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Hello, everyone!
I am white
Today, we have to do
Should say Welcome to
★ ★ into the generation of the ★ into that
that we set it
to come Do
base props
after we. .
To sort out my box Well
Yes! Cause I feel like my box
seems to have one point
Tut (˙ • ω • ˘)
is not enough
is a little classification
chaos! (. Seoul_un)
That first of all
I have to build
Last equipment
shovel son! is this
need cross / a
big with a
Oh, understand ( ∀) b
is that
put that handle
is the handle
this handle
(. Seoul_ŏ)
(; ゚ д ゚)
(; `д · ')
Wood on it
• ω •) Thank you
Good! It's done!
Then you need
X, heel. .
And who? (? _?)?
Requires an X with a handle
Good! X / a handle
There is one of this OK
X / a handle and then there is a
Anyway, is the handle on the right! (゚ 3 ゚) ♪
is this part of the handle
OK! Completed
Well, some of the materials are
Right! This way, ah
good! (* '· ∀ · `) з ゙
wrongly, this
X Limit
This is
can be dug 3x3 range
shovel shovel (✿ ゚  ゚) ノ
great bar! ( ∀ ·) b
Then I want to do these doing?
Mainly to expand our family behind friends
Because our family is a bit too small
This set had wanted to go mining
But I think
There are more important things to do than mining
is that we have to own
finishing our box
Do not you think our box is small?
Yes! ( '゚ д ゚ `)
Right, we go back
dig a little
Yes! This is what I'm worried about. . . One thing is. .
me. .
Really do not know the following is actually a small cave
holes in the problem
Only blocked up
I have to Ssssss
really is a hole in the place
Anytime, anywhere there is a monster falling feeling (
゚ д ゚)
This is also poached
ah! Probably like this bar it that some places
there are some minerals
dig it
Head to not more
We go up a layer of good, right!
By the way, you can use this big shovel
shovel to dig directly
up one layer
this way, may be better
very convenient right!
This is when we
If you want to expand the future ah ~
or warehouse ah What
at any time can be expanded
really super convenient
that again is
we want to
all move about
First, we come and go big I am. . This time I have seen the history of the coolest thing = cool! This is something I love (*'∀`) ~ ♥
I need a lot of this
And then again is
? Only one group (. Seoul_ŏ)
And then how to put?
That. . good ~ ingot
Oh ~ day
need an ingot on it
But I will use more friends
So let it continue to burn
that. . After this put on
This is the core
This is its side
This module we may first see
Because ~ ~ But may not be the first time friends
may be many times
May It's been interesting to see this module for a long time. It is

name in fact, I will not lie to you
see to know!
This side can not put
Do not! It will put the whole batch out
so terrible (
゚ д ゚)
a good
then knocked out a corner
put the core, put up!
Done! (ノ> ω
I did not lie ah ~
big box ah, how it?
take pictures of good
big box ah, how?
big box it!
(• ω •)
Then we put our
mineral ah ~ not burning these minerals
are directly moved past
This is not burned minerals
on the first order Here
Great! Super convenient
This capacity at least
This is not finished, God
I want to throw things into a good Oh.
Can I do this?
Can not right
Because I think
I really difficult to sort things now!
Yeah! Too much
But in the big box inside, there is no way
Oh there is there! Here σ `∀ ') σ
But will. Pressure to the next
I have to find
a better point

think of ways to go to this button
This will be because of the fold. . Will be
pressure to. . Pressure to it
So. . .
Well that is to change the window
Well is to use another finishing method

Otherwise it will block
In fact, full of distress

No matter! Anyway, our purpose is to organize the box
not Kansai
first lost in again to say
because it is great
This is empty ah
We then build two large boxes
That you will be asked to say
Only this size?
Feelings can change big!
Yes! It can be bigger
maximum is ~ ~
I This is 3x3 only
you have to be bigger, of course, no problem
can yo ~ can yo ( ' )
Of course, is your material enough
Most of the only wood ~
Most of the wood
Just the wood we can build super big box
The biggest is 11x11
The knock this angle
How to change here ??
I try again
This direction over
(☉ ди)
( '· ω · `)
It is difficult to control
It should be said too difficult to control
This thing really. Do not obey
At least the direction of the right, huh, huh
Then we put these box class ah ~
Wood class that there is no
All the order to the big box
That third Big
(• _ •) enough? You can also build a big
side can also put a big box

OK, good! You have these box-like
into the box class
This front
put this put the debris good
this. Of = Well, most of the boxes are
finishing empty, in addition to this one
Also present outside the glove compartment
I think I should do a
is tut! Put the plant category
right! Put the plant category
Should be re-
and then a deep bar it ~ ~
I went to
get the ignition
OK! That side again
do one
less one iron ingot
complete d (d'∀ ')
that this one box, you can display
these, ! Mushrooms
my white mushrooms. ゚ (゚'ω` ゚) ゚.
full of
These are the plant category
probably this classification it
Because they are actually super-capacity Big
So ~
Oh right! Then
is to see you
the number of X how much you can make
larger, of course, relative to the
capacity will become large
capacity will become larger with Oh ~
So when you do more and more boxes Big
You found ~ hmm?
How? My
box seems to be able to install more things
So basically, you see so many
This can also pull very below Oh
So do not worry that the box soon run out
This large, just 3x3
So much
So the capacity is actually great, do not worry
Of course, if you want to be more
can also!

Of course, of course
you have to be bigger, no problem
that ~ I put
Tools, like my side to put some debris Tools
As may be used ah
Line ah
So in the future
After I may also add a
similar. Ah ~ Monster got ah
Those, right! We have a row of boxes on the way out
right ~ of course, then we will be made into automation
Therefore, these boxes may ~
You can also support a few sets about it
on. Installed by!
That is, anyway, the greater capacity
But I think this may be slightly modified
In the transformation, the effect may be better
That we today
Taught to
In fact, did not teach anything (˙ · з)
No No, to teach anything special ah
Wait for the next This is my debris right
I look at Oh ~ here is the plant
stone class here
give it classification
mineral class here
~ ~ You also
Food category
In fact, I have a lot of things are misplaced
I just have
are finishing, finishing this part
So. .
Yes, a bit of misplaced
And just this one
This one is not to the
because it was caught to the
I have to find a way
Press this one
I have to
Otherwise, I have to take
First turn off this
Well, this is not very affected
okay, OK
tools, here
like this, ah, are tools
This is a flower
Do not run around the place
OK, then we set
sorted out a few boxes
After I may be in the play
More to prepare a few boxes
on is the same as on this inside
is to add a monster was ah
There are some tools like this class
OK! This is the case
That we live today
here to end Hello!
Thank you for watching, we see the next time
worship ( ノ · ω · `)


[Minecraft]時代進化EP.7 巨無霸箱子 ([Minecraft])

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