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  • Hi, uh... I ordered a McChicken.

  • Okay?

  • Uh, this is a Filet-o-fish.

  • Uh-huh.

  • So, could I get a McChicken instead of this Filet-o-fish?

  • Of course.

  • There you go, now it's chicken.

  • Every McDonald's Ever

  • Hey. What can I get for a dollar?

  • That's it?

  • Oh. Almost forgot your soft-serve.

  • What can I get ya?

  • Could I get some cold-ass fries?

  • Yeah.

  • Uh... yeah, can I get a spicy McChicken sandwich?


  • Coming.

  • Is the soft serve working?

  • You must be new.

  • Hey, uh... could I get a medium fry?

  • (Mumbling)

  • Um... what?

  • (sigh) Okay, man. I got this.

  • Friggin amateur. Alright...

  • (Mumbling)

  • (Still mumbling.....)

  • (laughs) What? Dude, she's a riot!

  • (Mumbling)

  • (laughs)

  • (thank you)

  • (bye bye~)

  • Could I get EXTRA extra salt?

  • Um... what does the Shamrock shake taste like?

  • Shamrock.

  • No, like what's the flavor?

  • Green?

  • No, like vanilla shakes taste like vanilla and chocolate shakes taste like chocolate, so like what's the Shamrock shake taste like?

  • Yeah, um...

  • Shamrock.

  • I would like the coffee boiling-lava-hot.

  • One chicken sandwich.

  • Um... can I just get a salad?

  • Hahaha! Good one.

  • Uh... what's in the new low calorie quarter pounder with cheese?

  • Well, we took out the cheese and onions.

  • Then we replace the quarter pound beef patty with a zero pound beef patty.

  • Hmmm...

  • And we replace the bun with air.

  • So it's just pickles?

  • Pickle. A no sodium, no vinegar pickle.

  • Isn't that just a cucumber?

  • Correct. And it's only fifteen hundred calories.

  • Hmmm, okay. Healthy. I'll take five, please.

  • Another kid peed in the ball pit.

  • Alright people, we need a spokesperson, uh... a mascot!

  • I got it! How about a clown that sells burgers?

  • I'm loving it.

  • And an escaped convict who steals the burgers?

  • I'm loving it!

  • And a bunch of kids who look like fries! Fry kids!

  • ...loving it...

  • And a big purple blob named Grimace.

  • Woah! Isn't Grimace the thing you do when you're in pain? Not loving it.

  • Uh... my uncle needs a job and he makes puppets.

  • Eh, why not? I'm loving it!

  • (shouting McDonalds jingle)

  • Is Pennywise their mascot?


  • So good.

  • Every McDonald's Ever.

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Hi, uh... I ordered a McChicken.


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