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  • Ho Chi Minh City, on the southern tip of Vietnam,


  • is one of South East Asia’s emerging boom cities.

    是東南亞新興大城 之一。

  • Still affectionately known by many as Saigon,


  • this is Vietnam’s largest city and its economic engine room.

    她是越南的最大城和 經濟引擎。

  • Ho Chi Minh City has an irrepressible soul and an entrepreneurial energy

    胡志明市有一個鎮壓不住的靈魂 和創業能量

  • that hums day and night.


  • Despite almost a century of colonialism and brutal conflict,

    雖然經過他國近一世紀的殖民和 殘酷的衝突,

  • today this city is renowned for its warm hospitality,


  • which even extends to former foes.


  • A youthful enthusiasm flows through this city,


  • just like the stream of scooters,


  • motorbikes and cars that flow endlessly through its chaotic streets.

    摩托車和汽車源源不絕地流經 其混亂的街道。

  • In Ho Chi Minh City, it feels as though the future has arrived

    在胡志明市,可感受到 未來…

  • and yet the past is never far away.


  • Wide boulevards built during the French colonial era

    法國殖民地時期留下的寬闊的林蔭 大道

  • are lined with cutting edge skyscrapers,


  • while jasmine scented temples gently rub shoulders with chic rooftop bars

    而散發茉莉花香的寺廟緊鄰 別緻的屋頂酒吧

  • One of the best ways to orient yourself is with a trip up the 68 story skyscraper,

    要知道自己身在何處的最好方式之一是 爬上 68 層樓高的摩天大樓

  • the Bitexco Financial Tower.

    Bitexco Financial Tower 金融塔。

  • Escape the heat and enjoy 360 degree views from the ultra modern Saigon Skydeck.

    避暑的同時從超現代化西貢天空平台 (Saigon Skydeck) 享受 360 度視覺景觀。

  • More than 9 million people call Ho Chi Minh City home

    居住在胡志明市當地的人口 超過 9 百萬人

  • and the dynamic energy of its streets is part of its charm.

    她的魅力之一來自充滿活力 的街道。

  • The city is divided into a series of numbered districts and

    本城市區分成一連串有編號的 區域

  • District One is where almost all of the city’s


  • main attractions can be found.


  • Head to the area around Dong Khoi Street.

    前往同起街 (Dong Khoi Street) 週邊區域。

  • Known as Rue Catinat when Vietnam was part of

    在 20 世紀初期當越南還是法屬印度支那

  • French Indochina in the early 20th century,

    的一部分時被稱為卡提拿街 (Rue Catinat),

  • it was the height of elegance and sophistication.


  • Today, it is still home to some of the city’s most graceful

    現今城中仍存留著 最高雅的

  • architecture such as the Saigon Central Post office,

    建築如胡志明巿中央 郵局,

  • still in operation today.


  • Nearby, the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saigon Opera House

    附近的西貢王公聖母教堂 (Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral) 和胡志明市大劇院

  • seem to echo with music of a time gone by.


  • While the old French Hotels such as the Hotel Continental Saigon

    老舊的法國飯店如 西貢歐式飯店 (Hotel Continental Saigon)

  • offer a romantic oasis from the busy streets.


  • Take a tour of the Gia Long Palace,

    可到嘉隆府 (Gia Long Palace) 一遊,

  • known officially as the Ho Chi Minh City Museum.


  • It offers a wonderful insight into the way the


  • city has changed over the years


  • while the Museum of Vietnam History

    因為這座 越南歷史博物館

  • looks further back in time.


  • But although the city’s history is honoured here,

    除了推崇和保留 本城的歷史

  • Dong Khoi Street is also at the epicentre of much of

    同起街 也是

  • Ho Chi Minh City’s recent economic boom.


  • Luxury brands grace the windows of many of the area’s colonial-era buildings

    本區許多殖民地時期建築物的 櫥窗內擺滿奢華品牌

  • and glittering new shopping centres offer stylish boutiques and coffee shops.

    光鮮亮麗的購物中心充斥著 時尚精品店和咖啡館。

  • A more traditional way to experience local commerce is with a visit to Ben Thanh,

    要體驗當地商業氣息的更傳統方式是 去參觀濱城市場 (Ben Thanh),

  • the city’s largest and most central market.


  • You can find nearly anything here but be prepared to bargain.

    什麼都買得到 但別忘了殺價。

  • The buzzing Ho Chi Minh City’s street markets


  • are also the perfect place to immerse yourself in the fresh and fragrant

    也是您流連忘返 於越式料理鮮美香味

  • tastes of Vietnamese cuisine.


  • Cholon, is another great place to find the beat of the city.

    堤岸 (Cholon) 是另一個可找到 城市節奏的地方。

  • Today it is one of the world’s largest chinatowns


  • but it first became internationally famous


  • as a thriving black market during the Vietnam conflict.


  • Known here as the American War,


  • it is far from forgotten and many visitors come to Ho Chi Minh

    這段永難抹滅的記憶讓做多觀光客 來胡志明市

  • to better understand one of the most controversial conflicts in the 20th century.

    一探這個 20 世紀最具爭議性 戰役的全貌。

  • The powerful War Remnants Museum attracts more than

    令人震撼的戰爭遺跡博物館每年 吸引超過

  • half a million visitors each year and is a

    50 萬人次的訪客來

  • confronting reminder of the horrors of war.


  • Take a tour of the Reunification Palace,

    參觀統一宮 (Reunification Palace),

  • another icon from those dark days.


  • When North vietnamese tanks crashed through the gates here in 1975,

    當 1975 年北越坦克車壓過 此處大門時,

  • it signaled the end of the world’s first televised war.

    象徵這個全球首次由電視 播送的戰爭的結束。

  • See the rooftop from which the last evacuations took place

    參觀發生最後撤退行動的 屋頂

  • and visit the telecommunications room which has remained almost untouched since that fateful day.

    以及從那恐怖時期至今 保留完好的電信室。

  • Escape from the weight of history at the Tao Dan Park,

    到騷壇公園 (Tao Dan Park) 走走以遠離 歷史沉痾,

  • an oasis of green, right in the heart of the city.

    她是位於本城正中央的 綠洲。

  • Or, exchange the scooter fumes for flowers


  • with a stroll through the 100 year old Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

    散步到有 100 年歷史的舊動物園 和植物園。

  • The lush grounds of Binh Quoi tourist village

    平桂 (Binh Quoi) 渡假村的植被繁茂

  • are a 30 minute drive out of town.

    從市中心到城外約 30 分鐘車程。

  • This village was created to show what


  • life was like on the mekong delta in days gone by.

    早期在湄公河三角洲人們生活 的樣貌。

  • Discover a different kind of energy in Ho Chi Minh city’s

    到胡志明市香煙裊繞的寺廟 探尋另一種完全不同

  • incense filled temples.


  • Although officially an atheist country there are a number of

    越南雖是個無神論者國家 但在

  • long established religions in Vietnam including


  • Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.


  • At the Jade Emperor Pagoda,

    到玉皇廟 (Jade Emperor Pagoda)

  • pay your respects to Ngoc Hoang,

    敬拜玉皇上帝 (Ngoc Hoang)

  • the King of Heaven, a taoist gatekeeper to the afterlife.

    這位來世天堂 的道教守門者。

  • As the sun goes down,


  • find yourself a seat at one of Ho Chi Minh City’s famous rooftop bars,

    找一家胡志明市著名的 屋頂酒吧歇腳

  • a perfect way to soak up the buzz of the city.


  • Dynamic, chaotic and energizing.


  • Ho Chi Minh city may have burst onto the world stage as a battle zone but today,

    胡志明市曾經是世上 佈滿戰火的區域,

  • there is no better destination to plug in to the pulse of 21st century Asia.

    但時至今日已成為連接 21 世紀亞洲脈搏的 最佳目的地。

Ho Chi Minh City, on the southern tip of Vietnam,



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