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  • Translated By Frank Traductor

  • This song's title is 'Work'

  • Which is ironic cos it required no work

  • It did however require lots of sizzurp

  • Which would explain why my lyrics are so slurred

  • It is so damn repetitive it hurts

  • Over and over I say work work work work

  • Need to pull down my skirt

  • And you can see through my shirt

  • It's crazy they let this on YouTube

  • Cos you can totally see my boobs

  • I'm hot so I get away with it

  • Even though this song is gibberish

  • These lyrics sound like some made-up language

  • Sung by someone who's been heavily drankin

  • In some parts of this song I'm not even singin

  • This next part is just overly autotuned

  • Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm

  • I sound like an orgasming robot

  • What's wrong with music?

  • I'm being such a flirt

  • While Drake sits staring at my ass while I twerk

  • He's doing nothing I'm doing all the work

  • Come on and get up do something you jerk!

  • No I mean I want you to sing something

  • Please stop doing your lame dance from ''Hotline Bling''

  • Okay!

  • You need to, enunciate no one understands you.

  • These aren't words you must be jokin

  • How much weed have you been smokin?

  • It doesn't matter boo,

  • I am only here to get some crotch grinding from you.

  • Every video that's what I make the girl do

  • While I make a dumb face stand still and try to act cool

  • No let's have sex it would be fun fun fun

  • To have you inside me

  • No nuh uh that is not happenin

  • All I want is you to grind me

  • Girl

  • I asked you to be in this vid cos I'm horny

  • I thought sex was where all this was goin

  • Can't you tell this song is about bonin?

  • I can't tell what it's about

  • You're just making sounds

  • With your mouth

  • I think I should leave now

  • I'm only into grinding I don't like sex

  • Work work work work we work

  • Did someone call us?

  • We heard someone say work

  • RiRi did you say Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk

  • Hold on these losers Aren't legal they can't work

  • I'm pretty sure that she called for me a merc

  • I've got to stop this in order to save earth

  • Nooooooooo!

  • Oh you gotta be shitting me

  • What a stupid fucking ending

Translated By Frank Traductor


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B2 中高級 美國腔

蕾哈娜英尺,德雷克 - "工作 "巴特貝克。德雷克 - "工作" 巴特貝克 (Rihanna ft. Drake - "Work" Bart Baker )

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