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  • Professor Bob is a well known heart specialist

  • He has a lot of patients, both male and female,

  • of all age groups, and with varying Body Mass Indexes.

  • these patients are required to visit

  • Prof. Bob on a regular basis for their medical check ups.

  • Often patients do not have the time for these appointments due to their busy schedule.

  • Many patients are busy with their jobs,

  • some are students

  • many live very far from the clinic and others are on vacation.

  • We would like to propose a wearable system

  • in solution to this problem...

  • This system will be able to measure a patient's physiological information

  • For example: their heart rate, Blood Volume Pulse,

  • body temperature and breath rate.

  • This device can also monitor their daily physical activities

  • including: sitting, standing, running,

  • walking, cycling, etc.

  • and also the patient's emotional states including sad,

  • dislike, stress, and joy

  • At Prof. Bob's discretion, patients would be required to wear the system either at specified intervals or 24/7.

  • This wearable device would be connected to

  • Prof. Bob's computer.

  • Prof. Bob would be able to easily access this information on-demand.

  • At this point, Prof. Bob

  • would be able to assess the patient's health condition and the patient

  • will receive the recommendation

  • based on his or her health status.

Professor Bob is a well known heart specialist


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B1 中級 美國腔

可穿戴式健康監測系統 (Wearable Health Monitoring System)

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