A1 初級 美國腔 252 分類 收藏
Basic English
number one
1 to 100
most frequently used
my name is David
with English
- quickly.com
and this
basic English speaking
is a series
of beginning English videos
for the 500
most frequently used English words
according to the book
that ESL Teacher's Book of Lists
by Jacquelyn E. Kress so let's get started
the man is happy
the color of his car
the man and the woman sang a song
a a man and a
woman sat down
to he will go to the store
in the dog is in
the house
is she is
you are here
that that
is a car
it it is a car
he he is a boy
was he was here
for go for it
on the ball is on the floor
we are in the house
as you are not
as big as I am
with he will be with
his that is his coat
they they are here
I I am very
at she is at the movies
be I will be with her
this this is their favorite
have we have a car
from she is from
go here or there
one she is number one
had they had a dog
by the book is by the shelf
word that is a nice word
but she is here
but she is sleeping
not that is not her coat
what what are you doing
all all of them are here
were they were here
we we love sports
when when are you coming
your your car is outside
can I can play basketball
said she said to come home
there there are four people outside
use I will use the car
an that is an elephant
each each player is on the field
which which movie do you want to see
she she is at home
do I will do my homework
how how are you
their that is their car
if if you play outside then you should take a coat
will I will watch television
up go up the stairs
other that is on the other side
about the book is about a boy
out go out of the house
many many people are at the party
then if you come then have some fun
them I will talk with them
these these are my friends
so so what
some some people will come to my house
her that is her shirt
would I would like a hamburger
make I will make a cake
like I like my computer
him she likes him
into I will go into the house
time what time is it
has she has a pencil
look I will look for my friend
two there are two balls
more there are more people in the house
write I will write a sentence
go she will go to the movies
see I can see my friends
number that is the number two
no there are no balls outside
way that is the way
could could I see your room
people there are many people at the party
my my car is new
than she is bigger than he is
first she came in first place
water I drink water every day
been I have been to the movies
call I will call my friend later
who who are you
oil I put or oil in my car
its its color is very nice
now we must go now
find I will find my keys
long the string is long
down I will go down the stairs
day the day is beautiful
did I did my homework
get I will get a pencil
come she will come home
made I made breakfast
may I go to the bathroom
part you need that part of the sentence
so that is the 100
most frequently used English words
I will make
many more free video lessons
so come to my site at English-quickly.com
and sign up for my free
because I will have many more free
English lessons for you
so thank you for your time
and have fun
learning English
take care
bye bye


基础英语口语 5: 第001-100 单词 实用英语发音材料 (Basic English Speaking 1: Words 1 to 100 for Beginning Students. Learn Basic Words and Pronunciation)

252 分類 收藏
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