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  • Let's talk about the weather these days. The scorching heat baking Korea has taken

  • a serious turn in recent days, with heat-related casualties and millions of dollars worth of

  • damage. The heat wave is also pushing up electricity

  • consumption and depleting the nation's power reserves, prompting the government to upgrade

  • its power-shortage alert by a notch to level two.

  • Kim Hyun-bin reports. A heat wave warning was issued on Friday throughout Korea,. with

  • some areas getting above 37 degrees Celsius. The heat wave warning has been in effect for

  • the past five days. as the mercury continues to soar above 34.

  • So far, two people have died of heat stroke and tens of thousands of livestock have expired

  • in the heat. On just three farms in Gyeonggi Province alone,

  • over 10 thousand chickens have died in the heat.

  • Unfortunately, temperatures around the nation are expected to stay above 30 degrees Celsius

  • through next Thursday and more heat-related damage is expected.

  • Meanwhile, more and more people are turning on their air conditioners, pushing power consumption

  • up beyond recommended levels. The Korea Electric Power Corporation said

  • Friday that it bumped its level-one power-reserve warning up to level-two in the afternoon.

  • A level-one warning is issued when the power reserves dip below 4-point-5 million kilowatts

  • and a level-two warning is issued when the country's power reserves fall below 3-point-5

  • million kilowatts. This is the second level-two warning of the

  • year. Back in September 2011, Korea suffered a massive

  • blackout due to a power shortage that affected more than 3-point-5 million households nationwide.

  • The demand for power is expected to hit its highest levels in the middle of next week.

  • as the heat wave continues and more people return to work from summer vacations.

  • Kim Hyun-bin Arirang, News.

Let's talk about the weather these days. The scorching heat baking Korea has taken


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熱浪轉為致命,對電力短缺的新憂慮上升。 (Heat wave turns deadly, as new concerns about power shortages rise)

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