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Tannen is the culture capital of Taiwan where the streets are still in
Tannen is the culture capital of Taiwan where the streets are still in
literature let's step into the class the VSC
how it is probably alias of Heinlein to experience what the city has to offer
the west central district is not to be missed
during your visit to China this district is bustling with local cultural history
food light and art it has also preserve a lifestyle unique to a city and is
passed over the past 300 years from daily life to religion culture
craftsmanship to architecture all the collective memories have been remembered
in decoration now let's follow the literal map
dedicated by the brighter issues have to explore than o city of China hi there
I'm Kate Paula is a suti price for work dreaming married and enjoying life
this famous sentence came from dr. ish how one of the most remarkable writers
Taiwan today we are tackle work based on his writings about Hainan which Pro
literary world the first place we must visit each year should hardly virtual
Memorial Museum when a normal about this pioneering Taiwanese writer come with me
yes shit how literature Memorial Museum was originally known as tiny Forestry
office in 2002 it was recognized as a historic site at the city level at
Korea's passing in 2008 many are related communities are to build a memorial to
honor in this pioneering Chi Minh born writer the house of histories how is
located under England of johnny-bro not far away from the China for history
office with a National Museum of Taiwan literature on the left and a Confucian
temple across the street in 2012 the China and forestry office was renamed
the year shekhar literature memorial museum visitors get to learn about the
writers life and literary output through its permanent expression right I know
terrible pseudonymous it just goes to the elements Oman Cambodian idea who
your ankle is to the heart even that is a little harder to treat ha your
appearance a bit out of China and academia and this writing to of China's
characteristics have been pointed out it's not only the capture of culture
teeming with historic sites and sure streets and traditional culture but also
a capture of forests journalist openness role the colonizers have planted many
trees in China it became a gloriously green city perfect for storing and
living as ears should have said this is a good place for enjoy life the first
floor of the museum displays the permanent explain
allowing visitors to have a close-up look at his life literary output
manuscripts and so on it will also find his study on the second floor the only
low original study has been restored by the furniture inside his study has been
transported all the way from his house in cow shell the multimedia room on the
second floor hosts temporary exhibitions as well in this reading the museum
offers a lot of books and magazine of Taiwan literature it's also a nice and
quiet place that you can take a rest and learn dive into the sea of literature
if you want to know more about how honesty culture the national music /
tywanda culture is a must midday price it's her first national museum that the
cattle to love literally art its mission is to spread the literary knowledge and
applications it also hopes matter reading and a literary ask a friend for
your life Quine isolate China and is a city of
freedom the National Museum of Taiwan literature offers great expressions and
there is a coffee shop right next to it you can lick out of the window to
appreciate architecture while sipping a cup of coffee or reading a book under
the warm Sun of training need a break from the hustle and bustle daily life
you don't need to go to Europe just come to China and to enjoy a cosy vacation
but a wonderful day the local bike share program keeper is a growing training by
men there are a stations across the West Central District where the time and
civic right it only cost five Taiwanese dollars per 30 minutes thanks to TV
getting around the city is easier than ever the one thing you can miss in
Tainan is to tessa stripper as many as you can
this is poses a traditional food in Taiwan and this is a classic coke party
this man with the French port scanners problem mushroom and soggy egg yolk also
there are many different flavors like this one the taro party you like a heart
right and it's so cute and also it's a sweet flavor if you want to try to sweet
River I think the taro balls is your good
choice but far away from National Museum of Taiwan literature the type in the
vegetable memory church and the former China meteorological station are also
very world of visit Street food in Thailand is yum delicious you can easily
enjoy many different cushions everywhere in China
this is Taiwanese sticky rice it's mad waste the shredded turkey miss over a
ball of rice and pour a spoonful or two oily cooking liquid over turkey he also
goes were always soy sauce pickled cucumber it's really nice and salty go
down the street next to the former Tainan meteorological station and you
will find yourself standing in front of Tenten the altar of happened as an
audacious city in Taiwan there are many historic temples in China
Canton is a very critical time where you can miss it
the man God people worship in TN can visit jazz mrow
and jab never lose over old moto the Centers for local people and it's
believed that in 1661 after gentle coordinated and is peridot from Taiwan
he bailed and out earth happened and in the highest point in Thailand totally it
was a practice of rent worship that happened
no one is there wasn't her 18:54 that the temple
was constructed on that piece of bend it was can't go
Santa ho ho let's the man property to the entrance of the temple
there's a common is saying that those we can never predict our face as the heaven
can change that with a single stroke what is really amazes that men purposes
but God people see the men hope those two spectacular stone pillars carved
with cholangitis
host rise from
with two ways of protein breakfast on each side and two other Cronus's in the
shape of threatened headed memory Turtles below the largest bin the
cultural relates here are very precious from panting cut and paste on crystal
and word carry on were made by as artisans and are impressive to look
at Canton still retains the traditional trolleys we chose to seek blessings and
good luck a visit to get to know the Taiwanese religious
life in the most traditional way
IOP phantom ii or movie theater in thailand the most fan and popular second
row movie server is Jermaine it's a reminder of wave will be going used to
be the sentence most eye-catching the structure is compelling posters they
opened unified a very genius movie poster artist the internal part
semi-serious is homing essentially yet out engine shamash even harvest in the
hand or finger parts of our Father who sent a nice dose until day by day in a
tepee of I want to the content original passage but not ultra-competitive movie
papers are lament drill here before the rice of this had petrol bill Versailles
posters were dominant most movie theaters were in single buildings with
very white face and painted movie played first made it much easier to promote the
current shows except for being on al Qaeda theaters this billboards were also
carried around by promotional tricycles and became successful mobile
advertisements the rise of printing breath in late
contented advertising the term a theater is the only in Thailand that still
retains this old-fashioned cool across the street from the theater you can see
the local artists in turn feh using pen and brushes to pendant posters
of upcoming movies until appreciate across sized wooden boards it takes
serious skill to succeed without deforming the actors and actresses
tamesha its leader pencils down to the bottom part the ego dynein ego Disha now
how tense is out in fact the survival of traditional intended posters allows the
artist to a continue to inspire any press and eventually pass down his
skills and crafts to the younger generation we are at a morning market
and it's called Jason temple market los tres and mo market is one of the oldest
markets in China it's not only an important shopping site for local people
but also a center of Santa Cruz in China how can we miss it let's go the vendors
are changing temporal markets are very diverse you can find pretty much
everything here from where ingredients that are hardly found in traditional
markets too of course delicious local delicacies
well inside of all of this market this is a secret noodle soup store can wait
it's a secret noodle soup and it is so great I want to give you a try it's a
black safer especially there are many ingredients in the ball like Coke Zero
fish ball squid and the press and sometimes the scallion is added for
extra flavor hi Juan
Shing ministries were formerly known as rice trade because it was like with rice
related businesses the Roundtree's extends from Hong Kong brought with me
two rows between Ming to row them in general you will find the sacrificial
rites Marshall temple and the grand ma to temple in the past if the locals plan
to spend time outside of the house they were visit the temples to pray for
approval by drawing a fortress big pledges by the street is also called
fortune drill Street in recent years jing-mei Street has been fooled by a
young spirit of creative peak explosions and street art propel many old houses
have been coverage in two independent coffee shops even creative markets take
place from time to time taking a leisurely stroll along stream Main
Street will surely give you a face for eyes as a mouth speaking of Korean
balance on the hit one camper think of a variety of high stakes
this is cadet space show is mad ways of dragon wood and kiwi and high a bone
aperi winter is coming during a period of rhetoric administration there were
two centers in Canon City one is for de velde honking and Barnard is both from
India is sick handle of silk tower the Dutch medical problem they are as a
harbor and restrictive and commercial activities today second law is also
known as one of them espousing Taiwan there are many streets were around here
let's go and find out she can't our also known as for propecia was built in 1652
as the heart of administrative and commercial activities in 1886 it was
renovated with through Francis Eric tells when Champa Valiant
we're then constructed on this original site and have been standing for more
than 300 years well you definitely can't miss that chicken tower is the 9,000
base Estelle's they were built in 70 kPa during the trend of emperor chen lung to
celebrate the pacification of the very first of taiwan starters rebellion these
large tiles are carried on the back of nine stone turtles so they are commonly
known as turkey snails in addition to the Asian architecture the local
eateries around chicken tower are especially worth risking you will find
historic restaurants as well as authentic Dallas
around the city a third year ago for intent Eliza piece of China be sure to
visit the residential district during her trip to Toyman you have beef
surprise in many good ways


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