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  • First of all, as for what the incarnation is and what Christ is,

  • you could say

  • there's a mystery of the truth that no believer has ever understood.

  • Yes!

  • Now what is the incarnation of God? (Yes.)

  • What is the difference between Christ and the prophets and apostles used by God?

  • Please explain it to me.

  • Amen!

  • God's incarnation, we can absolutely call God, because He has divine substance.

  • The prophets and apostles have just humanity; they lack divine substance,

  • and so they can't be called God.

  • Now then,

  • why does God have to be incarnated twice to do the work of saving mankind?

  • What is the significance of His two incarnations? Please tell us.

  • In the Age of Grace,

  • God became flesh for the first time to do the work of redemption.

  • Through the crucifixion,

  • He served as the sin offering to redeem mankind from its sinfulness,

  • to relieve mankind from the curses and condemnation of the law. (Mm.)

  • The purpose of God's second incarnation is to do judgment work in the last days

  • and thoroughly set mankind free from the domain of Satan and its influence

  • to relieve mankind of their satanic disposition and resolve their sinful nature,

  • so they can fully return to God and be gained by Him. (Amen!)

  • Amen!

  • You're telling us

  • that God in the last days has come in the flesh for His judgment,

  • but that's impossible.

  • Only the Lord Jesus, the One we believe in, is Christ, God's Son! (Amen!)

  • This Almighty God you believe in is just a man. How could it be otherwise?

  • Your belief that the Lord Jesus is God's incarnation is not wrong.

  • But do you believe the Lord Jesus is the manifestation of God,

  • and that He's God Himself?

  • Do you dare to declare that if the Lord Jesus comes back expressing truth,

  • you will be able to recognize His voice?

  • The chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees then

  • clearly saw the authority and power in the Lord Jesus

  • through His words and His deeds.

  • So how could they still brazenly condemn and blaspheme against the Lord Jesus?

  • Wasn't it because they only saw the Lord Jesus just as an ordinary man?

  • And now pastors say that the One we believe in is just an ordinary human.

  • This isn't any different from how the chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees

  • went out of their way to condemn the Lord Jesus and His followers.

  • The word and work of God's second incarnation

  • won't just allow man the chance to see God become flesh,

  • but also allow them to see the fact of God's word appearing in the flesh,

  • see that God's word accomplishes all.

  • Amen!

  • With Almighty God's appearance and work,

  • the significance of incarnation is completed.

  • Amen!

First of all, as for what the incarnation is and what Christ is,


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