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Hello everyone!
I am white
Today, we want to play
when the ★ ★ ★ into the generation of the Yes
that Dwarf Σ (; ゚ д ゚)
Hey Good night, hello!
That we today!
It should be said that our last episode is. .
Some of this a large melting furnace it
build complete! but
we want to start it
need other equipment
that our goal is to set it
to complete its equipment
that it needs what kind of equipment? First of all. Ok. .
It requires three production
Blacksmith's table
to tell you about one by one
I need to put synthetic table inside the synthesis table (?)
OK! Do it!
This table is what we usually use
synthesis of the table that friends
When we in the synthesis
As long as things put up
If we quit, it will spray out, right! That 's the perfect
Canceled, is perfect. . .
will not let you spray things, ah, is the case! Good for
! Let 's put this table on!
This is one of the tables
. . . Σ (゚ д ゚)
Wait a minute, I found my space
a little less than
take a little soil to strengthen it
like this way
OKAY! Good
That we strengthen a little bit here
We put this table to go!
Like, uh. . Will not file to
Should not be it
like this
That is the interface to open
When we put things when it
You look very cute, it will appear here
Then it will not disappear, great bar ( ∀ ·) b
That if you put a box next to it
This box will be connected
this table
So when we put things inside
ready to come out to synthesize
ready to be put into it
can be directly connected, great bar!
Then come back, we have this
more convenient after the small table
we want to do the production model
that model
we need to use the production of

This one. Round table
What is the role of this table
We are a blacksmith is to model
Good! Then we first square the board
to do it, then X2
OK, this is the table
. Synthetic methods
That we put aside
that. . When this starts
it just put it near
it will, oh you can switch at any time there is no
because it is in the next room only
so you can directly do the switch

convenient convenience d ( `∀ ·) b
that have this model?
is this model
= That is the use of the board to put ah
If I want to do today
Hammer stick handle
Here you can take
directly out, and then you can start making

We have to first cut a tree, because we
us. We have the trees, it should be said that I have run out of logs
really bad (1 • 1 • 1)
cut a tree good, good
dragon fruit is also a long mature, and we can take Come back to harvest it
Well, that is like this way
to the next piece of the board did not take out
put up, I will be very accustomed to do the direct switch
This is about left and right switching
= Right! Although just know that
can point from here, but I still used to
that the third table can be like this, there is no
we can have three tables
that this table, the third table What is the role of this?
When we put the board, that is, we want to model board
Like this, if I do today Handle here
come up with a model
Then, use this model to put in, with any material
If I use wood, I can make a wooden

Wood this stick, it is a tool, it is a tool Is a part
it is a part, it
it this part, it can be used directly to synthesis
directly used to do more advanced things can also
Yes, we can, so we put it into the first do not care
so we do the third table, that is, parts of the combination
Parts of the combination table, I look at Oh
parts of the combination table, should be free materials can
I just do a comparison EZ board like
Board with a workbench
(☉ ди)
I forgot to switch, I am too used to
This is the model Integration table
However, because of the integration table
that level is not very high friends
So be able to integrate, is to do things out, not so much
So if we do a little advanced
I have to collect their own more advanced materials to do these
You will see below , You see this
You can also die ah, this is the so-called upgrade
This upgrade from here to evolve here
Need tiles with. Oh, do not say more
that we have a few tables we introduced on the end of
I have a look at what materials need to stick. Is this
that we just want to build out, this part with this one part
we can complete this one pick son
but are wooden friends so
function will not be great, I Want to do it directly
is made directly into the more advanced
So we may have to
first part of the table are completed after the should be said to be part of the boiler after the completion of
again with my table

my resources a little bit, so our The stove can not be started at this moment.
We need more gold and more trees
We need more of these things, otherwise we do not come out for the time being President
So I first cut the tree good
First cut the tree, or feel like there is no cut, it may not be good
= Well, then I have to harvest some dragon fruit
Then someone said, dragon fruit is not that. .
That is. . Cactus fruit?
Cactus fruit?
I think about it, ah ah!
Anyway, the module Well BJ4 things too much
or not to deliberately think too much good

Yes, and then there are some previous message that
viewers: how do you do not do shield ah?
Or what to say. .
viewers: left hand can put things ah
these in fact I know
However, according to sell fast old players in terms of these functions, for me, I do not use them
Too often use them, because I think there is no need, I take the shield doing?
Dang my line of sight, I have to do things 欸 (.
I am not playing UHC
so you do not in fact

Too concerned about is not to do this ah
Or do that, ah, rest assured!

how do you play fast on how to play wheat wheat is fast
should be concerned is. . . You can only play this, you can only play that

So in fact, there is no need for me to do something
so I will not do it because

Shield actually. .
Well, okay, but I think it is less than
and I do things every time I hate things in the lower left corner

It will have a small limitation of the picture
So I Do not do it, then
I am here to play this module
I will slowly introduce you to these strange things

that if you have a very understanding of this module
think I am a person
welcome you Video below the message to teach more things for everyone

that if I feel that your message is good
I will be in the game video inside the way that
your proposal, then we can try to do

look. Change to see. Nongnong, right! Because these modules are actually more liberalized
so you can play any

Whatever play you have to develop a better er er er, burning furnace stuff?
or something stronger? Or say something must be used

You can tell the following message to everyone, this is an interactive
! This is an interaction, that. .

I have just finished cutting the wood Well, the collection finished some wood
then I'm going to collect a little gold mine

I have to collect a little gold, with the fishing magma barrel
so we must first complete some of the former Home

task Caixing, not the task should be said that the front of things
I have brought four barrels, should be enough
The four dragon fruit I used to make a good tree
After that we should have a large fruit orchard
there is a fruit orchard vegetable garden there is also a good furnace
Here there is a hard labor fear Just passed
I remember. . Oh right here, I just went wrong
I want to say we last dig that

mine location
That you have mentioned in the message that when the baby near the polar bear it
it will, is the masculine angry
to protect its children, it will attack
So the last time before it Will attack me, OK OK
To dig gold, this layer is actually not deep enough, we go to the following
feel a bit more monster
20 layers, about 20 layers or so
In looking for a way to go down, there are
side of the road here, there is a good way to dig

Woo! With the success (• ω •)
scared me
ah Well! Good dangerous
how there will be shiny
Oh there is a magma
This is the miners of the flower
Tanzanite with brick, a lot of miners flowers Oh!
Well, no matter, the first magma fishing go!
I think the four barrels may not be enough
personal feel
OK! Filled, and installed four barrels
again to find gold
fluorescent flowers is very convenient, because the brightness of the fluorescent Kansai
a diamond
substantially reduced monster survival rate
because it will light up at night
find diamonds find diamonds  ( ') `*) ノ ♬
Oh! diamond. Is a diamond
ah, this magma burning really long
I am in such a low
bag full of fruit to eat well
What is this place ah?
how will a
a kind of mixed Grand Canyon
Oh! My God! (゚ д ⊙)
What, no
scared to death ( '⊙ д -)
to a sudden attack on the stone, Oh!
Black Oh, just do not see you!

It should be the only bar, ah how there are
I saw a diamond in front
but did not see
嗯 not see the gold
The pit of the gold is really little Oh
This is not a diamond, this is peacock
cool Oh
With the same gem it! Is the same
Tanzanite the same
it will be stuck in the following, we do not deliberately dig it good
first look for something we like
Oh! There are above the above, see the
peacock mine on the surface is also a lot of
Oh! My God!
good pain x3
it jumped out
Killed to death
terrible bar
Peacock mine, there are gold mines I want to dig
There are still , And I still think
how we want to go home
ah, regardless of the first gold dig End
wow! This is a lot of gold this Oh!
, there x3
Get out! This time there is no magma, I have to own
that. Stone pillar is very annoying
You also use the pillars dodge is how
good good, hurry to dig the dug away
twinkle shiny crystal
just dead end, Oh
good insurance Oh! Call, scared me to death scared me
So close to the explosion?
Please do not send out the sound of Sss, super terrorist
Well, we have dug 33 gold
I pick the end of the dig has been dug a burst
So we are going to North Korea back - home - the - way forward!
First of all I have to find out how to get home
during the day!
Come out! (ノ> ω
Finally, this set is also a long time to be in the pit, this set
Well, then we go to our boiler poured into the magma it
four barrels just, you can fill
that our gold thrown into the
come again is our iron
only plug the top, please melt later. . .
Then we began to learn our casting it!
That I want to do first, I want to do their favorite props
This table can do props In fact,
Are also full of EZ are also full of simple
So I want to directly upgrade
because I think this is something to do

not so high friends. You also know
upgrade upgrade! Need tiles
with this one thing and then the above
put on any stone like

OK! Well, should be enough then
iron brick, then I need a
I need a this this
home, there are a lot of coke Blackstone OK! To make this thing, then we replace the first, so the next
no picks (˘ · з)
to it. Put up!
Upside down! Oh, right
is. . Ok. .
If you want to fall when you want to do it
You must point it to show the following state
It will come out to the bottom of the first priority
Otherwise, you will confuse
In fact, many of these capacity, I hope not to run out of other materials
I need four iron tiles
thrown into the burn, all take to burn
four should be enough, then the temperature will be like this slowly help you . . .
Finish it, pair right
done! Four to strengthen what
I strengthen you, on it! (Ann ?)
OK, complete! Professional high-level iron tables
This will find, ah! Good magic Oh
how much more tools, because it is upgraded!

Anyway, is to upgrade
I first make a big ax, because the big ax can directly cut the tree
root and then all will fall off is a very convenient thing

So I first This thing out
so that we are not enough wood, so we will note
We are out of these things Sir
First, like this thick, ? First of all, we just noticed
is that we have to build that big hammer, we need a thick template we put the template
put this born out

Coarse template with a large x
with. . With what ah, I see
Large x thick template with a grain of this thing, well, to find what Oh
It should be him, right!
need four kinds of mold
Also a coolie face this template
Well, these templates are made after it
moved to our template, put up

Put our pebbles, make the base model
good x These are the base model
ah! Put the wrong, where the fishes, the basic model
There are four types of these basic models
Then what can these four do

Basically, these four can do it, but because
We have to be permanent, so we have to
Put this, put up!
Then switch to this
and then up! We continue to put the remaining template to complete
OK, then we do not pick up, and we directly switch to iron, and then we will not be able to do it,
We are to be made of iron, so it is like this

One. Then put it
the second
If there is a box next to it, I should be a box just so
he can do the replacement directly, do not like my hand in exchange for

quite tired . Oh, good X has run out, and then he should be enough for it
There should be enough
completed, then we have these props
can do our first big hammer Hello!
We came to the assembly machine, open it to put the material you do are put up
can do it out, this is iron
Big ax it just cut the tree plug-in, so some people in the first episode asked how to install felling tree plug-in
That 's because. . You see there is no
the effect of this big ax like you say
cut tree plug-in is the same there is no

And he is more evolutionary, it is more evolved Oh
You see like this High, no matter how high
It is all directly, including digging, including digging the head,
there is no great ( ∀ ·) b

This is where the blacksmith module is interesting. .
mining has also become a dug 3x3 This is us
is slowly after the R & D
R & D slowly to do, you can make more different kinds of special props
This is us The first big ax Hello!
This big ax to strengthen no problem
To repair, no problem, how to repair you just take your iron ingot
back to your desk, and then. .

put. . Iron ingot, I do not have iron ingots
I put all the iron ingot lost in the boiler
So now there is no iron ingot
is put into the ingot and then it
to join our repair to use the things you can repair Hello!

OK! Our task today to complete Hello!
We started the melting pot and created a favorite of their own props
OK! This is the case, thank you to watch, we see the next Hello!
Bye ( ノ · ω · `)


[Minecraft]時代進化EP.5 鍛造斧頭 ([Minecraft])

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