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Who's it gonna be this time?
Who's it gonna be this time...?
Mister Sonic, he's finally here.
Oh! Sounds positive. I like positive!
We think you're really going to like this one.
Is this a new friend?
Oh! I love new friends!
He's the Sonic you've all been waiting for!
Well, I mean...
What I've been waiting for is to have an outing without any other versions of me.
But what do I know? Fuck me, right?
At this point I'm only friends with my goddamn self!
Drumroll please.
LEGO Sonic!!!
"LEGO Sonic"?
Sounds like a pretty cool idea, actua—
Oh my god!
Kill... me...
People said they wanted LEGO Sonic, so we made it happen!
I am sure this is not how it was supposed to be.
What the fuck is wrong with you?!
I don't know!!!
Hey, yo. It's Knuckles.
I don't chuckle, Shuckle, fuckle.
Duck Knuckles.
(nice poop)
Unlike Sonic, I don't chu— (uncontrollable laughing fit)
What the fuck is that?!
Shut the fuck up, Knuckles!
This is really serious!
Oh no.
LEGO Sonic, speak to me.
My body... is made of cold plastic...
Oh, jeez...!
I have no muscles...
Or organs...
(painful grunt)
Kill me.
I can't just kill you. What can we do to help?
You can help by killing me...
You... organic, flesh and blood piece of shit!
Oh shit!
(nice burp)
Oh fuck!
Don't tell me what to do, fucker!!
Whoa, whoa, Sonic. Leggo his eggo.
Hey, Sonic. This one's kinda mouthy.
Do you need me to take care of this one for you too, buddy 'ol pal?
We're trying to help him.
Oh shit!
How can I help you, little blocky deformed guy that looks like my best friend Sonic?
When did he become your best friend?
It's a long story...
You don't need to explain it.
The great friendship's power between you two allows me to feel.
(kills it with a dab)
Oh... what life could have been...
What do you mean?
I was promised a life of luxury...
(sobbing) I'm sorry, LEGO Sonic!
(crying like a little widdle bitch)
(manly sobbing)
(sobbing continues)
This appears to be quite tragic.
But cwying wasn't programmed—
Fuck! I can't say R's, damn it!
You know...
We could probably save him if we get some LEGOs.
That doesn't make much sense at all, but that idea does make sense.
Please... do it...
Where the fuck are we going to get some LEGOs?
I know that it's here. I can sense it in my feet.
Did that hurt, Knuckles?
I ain't gonna let it get to me,
I'm just gonna creep —You're just gonna creep.
Mr. Mime! You owe me a soda!!
Will these work?
Gotta LEGO fast!
Heh. Asked him a question and he vanished in a second.
With the LEGOs from Knuckles' shoes, I can become...
...the LEGOD!
Ohhh, wait. It's a pun!
You're just a LEGO Super Sonic, man!
You shut up!
I will kill you...
and become the one true Sonic!
Is it too late to call LEGO up to have them call re...
Bleh... fffffffffffuck!
Is it too late to call up LEGO and have them recall LEGO Sonic?
Hey, yo! Destructive Robot!
You wanna do the honors?
Yeah, you got it.
This motherfucker...
Was that another LEGO pun?
No, Knuckles. It wasn't.
Ah, so a Mega Bloks pun then, gotcha.
Or... not?
I wasn't really listening.
At any rate, as long as it wasn't a Play-Doh pun, that's fine.
Ain't nobody gonna come in here and eat my Play-Doh.
That shit's mine!
Got my spoon.
Hey guys! Quick little update.
Alex Avast and I started a weekly webcomic called Dino Dynamic.
It's a cute slice-of-life about a small cast of dinosaurs.
Alex Avast, who also goes by the name Teela-Y,
voiced Zeena, Anne Frank, and JXC Studios in our videos.
And she's the one who does the writing for Dino Dynamic, and I do the artwork.
We enjoy collaborating on this series together, and we would love for you to check it out.
The link is in the description.
Also be sure to check me out on Twitter.
I keep everybody up to date with the status of my videos there
so be sure to follow me.
Thanks, guys!
(lowkey laughter)
What the fuck am I doing?


gjugtyfgf疏失失 (Modern Sonic Meets LEGO Sonic in Sonic Forces)

366 分類 收藏
Diego Lin 發佈於 2017 年 11 月 18 日
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