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  • After competing for 11 days at the FIBA Asia Championships,

  • Taiwan’s men's basketball team returned to a warm welcome at the airport.

  • But team captain Lin Chih-chieh said he was disappointed the team fell short in the semifinals

  • after earning one of its most impressive wins ever against China.

  • It has been a long time for a scene such as this to play out at Taoyuan International Airport.

  • Despite failing to earn a spot at next year’s Basketball World Cup,

  • fans continued to show their enthusiasm for the team,

  • including new immigrant to Taiwan, Quincy Davis III.

  • It’s been very amazing to see all the people come out and support us.

  • I hope we did a good job, and for all the little kids who are growing up and watching us play, I hope we inspired them.

  • And it’s very good to see all our fans in support and represent Taiwan.

  • However, team captain Lin Chih-chieh continued to express his disappointment after losing in the semifinals.

  • Since yesterday, I haven’t been happy. It may take awhile for my mood to improve.

  • The team battled hard in every game of the tournament.

  • It was met with screaming cheers from fans, which boosted the spirits of the team members.

  • Support was also given to the head coach.

  • I felt like crying in each game because we seemed to always need to mount a comeback.

  • We were behind by 10 points to Jordan, and then 13 points to the Philippines,

  • and of course, we all know that we fell behind 17 points to China.

  • So every game was quite touching.

  • Despite the loss, Taiwan’s men's basketball team still has a number of tournaments on the horizon to look forward to, such as the East Asian Games and the Asian Games.

  • After regrouping following this painful loss, the team hopes to make another bid for international glory.

After competing for 11 days at the FIBA Asia Championships,


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歡慶台灣男子籃球隊取得重返FIBA錦標賽資格! Taiwan men

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