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  • Breakfast time! Do la do doo do da doo.


  • So many options. So many options and Sam is too busy with his camera to even think about

    這麼多的選擇。這麼多的選擇和山姆 太忙了他的相機就別想

  • food right now. Time to put on the mic. Time to put on the mic.

    現在的食物。時間穿上麥克風。時間 穿上麥克風。

  • This is how we film guys. This is how we film. Guerrilla style. With the Olympus and a giant

    這是我們電影人。這是我們電影。 游擊隊風格。隨著奧林巴斯和一個巨大

  • microphone. It doesn't draw any attention. None at all. No crowds. None whatsoever.

    麥克風。它不會作出任何的關注。 一個都沒有。沒有擁擠的人群。沒有任何。

  • Well good morning good morning. It is breakfast time here in Singapore and we are bringing

    好早上好早上好。這是早餐 時間在新加坡,我們正在把

  • you to our favorite Indian Muslim food restaurant slash stall. We've been coming here on a daily

    你我們最喜歡的印度穆斯林餐廳的食物 削減攤位。我們已經來到這裡是每天

  • basis since we got to Singapore and the food is really really good. So I'm going to let

    基礎,因為我們得到了新加坡和食品 真的真的很好。所以我打算讓

  • Sam go place the order. Off you go! Alrighty then.

    山姆去下訂單。就行了! Alrighty 然後。

  • Actually when we want to be discreet I send Sam off with my little point and shoot. So

    其實當我們要謹慎行事我送 山姆了與我的小點和拍攝。所以

  • I'm filming with a big camera right now.


  • (Cooking sounds)


  • Alright guys, so just as a fair warning today's video might be a little bit loud because we're

    好的球員,所以只是作為一個公平的警告今天的 視頻可能是有點響,因為我們是

  • having breakfast on the sidewalk and there is like rush hour traffic happening next to

    有在人行道上有早餐 就像下一個交通高峰期發生在

  • us. You can see it right here. Yeah.


  • Okay. Thank you. And the food keeps arriving. Oh wow.

    好的。謝謝。和食品一直到達。 哇哦。

  • Look at all of the food. I know.


  • So this morning we wanted to show you a little bit of everything so we're being piggies we've

    所以今天早上,我們想告訴你一個小 一切的位,所以我們被小豬我們已經

  • ordered four different dishes. Yep. The first three are already here. So first up we got

    下令四個不同的菜餚。是的。首先 三個是已經在這裡。所以,首先我們得

  • some that is called well I've heard it called two ways. Dosa Masala or Masala Dosai (தோசை).

    一些被稱為我已經聽到了叫 兩種方式。瑪沙拉DOSA馬薩拉或Dosai(தோசை)。

  • So it is kind of like a folded pancake with different curries and gravies and then we

    因此,它是一種像一個折疊的煎餅 不同的咖哩和肉汁,然後我們

  • also have our pratas. We got egg. No we got cheese prata. Yeah, cheese with egg and the

    也有我們的東沙島。我們得到了雞蛋。沒有我們得到了 奶酪煎餅。是啊,奶酪雞蛋和

  • other one is banana prata.


  • So this is kind of like a folded pancake. Um, and it also comes with a nice sauce and

    因此,這是一種像一個折疊的煎餅。 嗯,也有一個很好醬

  • the third one. The third we're still working on. What did we get?

    第三個。我們仍在努力第三 上。什麼,我們得到什麼?

  • Oh, we got Murtabak. Murtabak. Yes.

    哦,我們得到了Murtabak。 Murtabak。是。

  • Yeah, so that is a folded pancake stuffed with mutton. You can get different meats but

    是啊,所以這是一個折疊的煎餅釀 羊肉。你可以得到不同的肉類,但

  • we chose mutton. And we've also ordered tea and coffee. Sam couldn't make up his mind.

    我們選擇了羊肉。而且我們還下令茶 和咖啡。山姆無法彌補他的頭腦。

  • I know. So he's having both tea and coffee. I don't know if I want to have tea or coffee

    我知道。所以他既具有茶葉和咖啡。 我不知道如果我想有茶或咖啡

  • so I ended up getting two.


  • You're just having tea. And you know what? It is um this tea is amazing. Check out the

    你只是喝茶。你知道嗎? 這是UM這茶是驚人的。退房

  • cup. Here you can see the milk sitting at the bottom and the reason it is sitting at

    杯子。在這裡,你可以看到牛奶坐在 底部,它是坐在原因

  • the bottom is because it is so thick. Like I'm pretty sure this is condensed milk at

    底部是因為它是那麼厚。喜歡 我敢肯定,這是在煉乳

  • the bottom.


  • But I always confuse condensed and evaporated but condensed is the sweet one I believe.

    但是,我總是搞不清冷凝蒸發 但凝聚的是甜蜜的一個我相信。

  • Yeah. There it is. I'm going to mix it all in. It is so sweet and so good and like yeah

    是啊。它就在那裡。我打算把全部 。它是如此甜美,這麼好,像耶

  • we've just been having this basically every morning. I know. Even in the heat. It is a

    我們剛剛已經基本上每個有此 早上。我知道。甚至在熱。它是一個

  • very local breakfast from in the area that we're staying in Singapore which is quite

    在該地區十分當地的早餐, 我們住在新加坡,這是相當

  • far from the city centre. Ooh and it is here. Oh my gosh. Wow. Look at that. Thank you.

    遠離城市中心。哦,這是在這裡。 天啊。哇。看那個。謝謝。

  • Oh my gosh. That is a lot of food. We ordered way too much food. What are we thinking? I

    天啊。這是一個很大的食物。我們點的 太多的食物。什麼是我們在想什麼?一世

  • know we could finish this no problem. First time ever ordering too much food.

    知道我們可以完成這個沒有問題。第一 曾經一次訂購了過多的食物。

  • Okay Sam, breakfast time. What are you starting out with? So I am starting out with actually

    好了山姆,早餐時間。什麼是你開始 帶出來?所以我開始接觸實際

  • this is the thing we've been ordering the most. It is the different kinds of prata they

    這是我們已經訂購的東西 最。它是種不同煎餅的它們

  • have served. Basically it is a folded pancake and it comes in all kinds of different fillings

    曾經服務。基本上它是一個折疊的煎餅 並且它有各種不同的餡料

  • and flavors. Yes. The one we ordered here is cheese but you can also get banana which

    和味道。是。我們在這裡訂購一 是奶酪,但你也可以得到其中的香蕉

  • is the second one we have. And then we also noticed there is even like ones with like

    是第二個,我們有。然後我們還 注意到有甚至像那些像

  • ice cream. There is ones with mushrooms so it is like chocolate. Chocolate.

    冰淇淋。還有那些蘑菇等等 它就像巧克力。巧克力。

  • So you can just pick whatever you want and order it. So I'm going to show you what the

    所以,你可以隨便挑任何你想要的和 訂購。所以,我要告訴你的是什麼

  • cheese looks like in here. Yeah. You can kind of see it. It is not really seeping out because

    奶酪看起來像在這裡了。是啊。可以種 中看到它。它是不是真的滲透,因為

  • it has been obviously cooked inside but you can see that right here. So my first bite

    它可是你裡面得到明顯熟 可以看到,就在這裡。所以,我的第一口

  • is obviously going to be with cheese. So I've got one from the middle with the cheese.

    顯然將是奶酪。所以我 得到了一個從奶酪中間。

  • I'm going to grab a little bit or curry which is over on the side here. Dunk that in there.

    我要搶一點點或咖哩 結束了在這裡的一面。扣籃,在那裡。

  • Take it for a swim. Take it for a swim.


  • Wow.


  • That curry is really potent today.


  • A little spicier than on other days. Wow. Wasn't expecting that but it is cool unexepected

    比其他日子有點辣。哇。 沒想到這一點,但它是冷靜unexepected

  • surprise. Yeah.


  • So yeah, this is just really good. So if you've had the type of pancakes that you can have

    所以是的,這只是真的很不錯。所以,如果你已經 有,你可以有煎餅類型

  • in India and also Southeast Asia then this is very similar to that. It is just really

    在印度和也東南亞那麼這 是非常相似的。那真的很

  • nice. Especially with the cheese. It is kind of a just this particular cheese I think here

    不錯。特別是隨著奶酪。它是一種 公正這個特殊的奶酪我覺得這裡

  • is like a processed cheese. Yeah, it is like the sliced pre-packaged cheese. Yeah. But

    就像是一個加工奶酪。是啊,它像 切片預包裝奶酪。是啊。但

  • I mean when you melt cheese it is good either way.

    我的意思是,當你融化的奶酪到底是好 辦法。

  • So it kind of tastes like a little bit like a grilled cheese in some ways but a grilled

    因此,那種味道像像一點點 一個烤奶酪在某些方面,但烤

  • cheese pancake. Yes but with this pancake it is a little bit greasy and it is just such

    奶酪煎餅。是的,但這個煎餅 這是一個有點膩,這就是這樣

  • a nice way to start the morning.


  • Alright.


  • Okay so Sam had the cheese prata right now I'm going in for the banana. And if you take

    好了,所以薩姆現在有奶酪煎餅 我要去的香蕉。如果你拿

  • a close look at this you can already see the banana slices in there. Oh yeah you sure can.

    仔細看這個你已經可以看到 香蕉片在那裡。哦,是的,你肯定能。

  • A folded pancake it has been fried. Like this is so good. Look at the banana. Oh it is so

    一個折疊的煎餅已經炒。喜歡這個 很好。看香蕉。哦,是這樣

  • good.


  • Let's break this off. This one is my personal favorite. I like this one even more than the

    讓我們來打破這一關。這一個是我個人的 喜愛。我喜歡這個甚至比更

  • cheese.


  • You know what? I like the banana one when they combine it with chocolate syrup. Of course

    你知道嗎?我喜歡香蕉之一,當 他們與巧克力糖漿結合起來。當然

  • you do. We've had it before at a few places. That is like having dessert for breakfast

    你做。我們在幾個地方之前已經受夠了。 這就像有早餐甜點

  • so.


  • Mmmm.


  • That is good. It has like a natural sweetness to it. The bananas are really ripe and mushy.

    那很好。它就像一個天然甜味 給它。香蕉是真正成熟和糊狀。

  • That is really good. I think that is what really makes a good pancake. Is it you've

    那才是真的好。我認為這是 真叫一個很好的煎餅。它是你

  • got to make sure the bananas are nice and ripe and mushy.

    必須確保香蕉很不錯, 成熟糊狀。

  • Otherwise it just makes it so they disintegrate in your mouth. Yeah. And you know what?

    否則,它只是使它所以他們瓦解 在你口中。是啊。你知道嗎?

  • Even though the banana one is sweet I still like dipping it in this lovely gravy slash

    儘管香蕉的是甜蜜的我還是 像這個可愛的肉汁斜線浸漬

  • curry. Wow, it is a lot thicker today. Yeah. It is usually a bit more watered down.

    咖哩。哇,這是一個很大較厚的今天。是啊。 它通常是一個比較淡化。

  • Careful it is spicy. Mmm. At least mine was.


  • Mmmm.


  • That is so good. The mix of sweet and savory and spicy. I really like that. It is all happening

    之所以如此,是不錯的。甜鹹搭配 和辛辣。我真的很喜歡這一點。這一切發生

  • this morning. So many flavors.


  • Okay so this next one has a lot of different pronunciations. Yeah.

    好了,這下一個有很多不同 發音。是啊。

  • So I'm going to go with Murtabak (مطبق). But I think you can say Mortabek. It has a

    所以我打算去與Murtabak(مطبق)。 但我認為你可以說Mortabek。它有一個

  • whole bunch of different ones. I think in Arabic it is Murtabak (مطبق). Yeah.

    一大堆不同的人的。我認為,在 阿拉伯語是Murtabak(مطبق)。是啊。

  • And in Arabic it means folded. Yes.


  • Yeah, and so you can see here that it is shaped in a triangle and unlike the other ones um.

    是啊,所以你可以在這裡看到它的形狀 在一個三角形,不像其他的微米。

  • Unlike the first ones we tried in the prata this one is a bit thicker.

    不同的是第一批,我們試圖在普拉塔 這個人是有點厚。

  • So you can see the ingredients seeping out. This is the mutton that we got. Yeah.

    所以你可以看到的成分滲出。 這是我們得到了羊肉。是啊。

  • And so this is our first time to try it. So it is also something you'll notice when you're

    所以這是我們第一次嘗試。所以 它也是東西時,你,你會發現

  • eating in a restaurant in Singapore is that you're often eating with a spoon and a fork.

    吃在新加坡一間餐廳就是 你經常用勺子和叉子吃飯。

  • Yes. Knives are not very common here.


  • Yeah or you could just use your hands with this food. Yeah, you totally could. You totally

    是啊,或者你可以只用你的雙手 這種食物。是的,你完全可以。你完全

  • could. Um, so I'm just going to dip it in to this it looks like a bit of a sweet sauce

    可以。嗯,所以我只是要它浸入 這看起來有點甜醬

  • here. Yeah and you can see the chunks of mutton.


  • Yeah. And aside from mutton chicken was another option. And everything here is Halal meat

    是啊。而除了羊肉雞肉是另一個 選項。在這裡,一切都是清真肉食

  • because it is a muslim Indian restaurant. Right.

    因為它是一個穆斯林的印度餐廳。 對。

  • Wow.


  • How do you like it? It is quite good. Yeah. It is quite good. It is as filling and a little

    你覺得怎麼樣?這是相當不錯的。是啊。 這是相當不錯的。這是因為灌裝和一個小

  • bit spicy. Yeah. It is not sweet at all like the other pancakes. This one is absolutely

    有點辣。是啊。這是不甜的都喜歡 其他的煎餅。這一次絕對是

  • savory.


  • And also the exterior of this pancake of this type of filling or sorry on the outside it

    而且這個煎餅本的外觀 填充類型或在外面遺憾

  • is not as greasy. Okay. It is not as greasy as the other ones. Alright. It is a different.

    是不油膩。好的。它並不像油膩 作為其他的。好的。它是一個不同的。

  • It definitely a different taste. I do like it and I mean we have four of these. We are

    它絕對是一個不一樣的味道。我喜歡 它,我的意思是我們有這四種。我們是

  • going to be full if we somehow manage to finish all of them.

    將滿,如果我們以某種方式設法完成 他們全部。

  • Alright, dish number four. I'm starting to get full now. This is a real struggle.

    好吧,菜排名第四。我開始 現在得到充分。這是一個真正的鬥爭。

  • But this is what we ordered. Again I've heard this called like two different names. Tosai

    但是,這是我們訂購。再次我聽說 這家名為就像兩個不同的名字。 Tosai

  • Masala. Masala Dosai.


  • And then there is like different pronunciations. Everyone says it a little differently. I don't

    再有就是喜歡不同的發音。 每個人都不同的說,它一點點。我不

  • even know what the real name is. I guess it varies by region.

    即使知道真正的名字是什麼。我想這 因地區而異。

  • But anyways let's dig in. Let's break it here in the middle. Oh, it looks so fluffy.

    但不管怎麼說,讓我們挖,讓我們在這裡打破它 在中間。噢,它看起來那麼蓬鬆。

  • Yeah.


  • And this one is made with different ingredients isn't it?

    而這一次不同的食材製成 是不是?

  • So this one is like a stuffed folded pancake and it has got a potatoes.

    所以這一塊就像一個毛絨折疊煎餅 它得到了一個土豆。

  • Mashed potatoes.


  • And yeah, some different veggies, some onions. So I'm just going to break off a piece

    ,是的,一些不同的蔬菜,一些洋蔥。 所以我只是要打破了一塊

  • La la la lah.


  • That looks so good. And again we have so many different sauces to choose from or curries

    這看起來那麼好。我們再一次有這麼多 不同的醬汁從咖哩或選擇

  • if you will.


  • This one looks pretty basic. This one looks like the lental one.

    這個看起來很基本的。這個看起來 像lental之一。

  • I'm still learning all of my different curries guys so not a pro here.

    我還在學習我所有的不同的咖哩 球員,因此沒有一個親在這裡。

  • Mmmm.


  • What do you think?


  • Oh wow.


  • Like that?


  • That is really good.


  • I love the potato in there. Look at that. Yeah, that is what really makes it. We tried

    我愛土豆在那裡。看那個。 是啊,這是真正使。我們嘗試了

  • this for the first time the other day. And some peppers.

    這是第一次的一天。和 一些辣椒。

  • Oh wow. Look at that.


  • It is massive.


  • Massive chunks of pepper there.


  • Yeah.


  • And this one I find like how I would describe it personally is it is lighter than the other

    而這一次,我覺得像我會如何描述 親自是它比其它較輕

  • ones we've tried. It looks like this pancake looks really large but it is actually quite

    那些我們已經試過。它看起來像這樣煎餅 看起來非常大,但它實際上是相當

  • light.


  • Don't you agree? It is yeah. This has been all so good. So so good. We're feasting over

    難道你不同意嗎?這是耶。這一直 一切都是那麼好。所以,這麼好。我們在盛宴

  • here.


  • This is a great way to start the day. Honestly.


  • It seriously is.


  • And last but not least let's talk about the drinks.

    最後但並非最不重要的,讓我們談談 飲料。

  • Sammy boy.


  • Yeah, so for breakfast in Singapore you basically have your tea and your coffee. The tea is

    是啊,所以在新加坡,你基本上早餐 有你的茶,你的咖啡。這種茶

  • spelled 'T E H' and the coffee is spelled 'K O P I' Teh (teh tarik) and kopi. Yeah.

    拼寫'TEH'和咖啡拼寫 “KOPI'德(拉茶)和科皮。是啊。

  • So let's try the tea first.


  • That is really quite good. I know it is so sweet. There is a lot of sugar added. There

    這真的是相當不錯的。我知道是這樣 甜。有添加了大量的糖。那裡

  • is a lot of milk added.


  • And it sort of reminds me a little bit of a masala chai I have to say. It is not quite

    它那種讓我想起了一點點 一個馬薩拉釵,我不得不說。這是不是很

  • it doesn't quite have the spices or flavors of that but yeah it sort of reminds me of

    它不相當有香料或香料 那不過是啊,那種讓我想起了

  • that.


  • Now on to the kopi. Coffee.


  • And again this one has a lot of sugar added. And milk added. So if you like your tea and

    又一次這其中有添加了大量的糖。 和牛奶補充。所以,如果你喜歡你的茶,

  • coffee black um you're going to be in for a bit of a surprise here.

    黑咖啡嗯你將要在 有些這裡的驚喜。

  • Fortunately, I do like my sweet. I like sweet tea and coffee. Now this coffee compared to

    幸運的是,我喜歡我的甜蜜。我喜歡甜 茶水和咖啡。現在這種咖啡相比,

  • the tea has a much stronger flavor. Yeah.


  • And so I between the two if I'm first waking up in the morning I'm probably going to go

    所以,我兩者之間,如果我第一次醒來 早上起來我可能會去

  • with the coffee but say mid-afternoon I think I would prefer the tea.

    與咖啡,但說的午後,我認為 我寧願茶。

  • And Sam has been known to drink three cups of tea for breakfast. He's like one more!

    和Sam已經知道喝三杯 茶的早餐。他就像一個更多!

  • I can polish off a lot of these. One more!


  • These are really really good.


  • Breakfast time is over.


  • You survived.


  • Oh, that was a lot of food.


  • That was more like a brunch. Yeah. Definitely.


  • That was four dishes. Four dishes and three drinks.

    這是四個菜。四個菜和三個 飲料。

  • Yeah. Normally we do not order that much. Yeah. But we wanted to show you guys. This

    是啊。通常情況下,我們不點那麼多。 是啊。但是,我們想告訴你的傢伙。這個

  • was all for you guys.


  • Yeah, there you go.


  • Anyways, it came to 16 Singapore Dollars which was 11 US dollars. And that is total.

    不管怎麼說,它來到了16新加坡元這 為11美元。這就是總。

  • That is for four main dishes and three drinks. So you know that is really cheap. Um, when

    這是四個主要的菜餚和酒過三巡。 所以,你知道那是真的很便宜。嗯,當

  • we normally just order our pratas we're looking more at like four or five dollars total. Yeah.

    我們通常只是訂購我們的東沙島,我們正在尋找 更喜歡在四五十元的總。是啊。

  • So we went all out today. We splurged. We got we paid double the price but definitely

    所以,我們今天全力以赴。我們花了很多錢買。我們 有我們付出雙倍的價錢,但肯定

  • ate double the food and we are very full. I almost feel like crawling in to bed back

    吃了雙倍的食物,我們非常滿。 我幾乎感覺像在爬床背

  • again just to digest all of this. Haha.


  • But yeah, if you're in Singapore definitely try this kind of breakfast. It is awesome.

    但是,是的,如果你在新加坡是肯定 試試這個樣的早餐。太棒了。

Breakfast time! Do la do doo do da doo.



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