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Hello everybody, today I'm going to be showing you how I do this to my face
which is essentially what I have been doing everyday of winter
so without further ado this is my everyday winter makeup routine, enjoy!
so foundation wise, I have been absolutely loving this which is the YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint Foundation in BR20
I really like this, however I've also been mixing it with my trusty Nars sheer glow in the shade mont blanc
just because I feel like my skin is a little bit paler than it was when this worked
so I genuinely just do like two pumps of this one and mix it with two pumps of this one
i'm not gunna lie guys I've literally just taken all of this out of my makeup bag to use
I haven't washed it or like cleaned it beforehand I used all these makeup brushes yesterday
so they are dirty but I feel like most of you can look past that because lets be honest yours are probably dirty to aren't they
the brush i'm using for this by the way is the sigma round kabuki F82
next thing i'm going to use is a concealer
now for under my eyes I'm using the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer
i have mentioned this multiple times, this is one of my favorite concealers
especially for under the eyes, i absolutely love it.
so i just dab that under the eye. I have to say I'm not shy when it comes to concealer.
especially under the eyes. I'd rather put more on and blend it a bit more than not enough.
Also can you ever really have too much under eye concealer?
now for my skin I'm just gonna be using the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair. This is just amazing.
Also very affordable,
and easy to get a hold of.
I'm using the same brush just to blend in my concealer.
I guess as well as this being, like, my everyday makeup it also the makeup that i do when i literally have, like, twenty minuets.
ok, now i look like "Casper the friendly ghost" I put i little bit of powder on.
I am using the the Pixie Powder, this is actually a colour correcting powder foundation,
I only really use this in my T zone and on my chin which are places that i generally tend to get oily in the quickest.
This is a really lovely powder though, i think if you have blemish free skin and if you only really tend to put a bit of powder on,
A) your extremely luck and B)I think you might like this I think its really lovely.
And in any areas where you might want to glizz a little bit more, I feel like skin can feel and look really flat when it's winter especially when its grey and gloomy outside
So I do like to put a little bit of this one which i lived in through the summer
It's the hour glass ambient lighting powder in luminous light
And i just put a little bit of that
Where I tend to want to glow a bit more
I just find this powder really ads dept to your face
I can't quite
Put my finger on it, but it's amazing.
The brush i used for those is the Sigma blush F92
Next up is contour
I'm still loving this Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit in light medium
These are powder contour, so you've got the contour colors here, and you've got the highlight colors here.
They're all completely matt, which i also really ilke
And to do that I'm going to use my very old, very haggard uhh
I wish I knew what this was, I want to say 263
168, 168!
I think I need to put a new one of these on my christmas wish list
Alfie, if you're watching...
One of these angle brushes would be great
i tend to go for the middle shade, and I just dab that on there
Sucking my cheeks
That looks so scary in the camera
Holy crap
I actually don't really know the rules of contouring
But I do feel like it makes such a massive different to how your face looks
And then in an attempt to descise your double chin
Which before you will say "you don't have a double chin". I can show you I have a double chin if you don't believe me
from certain angles i can get a double chin
i wish in these videos i could offer you a whole host of makeup advice
but i'm just showing you what i do
and i'm not saying it's the way your supposed to do it
but it's working out okay for me so far
using my Charlotte Tilbury blusher brush i'm going to pop on a little bit
of the marc jacobs blush in tantric 102
which also love i'm obsessed with this
and i;m going to just pop that on
i think bronzer is like my favourite part of makeup application
because instantly you look more alive
do you know what i mean?
i'm going to go back to my mac 168 is that what we decided it was called because numbers have rubbed off
erm and i'm going to use this which is the becca jaqueline hill champagne collection face pallete
i'm still loving and using this i've basically used this all through summer and i'm still using it now
which i think shows how diverse it is and also how much i love it
this is really pigmented
so you have to be quite like careful with it
just going to do a little smile
and for a little bit of highlight
im going to stick that in there
that is the champagne pop
and i'm going to put a little bit of that on my cheekbone
Love it !
That is mostly my face done
Now i am going to pop on an eyeshadow
primer the one i like to use is the urban decay eye shadow primer potion
And the one i have is anti ageing
because i'm 27 soon and believe you me wrinkles are starting to appear around my eyes
but these things happen and if you can use a primer potion
that could potentially prevent it in any way
then why wouldn't you?
i just put a little bit on here and a ittle bit on here
do you know i use primer potion everysingle day without fail
i know so many people who skip eyeprimers
all together but i i dont know i just find it makes a massive difference
if we're being picky the wrinkles aren't on my eyeids
there underneath
so maybe it's working
or maybe i'm just still too young to get eye wrinkles just yet
eyeshadows that i have been absolutely loving this month and pretty much wearing every singe day is the kylie jenner burgundy palette
oh my god
look at those colours they are so beautiful
The brush im using is a very dirty mac 239
Eyeshadow brush
And i'm just dabbing it in there
Tapping it off
then i tend to do a little bit underneath my eye
And then using this one which is the tapered blending brush by sigma e35
i'm going to go in with a mixture of this one this one and this one
i kind of blend the three together
look at that ooo
and then i just blend that into the outer corner of the eye
Once your happy with your placement it still looks kind of scary
SO we are going to blend it a little bit more
This is the same brush but it's a different one just because it's a little bit cleaner
And i just blend that a little bit more
There we go
and then using the saem matte brown im going to take that underneath my lashline
And meet up with the gold colour
i fee like this looks quite autumunal
but this is what i've been wearing through winter
and then to give a little bit more of a brightness
to the inner corners of my eye
i'm going to use this which is in the top right hand corner
and i believe this is called naked
next up i'm going to do my eyebrows
because i just think this looks so weird without having done my eyebrows yet
For my brows i use a combinaion of two mac eyeshadows
The first is charcoal brown
the second one is mystery
and using my mac 266 brush i fil them in
Oh i'm using a benefit brow gel
Now just to set them in place
I honestly think when you've done all your makeup it doesn't look right until you've put mascara on
Mascara time i''m using this one which is by smith and cult and its called lash dance
And i absolutely love it
The only thing i will say is that if you don't like clumpy thick mascara
You will hate this this is very thick very clumpy
It feels a little bit like a mascara that's
you've kind of left for like 6 months
because of that though it dries out so much quicker i think i've had this for a month
And I already need to buy a new one but I love it
you also really don't need that mnay coats of this mascara
my bottom lashes
ta da
and then last but by no means least
i am going to be using this this is the tarte tartiest lip paint
IN the shade bestie which i also feautured in my november favourites
Because i absolutley love this i love
the formulation i ove the colour i love how well it lasts
big fan
there we go
and this is my current everyday winter makeup
so i really hope that you guys found this somewhat useful
make sure to give it a thumbs up
if you enjoyed it
and i'l see you again tomorrow with another 24 days of zoella video


Zoella 的冬季日常美妝 (My Everyday Winter Makeup Routine | Zoella)

528 分類 收藏
yingtan 發佈於 2017 年 11 月 14 日
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