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  • Neil voiceover: I've been working at the BBC

  • for a long time now. I've met lots of people.

  • And I sometimes bump into themand make

  • small talk. They call it small talk, but that

  • doesn't mean it's of little importance.

  • Debbie: Neil.

  • Neil: Hello Debbie

  • Debbie: Hiya.

  • Neil: I didn't think you were here today.

  • Debbie: Yep. Just the trainsloads of delays.

  • Neil: Terrible, aren't they? Really awful.

  • Next election, I tell you, I'm going to vote

  • this lot out.

  • Debbie: Yeah, yeah things could be better.

  • It's not great.

  • Neil: So, who do you vote for normally?

  • Debbie: Sorry?

  • Neil: Who do you vote for? Which party?

  • Are you political? Are you a member of a party?

  • Debbie: UmUm… I'm sorry, I'm sorry

  • I just… I've just… I've just got to speak

  • to someone.

  • Neil: Yeah.

  • Debbie: Jim! Sorry. Jim!

  • Neil: See you later.

  • Neil voiceover: Let's see what our experts

  • have to say about that.

  • Sam: I thought he made a really strong start

  • with the transport and the delays. And she

  • was willing to answer those questions and

  • talk about it. And we love talking about delayed

  • trains in the UK.

  • Kee: He could have talked about his

  • own journey in. Sam: Yeah.

  • Kee: But instead he went for something else.

  • Sam : And yeahyou caneven talking

  • about politics, the fact that there's a general

  • electionfair enough, you can say,

  • 'Oh yeah, things are interesting at the moment

  • with the general election', but you could

  • leave it there. Kee: Sure, sure.

  • Sam: You wouldn't talk about who

  • you voted for.

  • Kee: And also, they're in the canteen.

  • Sam: Yeah

  • Kee: 'What did you buy?'

  • Kee/Sam: 'What have you got for breakfast?'

  • A lot of clues in therethings that you

  • could talk about. Absolutely.

  • Sam : He had something in his hand.

  • Kee: Yeah he had like a…

  • Sam: She was clearly on her way to get something.

  • Kee: Sure, yeah. And I think as soon as he

  • asked that question, she was looking for an

  • excuse to get away from him. So the

  • signs were there, like you say.

  • Sam: Written all over her face.

  • Neil voiceover: Thanks for the tips, guys.

  • I'll try harder next time.

Neil voiceover: I've been working at the BBC


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A2 初級 英國腔

英國人閒聊時要避免的話題。政治 (Subjects to avoid in British small talk: Politics)

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