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  • When. Do you want. To die?

  • The Reaper is busy, but he can fit you in right now.

  • Too soon? Later, perhaps?

  • Future You will keep the appointment?

  • Old and with a life fully lived,...

  • ...perhaps ever so slightly bored and ready?

  • Now You might think that, ...

  • ...but when the appointment whipper-snapper You set comes...

  • is not in the future, because you don't live in the future.

  • You always live in the Now.

  • And thus, you always die now.

  • Because the Reaper comes for all eventually,...

  • humans have formed a relationship with death perverse.

  • Like a hostage who grows to love their kidnapper, …

  • humans tell themselves the handful of decades the reaper gives them is just the right length, …

  • that living a truly long and healthy life would get boring

  • and would be unnatural and imagine all the problems if death took a holiday.

  • And so the Reaper of Age whispers that he is your friend, always near: …

  • growing humans bigger, stronger, healthier, and smarter -- at first.

  • Then comes his harvest of slow rot.

  • Death is a part of life, he whispers. "Death gives life meaning,"

  • This is madness.

  • Misery doesn’t give happiness meaning.

  • Happiness is meaning itself.

  • If you tortured people to make them better appreciate the pleasures of life, you would be a monster.

  • Just like this guy.

  • No parent would ask the Reaper of Age to wrinkle their child's skin, …

  • weaken their bones, dim their vision, and their minds, …

  • cripple them in a thousand ways over decades to ultimately kill them, "to give their life meaning".

  • But what can you do?

  • The world contains pain and death, …

  • and so your brain believes the sweet lies that the horrors you can't avoid are good for you.

  • And while "Death is a part of life", …

  • cholera was a part of life until humans developed wells and sewers to separate water from waste.

  • Shortsightedness is a part of life, until it isn't.

  • Just because a thing is natural doesn’t make it good or necessary.

  • It’s natural to live lives nasty, brutish, and short.

  • And it’s natural for humans to look at what indifferent nature provides as the starting point.

  • As a to-do list, where humans focus, technology ever improves.

  • And with that, the ability to make lives better ever improves.

  • And just now some basic tools, …

  • with real promise to slow or halt the decay are becoming visible on the horizon.

  • Which raises the question: Just how strong is the Reaper of Age?

  • With enough time and attention can humans craft these basic tools into shields and swords to keep him at bay?

  • Possibly indefinitely? Perhaps.

  • And if so, the first immortal generation may be alive today.

  • A generation that lives a healthy adulthood as long as they wish to.

  • But to make that happen, brains need be cleared of the millennia of death acceptance.

  • Death is not a solution to future problems imagined.

  • Faced with the changes longer lives will bring,…

  • humans will not miss the Reaper and construct one to solve their problems.

  • Just as with our larger cities, we don’t re-mix the water to bring back cholera.

  • Humans must discard the learned helplessness the Reaper and their own brains have imposed on them.

  • To instead see the rot and decay not as natural and inevitable,…

  • but as a degenerative disease to be attacked like all the others.

  • As the degenerative disease that affects 100% of the population and is a source of misery untold.

  • Misery not in your distant future, but in your now.

  • And how soon we start the project of focusing our attention and shaping our tools against the Reaper matters.

  • For the difference of but a day might determine what side of the future chasm you find yourself on.

  • Journeying forever forward or falling backward into the abyss.

  • Is it too late for you?

  • We probably won’t win the war against death because death is all-powerful.

  • But we might be able to win the battle against the next best thing.

  • Aging itself.

  • There’s a realistic chance that you might live a longer and healthier life, but should we really do it?

  • We explore this in our video.

When. Do you want. To die?


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為什麼死? (Why Die?)

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