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  • >>Sergey Brin: Hey, Vic, I’ve got a really cool event for you. >>Vic Gundotra: Sergey!

    >> Sergey Brin: 嘿,Vic,我有一個很酷的東西給您。

  • [ Cheers and applause ] >>Sergey Brin: How are you doing?

    >> Vic Gundotra: 謝爾蓋 · ![歡呼和掌聲]

  • >>Vic Gundotra: Guys, we -- we're going to -- we're going to do something pretty magical

    >> Sergey Brin: 你好!

  • here. And we have a special surprise for you.

    >> Vic Gundotra: 大家,我們 — — 我們要去 — — 我們要做一些很神奇的事情

  • >>Sergey Brin: We have something pretty special for you. It's a little bit time-sensitive,


  • so I apologize for interrupting. You've seen some really compelling demos here.

    >> Sergey Brin: 我們有一些很特別的東西給你。它有點時間很敏感,

  • They were slick, they were robust. This is going to be nothing like that. [ Laughter ]


  • >>Sergey Brin: This can go wrong in about 500 different ways. So tell me now, who wants


  • to see a demo of Glass? [ Cheers and applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 這可以去錯了大約 500 種不同的方式。所以告訴我現在想的人

  • >>Sergey Brin: So we've been really excited to test it for a few months. The unit I actually


  • really want to show you, I lent to a friend, and he's going to be here momentarily. My friend's J.T.

    >> Sergey Brin: 所以我們已經很興奮,幾個月內對其進行測試。單位我實際上

  • He does a lot of skiing, base jumping, wingsuiting, all sorts of crazy things. And he's actually


  • pretty close by. He's just about a mile overhead right now. [ Laughter ]

    他做了許多的滑雪、 跳傘、 wingsuiting、 各種各樣的瘋狂的事情。他實際上是

  • >>Sergey Brin: -- with his buddies they have a few Glass units. If you guys can maybe afford


  • to wait that couple of minutes. [ Applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: — — 與他的同伴,他們有幾個玻璃單位。如果你們也許可以負擔得起

  • >>Sergey Brin: Maybe they'll bring them down. >>> They're cheering for us.


  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. We're about to get into a Hangout here with J.T.

    >> Sergey Brin: 也許他們會打倒他們。>>> 他們正在為我們歡呼。

  • Hey, J.T., J.T., can you hear me? >>> Yes.

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。我們即將進入的系主任的去處

  • >>Sergey Brin: Hello, hello. We might have a few technical issues.

    嘿,系主任、 系主任,你能聽到我的聲音嗎?>>> 是。

  • >>> Can you hear me?

    >> Sergey Brin: 你好,你好。我們可能會有幾個技術問題。

  • >>Sergey Brin: Yeah, yeah. Hey, we're just down here in Moscone. I’ve got a few thousand people here.

    >>> 你能聽見我嗎?

  • I was hoping to maybe get that unit that I lent you down here. And I thought maybe you

    >> Sergey Brin: 是是。嘿,我們只是沿著莫斯科內在這裡。我有幾千人在這裡。

  • guys could show us a fun time on the way down.


  • >>> Yeah, if you can hear me down there. I've been listening to your speech through the


  • Hangout. It's pretty cool.

    >>> 是的如果你能聽到我那裡。我一直在聽你講話通過

  • >>Sergey Brin: Cool, cool. I see you and friends are in a plane close-by there.


  • Any chance we can get a view out the window?

    >> Sergey Brin: 酷,很酷。我看到你和朋友們在飛機關閉的存在。

  • >>> Heck, yeah. It's beautiful, we had a visual on Moscone a minute ago.


  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. This is a Hangout from Glass. [ Cheers and applause ]

    >>> 到底,是的。它是美麗的我們就進行了視覺莫斯科內前一分鐘。

  • >>> Look at that! >>Sergey Brin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。這是一個從玻璃聚會的地方。[歡呼和掌聲]

  • >>> Coming a little closer. I think we're going to get you that device pretty quickly, actually.

    >>> 看看的 !>> Sergey Brin: 是的不錯,不錯。

  • >>Sergey Brin: I see the roof of Moscone there. So if you guys can, you know, be safe, but

    >>> 來靠近了。我認為我們要給你該設備很快,實際上。

  • get it down here in a hurry for us, we'd love to watch that.

    >> Sergey Brin: 看看那裡的莫斯科內屋頂。所以如果你們能,你知道,是安全的但

  • >>> Okay. Yeah, you'll have to standby. We've got our wing suits. So we've got a pretty


  • good range. It's kind of interesting. People have watched us fly many times before.

    >>> 好了。是的你得為待機。我們有我們的翼服。所以我們得漂亮

  • But I don't think that the world's ever tagged along live for a ride. I mean, we're --


  • nobody really knows the outcome of this jump. We're feeling really confident about it. [ Laughter ]

    但我不認為世界上過標記活兜風。我的意思是,我們是 — —

  • >>> How are you feeling, Pete?


  • >>Sergey Brin: We're all rooting for you. What do you guys think, should they go for it? [ Cheers and applause ]

    >>> 您感覺如何,皮特?

  • >>> Not in position yet. About one minute, Sergey. Maybe you've got to entertain the crowd a little.

    >> Sergey Brin: 我們所有為你加油喝彩。你有什麼你們想想,他們應該去做它嗎?[歡呼和掌聲]

  • >>Sergey Brin: That looks like the view down, that looks like a long way down.

    >>> 不在尚未位置。約一分鐘,謝爾蓋。也許你要有點娛樂群眾。

  • >>> Turn it sideways. >>> There's the ballpark. >>> This is good. Stop here. >>> Yeah, Moscone center. I've got a visual on you. [ Laughter ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 這看上去看下來,看起來像倒很長的路。

  • >>> Okay. >>Sergey Brin: So this is one of the things, as we've been experimenting with Glass, just

    >>> 把它橫著。>>> 有棒球場。

  • the ability to really share. And we've posted some pictures.

    >>> 這是好事。在這兒停。>>> 莫斯科內中心,是的。你得視覺。[笑]

  • But as we start to experiment, being able to share what you're seeing live is really amazing.

    >>> 好了。>> Sergey Brin: 所以這是最的事情,因為我們已經一直嘗試用玻璃,只

  • And, you know, we're not -- we don't know what's going to happen here. These guys are


  • all really good. They're trained. And I have great confidence. But this is -- this is a demo that -- >>> Yeah.


  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. Door's open. Door's open.

    並且,你知道,我們不 — 我們不知道什麼在這裡發生。這些傢伙是

  • >>> Let's -- we've got time. >>Sergey Brin: All right. Happy flight!

    都很好。他們正在訓練。而且我有很大的信心。但這是 — — 這是一個演示-->>> 是的。

  • >>> You know what? We can jump. >>> Let's do it. It's going to be beautiful.

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。門是打開的。門是打開的。

  • >>> It's going to be perfect. >>> Yeah! Look at that! >>Sergey Brin: All right.

    >>> 讓我們 — — 我們有時間。>> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。快樂飛行 !

  • >>> Yooo! San Francisco! [ Cheers and applause ]

    >>> 你知道?我們可以跳轉。>>> 讓我們行動吧。它要漂亮。

  • >>> All right. Everybody's super happy. >>> Nice and close-in there.

    >>> 這會完美的。>>> 是的 !看看的 !>> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。

  • >>Sergey Brin: They've got to get to the right place so they can hit the roof.

    >>> Yooo !三藩市 ![歡呼和掌聲]

  • >>> Three, two --

    >>> 擁有權利。每個人都是超級快樂。>>> 很好,並關閉在那裡。

  • >>Sergey Brin: I'm going to take a few pictures to record this for posterity. And they're off! [ Cheers and applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 他們得去到正確的位置,以便他們能擊中在屋頂。

  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. And they're flying. Look at that, look at that. You can see Moscone

    >>> 三、 兩個 — —

  • right below there.

    >> 謝爾蓋 · 布林: 我要幾個拍照,記錄這為後人。而且他們關閉 ![歡呼和掌聲]

  • Live Hangout, through Google Glass. Four skydivers. And they're under canopy. Chutes are open.

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。他們在飛。看著它,看看的。你可以看到莫斯科內

  • Woo-hoo! [ Cheers and applause ]


  • >>Sergey Brin: Okay. Where's Vic. Vic, hey, look, this is a Hangout On Air. [ Laughter ]

    生活休閒去處,透過 Google 的玻璃。四要。而且他們冠下。槽是開放的。

  • >>Sergey Brin: So it's a little bit tricky landing on a building, as you might imagine.

    宇豪 ![歡呼和掌聲]

  • I don't know if you have ever tried this kind of thing before.

    >> Sergey Brin: 好吧。其中的 Vic.維也納國際中心,嘿,看起來,這是對空氣的去處。[笑]

  • But you can see all their perspectives now. They're going to have to line up one after

    >> Sergey Brin: 所以,有點棘手降落在建設中,你可以想像。

  • another to get down to the roof here.


  • It's a little bit of a -- it's a pretty big roof, actually, which is great for their landing.


  • And you can see there's -- there's a little yellow arrow they're aiming for.


  • It's pretty exciting. Hopefully, they land it.

    這是一點點的 — — 它是相當大的屋頂,其實,這是偉大的降落。

  • All right. And they're coming in. First one's coming in.


  • >>> Woo-hoo!


  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. [ Cheers and applause ]


  • >>Sergey Brin: Yeah! [ Applause ]

    >>> 宇豪 !

  • >>Sergey Brin: So, okay, folks, thank you. Woo-hoo!

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。[歡呼和掌聲]

  • Hey, so the roof is a little bit big there, so it would take a while to run down the length of it.

    >> Sergey Brin: 是的 ![掌聲]

  • So we got, actually, a few bikers up there for this eventuality.

    >> Sergey Brin: 所以,好吧,夥計們,謝謝你。宇豪 !

  • Weve got them wearing Glass, too. And there's our little package. Let's see if we can --


  • let's see if we can get it here in a hurry.


  • Here we go. First person with Glass, here are the bikers.


  • Yeah! Woo-hoo! Here they come down.


  • And, you know, there's only one good way down the side of a building.


  • >>> Have fun. >>Sergey Brin: It's pretty high up there if you haven't been there before. Don't try this

    是的 !宇豪 !在這裡,他們來。

  • at home, kids. These are trained professionals.


  • >>> All right. Now we've got to get down there. Wanna unplug me?

    >>> 得很開心。>> Sergey Brin: 這是有很高如果你還沒來過那裡。不嘗試此

  • >>Sergey Brin: All right, they're going. Wait, wait wait wait, whoa, whoa, whoa! No,


  • were on the third -- Okay. Close call.

    >>> 擁有權利。現在我們必須在那裡。想要拔下我嗎?

  • Sorry about that. So this is pretty wild.

    >> Sergey Brin: 好吧,他們就會。等待,等待等待等待,哇,哇,哇 !不是,

  • I've never seen that perspective before. And --

    好吧我們關於第三個 — —。關閉調用。

  • >>> Special delivery. Bring that to Sergey.


  • >>Sergey Brin: We still have a couple of bikes. Its a little bit of a long way. I apologize.


  • [Laughter]

    >>> 特別送貨。謝爾蓋給帶來的。

  • >>Sergey Brin: Don't run anybody over! [ Cheers and Applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 我們仍有幾輛自行車。其一點點的很長的路。我向你道歉。

  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. Please stay in your seats, folks. Don't get into the aisles.


  • Please keep the aisles clear. Here they come up. [ Cheers and Applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 別上運行任何人 ![歡呼和掌聲]

  • >>Sergey Brin: Yeah! Woo-hoo! [ Cheers and Applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。請呆在你的座位,鄉親。不要進入樂得前仰後合。

  • >>Sergey Brin: Yeah. That was awesome. All right. That was pretty amazing. [ Applause ]


  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. A big round of applause for our bikers. [ Cheers and Applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 是的 !宇豪 ![歡呼和掌聲]

  • >>Sergey Brin: I'll get a little picture of you there with my Glass.

    >> Sergey Brin: 是的。那是令人敬畏。好吧。這是非常了不起的。[掌聲]

  • All right. We've got -- I just wanted to -- some of our athletes who are performers I wanted

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。掌聲,我們騎了大一輪。[歡呼和掌聲]

  • to give them another big round of applause. We have the rappellers in the back. And --

    >> 謝爾蓋 · 布林: 我會把你那裡張小圖帶我的玻璃。

  • [ Applause ]

    好吧。我們過了 — — 我只是想要的 — — 一些我們的運動員都想要的執行者

  • >>Sergey Brin: It takes a little while. And we've got the -- let's see.

    要給他們另一大輪熱烈的掌聲。我們在後面的 rappellers。-

  • And the skydivers should be close behind them. Thank you so much. That was amazing. [ Applause ]


  • >>Sergey Brin: Okay. All right. Thanks, guys. [ Cheers and Applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 它花一點時間。我們有--讓我們看看。

  • >>Sergey Brin: All right. Now maybe we should -- well, all right. Come on up, guys. You're already here. Come on up, take a bow. [ Cheers and Applause ]


  • >>Sergey Brin: These are the rappellers, all the bikers you saw up there.

    >> Sergey Brin: 好吧。好吧。謝謝你,你們。[歡呼和掌聲]

  • And there's the sky diving crew coming down the aisle. [ Cheers and Applause ]

    >> Sergey Brin: 所有的權利。現在,也許我們應該 — — 好吧,好吧。起來,你們來吧。你已經在這裡。起來,採取一鞠躬來吧。[歡呼和掌聲]

  • >>Sergey Brin: Hey, J.T., that was amazing. We were worried about you. That was awesome.

    >> Sergey Brin: 這些都是 rappellers,你看到了那裡的所有自行車。

  • All right, thank you all so much. Now maybe we should tell you a little bit about Glass. [Laughter]


  • >>Sergey Brin: All right, guys, have fun. You can meet them.

    >> Sergey Brin: 嘿,系主任,那令人驚歎。我們都為你擔心。那是令人敬畏。

  • They'll be out and around if you want to chat with them. Thank you so much.


  • Now, here's what -- no, no. This is the wrong one. [Laughter]

    >> Sergey Brin: 好吧,夥計們,得很開心。您可以滿足他們。

  • >>Sergey Brin: I think we have to do it again. [Laughter]


  • >>> I'd be happy to.

    現在,這裡是什麼 — — 不,不。這是錯的。[笑]

  • >>Sergey Brin: We'll find the time. We actually might have the time.

    >> 謝爾蓋 · 布林: 我認為我們必須再做一次。[笑]

  • If you want to see behind the scenes and maybe catch some of that activity on -- through Hangout, tune in tomorrow.

    >>> 我會很樂意的。

  • But now I just want to tell you a bit about how we made that happen and why we're so excited

    >> Sergey Brin: 我們會找到時間。實際上,我們可能會有時間。

  • about Glass, and to tell you that I have Babak and Isabelle. Please welcome them aboard.

    如果您想要看到的幕後,也許趕上的這項活動 — — 一些休閒去處,通過調整明天。

  • [ Applause ]


>>Sergey Brin: Hey, Vic, I’ve got a really cool event for you. >>Vic Gundotra: Sergey!

>> Sergey Brin: 嘿,Vic,我有一個很酷的東西給您。


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