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  • In this American English pronunciation video, youre going to get even better at speaking

  • with rhythmic contrast. Were going to practice two-syllable words with second syllable stress.

  • First, if you were just going to watch this video, don’t. That would be very boring.

  • This video only works if youre willing to practice your English out loud. So, if

  • youre somewhere where you can’t do that, make sure to come back to this video later.

  • When learning English as a second language, most people don’t make unstressed syllables

  • as fast, low in pitch, or quiet as they should. The tendency is to over-pronounce them. But

  • that’s not good English. In English we have clearer stressed syllables, DA, and less clear

  • unstressed syllables, da. So for these syllables, don’t be afraid to be less clear.

  • In this video, were just going to do two-syllable words with second syllable stress, like this:

  • da-DA, da-DA, da-DA. That’s all youre going to hear. Youre going to get into

  • a groove with the rhythm. After each repetition of the word, repeat it just like you hear

  • it. Don’t over-pronounce the unstressed syllables. This going to move quickly. See

  • if you can keep up.

  • okay, da-DA, okay undo, da-DA, undo

  • about, da-DA, about

  • affect, da-DA, affect include, da-DA, include

  • yourself, da-DA, yourself suggest, da-DA, suggest

  • today, da-DA, today apply, da-DA, apply

  • agree, da-DA, agree believe, da-DA, believe

  • response, da-DA, response provide, da-DA, provide

  • Now were going to go back to the beginning and just do the words one time each. Repeat

  • each word, and don’t worry too much about the sounds. This is a drill exercise in rhythm.

  • okay undo

  • about affect

  • include yourself

  • suggest today

  • apply agree

  • believe response

  • provide

  • Now were going to go back to the beginning and just do the words one time each, with

  • a short sentence. Repeat the word and the sentence, keeping the right rhythm when it’s

  • in a sentence.

  • okayIt’s okay. undoWe can undo it later.

  • about – I’m about to. affectItll affect everything.

  • includeWell include it. yourselfJust be yourself.

  • suggest – I suggest we try again. todayWell start today.

  • applyHell apply tomorrow. agree – I agree completely.

  • believe – I believe it. responseThe response was positive.

  • provideWell provide that.

  • I couldn’t hear you, but I bet you did really great. This video is part of a series where

  • we take words with the same stress, and practice a bunch of them at once. It’s a drilling

  • exercise. You want to do it over and over until the stress pattern feels natural. Click

  • the link here or in the description below to see other videos in this series. The more

  • you practice while working on stress, the more natural youll sound to Americans.

  • So when youre learning vocabulary, organize the words in lists by stress. Practice words

  • of the same stress together to get into that groove.

  • What other two-syllable words with second syllable stress can you think of? Put them

  • in the comments below to give everyone more words to practice with.

  • Stress is something I stress in my book American English Pronunciation. If you want an organized,

  • step-by-step resource to build your American accent, click here to buy the book. I think

  • youre going to love it.

  • That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English.

In this American English pronunciation video, youre going to get even better at speaking


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音節重音研究:2個音節的單詞da-DA--美國英語。 (Syllable Stress Study: 2-Syllable Words da-DA - American English)

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