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  • The landmark of Tainan -

  • Hayashi Department Store.

  • This is where youll find the old memories of Tainan!

  • Hayashi Department Store

  • Many people in Tainan call it thefive-story building.”

  • In its heyday, the department store

  • was a fancy place to see and be seen.

  • Can’t wait to go inside. Let’s go!

  • Hayashi Department Store has long been recognized

  • It was established in 1932

  • by the businessman Hayashi Houichi,

  • who was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan.

The landmark of Tainan -


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A2 初級 美國腔

EP7.臺南林氏百貨 (EP7.Tainan Hayashi Department Store)

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