不錯的節目。 你會聽到的英語很清楚。

  • I mean they are very clear in the way that they speak so that's really good. I think

    我的意思是,他們是非常清楚的方式。 他們說,所以這是非常好的。我想

  • you'll be able to understand them pretty well. The vocabulary that they use it's contemporary,

    你就能很好地理解他們。 他們使用的詞彙是現代的。

  • it's modern English. Now it can be a little bit rude so you want to be careful if you

    這是現代英語。現在,它可以是一個小 有點粗魯,所以你要小心,如果你。

  • are watching it with children you maybe want to think about that. But yeah, it's very clear

    你也許想和孩子一起看 來思考這個問題。但是,是的,這是非常清楚的

  • English and it's very modern and contemporary English as well. And I think it's quite funny,

    英語,而且它非常現代和當代 英語也是。而且我覺得這很有趣。

  • maybe you'll disagree with me, I don't know, check it out. It's on YouTube, it's on Netflix.

    也許你會不同意我的觀點,我不知道。 檢查出來。它在YouTube上,它在Netflix上。

  • It's from Channel 4 so yeah check it out, see what you think. It also kind of shows

    這是第四頻道的,所以是的檢查出來。 看你怎麼想。這也是一種顯示

  • the boring side of living in London. They live in a London suburb and their lives are

    在倫敦生活的無聊的一面。他們 住在倫敦郊區,他們的生活是

  • pretty boring so it's kind of interesting to see that side of Britain as well. Britain

    蠻無聊的,所以有點意思 也能看到英國的這一面。英國

  • and London isn't just Big Ben and Tower Bridge, it can be boring suburban lives as well.

    而倫敦不只是大本鐘和塔橋。 它也可以是無聊的郊區生活。

  • The complete opposite to Peep Show is Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey is hugely popular around

    與 "偷窺秀 "完全相反的是 "唐頓 Abbey(唐頓莊園).唐頓莊園在各地都很受歡迎。

  • the world. I'm sure you have seen it or probably heard of it at least. So Downton Abbey is

    的世界。我相信你已經看到了,或者很可能 至少聽說過所以《唐頓莊園》是

  • set in the early 1900s. It's a historical drama, so it's the life of this aristocratic

    設定在20世紀初。這是一個歷史 戲,所以是這個貴族的生活。

  • family in their home and then it's kind of compared. So you have this aristocratic family,

    家庭在他們的家,然後它是一種。 相比之下。所以你有這個貴族家庭。

  • a very rich family living upstairs and then the servants living downstairs. So you have

    一個非常富有的家庭住在樓上,然後 住在樓下的僕人。所以你有

  • these two different worlds and how they interact. It's obviously not contemporary English so

    這兩個不同的世界,以及他們如何互動。 這顯然不是當代英語,所以

  • in that respect some of the vocabulary and the way they speak maybe isn't how we speak

    在這方面,一些詞彙和詞彙量都很重要。 他們說話的方式可能和我們說話的方式不一樣。

  • now. However, it is a really interesting show and you're going to get lots of interesting

    現在。但是,這是一個非常有趣的節目 你將會得到很多有趣的東西

  • dialogue, conversations and again a variety of accents you'll hear as well. So I think

    對話、對話和各種 的口音,你也會聽到。所以我認為

  • it's worth watching and certainly it's a very popular TV programme so even if you just watch

    值得一看,當然這是一個非常的 熱門節目,所以即使你只看

  • it because you love it, more than anything else then that's perfect.

    因為你愛它,比什麼都重要 否則那就完美了。

  • This one is a personal favourite of mine Planet Earth. Now specifically I want to talk about

    這個是我個人最喜歡的星球 地球。現在我特別想說的是

  • the narrator of Planet Earth David Attenborough, or sorry Sir David Attenborough. Now he is

    《地球》的解說員大衛-愛登堡。 或對不起大衛-愛登堡爵士。現在他是

  • considered in Britain to be a national treasure. He is someone that everybody respects and

    在英國被認為是國寶。 他是一個人人尊敬的人,也是一個

  • everybody loves. I've been listening to his voice every since I was a child, he narrates,

    每個人都喜歡。我一直在聽他的 他講述道,從我小時候開始,每一個聲音。

  • well he has narrated every wildlife programme I've ever listened to and his voice is so

    他為每一個野生動物節目解說 我聽過他的歌,他的聲音是如此的。

  • comforting and soothing. It's like the grandfather that you never had. Now Planet Earth is, I

    舒服又舒心。這就像爺爺 你從來沒有過的。現在地球是,我

  • think, one of the greatest TV programmes of all time. And it looks at different aspects

    認為,最偉大的電視節目之一 所有的時間。它從不同的方面來看

  • of the world and the nature that lives in each one so it could be the jungle, the desert,

    世界和生活在其中的自然 每一個人,所以它可以是叢林,沙漠。

  • the seas. And David Attenborough, sorry Sir David Attenborough narrates the stories of

    海上。還有大衛-愛登堡,對不起,先生 大衛-阿滕伯勒講述的故事是

  • these places just absolutely beautifully. His vocabulary is incredible. The way he delivers

    這些地方只是絕對美麗的。 他的詞彙量是不可思議的。他的表達方式

  • his sentences are so clear and it's with such grace and charm about them. Yeah, it's worth

    他的句子是如此的清晰,它是與這樣的。 他們的優雅和魅力。是的,它是值得的

  • watching Planet Earth just to listen to David Attenborough. Now I think the vocabulary can

    看《行星地球》只是為了聽大衛 愛登堡。現在我覺得詞彙量可以

  • be quite difficult sometimes so subtitles are a really good idea and you don't need

    有時會很困難,所以字幕 是一個非常好的想法,你不需要。

  • to understand every word with this because he uses a lot of technical vocabulary to do

    以此來理解每一個字,因為 他使用了大量的技術詞彙來做。

  • with the animals and to do with wildlife. I don't understand a lot of them but that

    與動物和與野生動物。 我不明白其中的很多東西,但那是

  • doesn't matter, that's not what we are doing. We are matching some of the most incredible

    不要緊,那不是我們正在做的。 我們正在匹配一些最不可思議的

  • sort of cinematography with his voice and the way he speaks. And I think that's worth

    他的聲音和那種電影攝影。 他說話的方式。我認為這是值得

  • watching just in itself.


  • And my final one. Now I've given you a variety of TV programmes. We've had reality TV programmes,

    還有我的最後一個。現在,我已經給你各種 的電視節目。我們已經有了真人秀節目。

  • we've had natural history programmes, we've had comedy. This last one is a bit different.

    我們已經有了自然歷史節目,我們已經... 有喜劇。最後這個就有點不一樣了。

  • It's two programmes that I want to kind of talk about and you can choose which one you

    這是兩個節目,我想種。 談論,你可以選擇哪一個你

  • prefer. One is Made in Chelsea and the other one is The Only Way is Essex. Now these are

    喜歡。一個是切爾西製造,另一個是 一個是 "唯一的道路是埃塞克斯"。現在這些是

  • structured reality shows so they are presented as being reality but they're not. Why do I

    結構化的真人秀節目,使他們呈現 作為現實,但他們不是。為什麼我

  • think these are really interesting for you guys to watch? A couple of reasons. First

    我覺得這些對你來說很有趣 要看的人?有幾個原因。第一

  • of all you have Made in Chelsea which is a group of young, beautiful rich people in West

    你有 "切爾西製造",這是一個。 芸芸眾生

  • London. And then with The Only Way is Essex you have a group of young, good-looking people

    倫敦。然後與 "唯一的路是埃塞克斯 "一起 人小鬼大

  • from Essex, which is, as I said before, to the East of London. And they are very different

    從埃塞克斯,這是我之前說過的,以。 在倫敦東部。而他們是非常不同的

  • social groups so that's a really interesting thing to begin with. Is that you are going

    社會團體,所以這是一個非常有趣的 的事情開始。是你要

  • to get an interesting insight into British culture and these different types of people.

    來了解英國人的趣事 文化和這些不同類型的人。

  • Also you're going to get really fascinating vocabulary. So the difference of vocabulary

    而且你會得到真正迷人的。 詞彙量。所以詞彙的區別