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  • Hello and welcome to the second episode of cooking with Marshmello

  • We'll be whipping up a very special treat for you

  • Marshmello Spiders

  • Melo, can you bring out the ingredients, please?

  • Don't tell me you've forgotten the ingredients it's only the second episode.

  • Ahh. There they are go ahead and bring them out, please

  • Let's introduce what we're working with shall we our ingredients include some fluffy marshmallows

  • pretzel sticks and

  • The white chocolate. Let's get started! Melo, can you please bring out the sheets of aluminium foil here?

  • Here we go.

  • Now, please place the white chocolates in a bowl

  • and into the microwave for 30 seconds to get them nice and melted.

  • It's okay. The microwave won't hurt your, Llo

  • We'll wait. we'll go ahead and stop rolling the cameras just be yourself



  • Sounds like it's ready

  • Now that the chocolate is nice and melted we'll need to dip 8 pretzels into the chocolates

  • What doing with that chocolate syrup

  • Marshmello, what's going on here?

  • Everything is better with that smile.

  • Now on to dipping the marshmallows into the chocolates.

  • Gently press them onto the pretzel spider legs.

  • And there you have it

  • Marshmello spiders. Don't they look delicious?

  • Thank you for watching and be sure to stay tuned

  • Marshmello does not endorse the consumption of marshmallows

  • and stresses to refrain from consuming any marshmallow related products

  • But rather to treat them as your friends

Hello and welcome to the second episode of cooking with Marshmello


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B2 中高級 美國腔

用Marshmello烹飪。棉花糖蜘蛛 (Cooking with Marshmello: Marshmello Spiders)

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