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Malaysia is situated just north of the Equator, between Thailand and Singapore. Malaysia is
a federation of 13 states, with 11 on the Malaysian Peninsula and two on the island
of Borneo. With a population of just over 27 million people, a low cost of living, and
a year-round tropical climate, Malaysia remains a favourite destination for travellers the
world over.
Malaysia is a nation rich in diversities. One of the first places you'll notice this
diversity is in the smiling faces of those waiting to great you. Malaysia is truly a
racial melting pot where Malay, Indian, Chinese, and smaller ethnic groups, live together in
respectful harmony.
Malaysia's diverse cultural heritage adds spice and colour to every aspect of life here
- from the religions and festivals, to culinary traditions and architecture.
The national language is Malay but English is widely spoken making it a breeze for travellers
to find their way around and to get to know the locals. Malaysia is also a country of
awe-inspiring geographical diversity.
Looking for unspoiled beaches and clear tropical waters? In Malaysia, some of the world's most
pristine islands and marine habitats await you.
Feel the need to rise above the mundane everyday world? Come, let your spirit soar among highland
hideaways and mist shrouded mountains.
Longing for a little adventure? Explore some of the Earth's steamiest jungles, wildest
rivers, and longest cave systems.
Malaysia is a land of natural diversity. As one of the 12 most biological diverse countries
in the world Malaysia is a treasure trove of amazing natural richness and beauty. 70%
of the country's land area remains forested and the country is a world leader in conservation
and sustainable tourism programs.
Malaysia is a place of diverse experiences. For active travellers there are endless ways
to enjoy the Malaysian outdoors. Tee-off on some of the world's most beautiful golf courses.
Explore endless trekking trails, or kayak up the river into valleys, forests and jungles
that most people will only ever experience in nature magazines.
Then there are those urban jungles to explore. In Malaysia the past and the future sit side
by side. Some of the New World's most celebrated architectural creations rise above proud historic
districts that have changed little for decades. Malaysians love to shop, and the country is
packed with modern plazas, quaint shophouses and sprawling markets. From designer fashions
and electronics, to exquisite tribal handicrafts and antiques Malaysia is the place for bargain
There are thousands of temples and places of worship that dazzle the senses and soothe
the soul as well as health and beauty spas waiting to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.
Malaysia is a land with a culture as diverse as those who come to experience it. And those
who come to visit often return, because no two visits to Malaysia are quite the same.


馬來西亞Malaysia旅遊介紹(高畫質) - Travel Video (1080HD)

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